Stephanie Soo and Boyfriend Rui Qian Dating

Thu Jan 16 2020
By   Manish

The beautiful social media personality Stephanie Soo is one of the highlighted stars in the field of Vlogs and Mukbangs. In a very short period of time, she has gained a larger fan following on YouTube and other social media sites. Macy Kate and Promise Phan are some of the renowned social site influencers.

Her unique tone of English and selection of the topics is equally famous as his fiance's face. Let's take a tour regarding her personal life and relationship with her fiance.

What's the Name of Stephanie Soo's Fiance?

One of the greatest topics in social sites is regarding the fiance of Soo. She almost regularly uploads the pictures and videos of her and her fiance in her Instagram account. 

However, the difference is only that each and every photo and videos of her fiance are covered with certain kinds of emojis and other pieces of stuff. This leads her fans gone crazy about the identity of the man. 

Stephanie Soo with her fiance, Rui Qian
Image: Stephanie Soo with her fiance, Rui Qian
Source: daily buzz

Well, it is confirmed that the hidden face of her fiance is Rui Qian. Since 2015, he is working as the watch adviser and sales executive at Harry Winston.  

Stephanie Soo is Planning to Marry her Fiance, Rui Qian

Though having such a wonderful and exciting career, Soo is very much serious about getting married to her long-time boyfriend. Rui and Soo both encountered back in their high school days. After that, they started dating each other and their closeness grew stronger and better. 

Stephaine Soo with her fiance having fun
Image: Stephanie Soo with her fiance having fun
Source: Instagram @missmangobutt

Rui even has supported her to make each and every vlogs and video. He is even a cameraman and editor for her every upload. It seems like the duo are supporting each other both professionally and personally. Surely in a very short period of time, they will exchange their wedding vows after all the couple is now an individual's fiance.

Avid Traveler & Passionate Foodie

Apart from her incredible career, future Mrs. Qian is a travel lover and food lover. Like most of the girls around the globe uploading photos and videos of their experience she also does the same. She has most of the known places of Europe, Recently she was spotted in the Eiffel Tower, Paris. 

Stephaine Soo during her Paris visit
Image: Stephanie Soo during her Paris visit
Source: Instagram @missmangobutt

Additionally, Miss Mango butt's YouTube channel is filled with foods. She mostly reviews the foods item by testing it with very surprising props in it and you know what? people find it very much interesting. 

Is Miss Mango Butt Pregnant?

On 1st August 2019, Soo uploaded a photo on her official Instagram account. The photo went so much viral that each and every fan thought that she was pregnant. 

Stephaine Soo posing for the photo
Image: Stephanie Soo posing for the photo
Source: Instagram @missmangobutt

She poses a photo in which it looks like she was pregnant, she was dressed in the blue one-piece where her belly was raised high. However, later it was revealed that it was just a sweet joke by her to the fans. 

Stay connected to know more about the biography and gossips!!! 

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