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Actor (1974)
Tue Dec 08 2020
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The 46-year-old, Stephen Huszar is a Canadian film/television actor and producer who has appeared in popular shows like Supernatural, The Flash, iZombie, etc. Some of his movie credits include 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, Milton's Secret, Rabid, Entropic, etc. Stephen shifts his time between Canada and the U.S. and has appeared in numerous American shows as well.

Stephen Huszar was born on January 24, 1974, in Canada. He grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. There is not much information about his family background. Huszar attended high school at Aden Bowman Collegiate. He later studied at the University of Saskatchewan and received a degree in Finance.

The 6 feet 1-inch tall actor posses a ripped physique with rugged good looks. Additionally, he is said to be one of the hottest actors on the Hallmark channel. Let's find out whether he is married or not.

Stephen Huszar Personal Life

Huszar's fans are always excited to see him on-screen. Additionally, the actor always builds up good chemistry with his female co-stars. However, in real-life, Stephen is quite opposite and is extremely low-key about his personal life. He hasn't been linked up with any actresses neither he is seen with a potential girlfriend.

Stephen Huszar is not married and is single.
Image: The 46-year-old, Stephen Huszar is currently single and unmarried. He is one of the desirable bachelors on television.
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It is believed that the Canadian actor is possibly single. Stephen is also not married which indicates he enjoys being on his own and doesn't have a wife. Further, the details about his past relationships and affairs are under the shadow.

Meanwhile, Stephen's chemistry with actress, Jocelyn Hudon was well received by the audience. The duo appeared in the 2017 Netflix's Canadian drama romance film, Christmas Wedding Planner.

Stephen Huszar, one of the hottest television actors.
Image: Stephen Huszar with his dog taking a snap while traveling.
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While he is not working, Huszar spends a great deal of time in the gym. He is rarely seen partying but Milton's Secret actor enjoys traveling.

Is Stephen Huszar Gay?

In the entertainment industry, rumors and scandals spread like wildfire. Anything out of the box and you might be the victim of major headlines.

Likewise, Stephen is single and the handsome hunk keeps a low-profile. Hence, there are rumors about him being gay. However, the actor has never confirmed the statement.

Net Worth

There is no exact information about Stephen Huszar's net worth. The actor has been working in the entertainment industry since 2004. Throughout his 16 years long professional acting career, Stephen has appeared in successful national and international films/tv shows. He might have a net worth of no less than $500,000.

Actor, Stephen Huszar's net worth is $500,000.
Image: Stephen Huszar has an estimated net worth of $500,000.
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The average salary for actors varies according to the production and actor's contract. In general, television actors earn somewhere between $47,973-$104,324. Stephen's fortune might increase shortly.

Movies and Tv Shows

To date, Huszar has appeared in 11 movies but none became a box-office hit. However, he has enjoyed success in television with a variety of roles. In the 2000s, Stephen appeared in small roles and cameos.

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Over the past few years, he has been one of the regular actors of the Hallmark channel. Canadian actors such as Brooke D'Orsay and Brittany Bristow have also appeared on many successful Hallmark shows.

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