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Reality Tv Star (1963)
Fri Apr 21 2023
By   Sarthak

You might know Sue Aikens if you have watched the National Geographic documentary tv series Life Below Zero. The reality tv star is the sole resident of the Kavik River Camp located in the North of the Arctic Circle.

Susan Ruth Aikens was born on July 1, 1963, in the U.S, and she grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. When Sue was 12, her parents got divorced. Afterward, she moved to Alaska with her mother. From living in an urban city to settling in the Arctic, Sue lived a different lifestyle. Aikens appears on Life Below Zero since its first season that premiered on May 19, 2013.

Sue Aikens Husband

While the 57-year-old reality star has been married three times, none of her marriages were successful. Currently, Sue is in a relationship with her partner, Michael Heinrich. They aren't married; hence Michael is yet to become Aikens' husband.

Sue Aikens and her boyfriend, Michael Heinrich.
Image: Sue Aikens with her boyfriend, Michael Heinrich.
Source: Facebook@Michael G. Heinrich 

Aikens is open about her relationship, and she often shares pictures with her boyfriend. Talking about her past marriages, Sue's first husband died because of a brain tumor. She then married a British barber named Eddie James on June 13, 1987.

Sue and her second husband moved to Portland, Oregon. They welcomed two children, a son, and a daughter. Sadly after 17 years of marriage, the couple parted their ways in 2004. Further, Sue has grandchildren too.

Sue Aikens with her daughter.
Image: Sue Aikens and her daughter.
Source: Instagram@sueaikens

There is not much information about Sue's third marriage. It is said that her third husband left her for a younger woman.

Sue Aikens Net Worth

An avid adventurer and businesswoman, Sue Aikens has a net worth of $500,000. She owns and operates the Kavik River Camp, located 12 miles from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge border. Otis Dhanji also earned the same net worth from his career as Actor.

As per sources, Sue receives $200,000 a year for her appearance in Life Below Zero. For the past 14 seasons, she has been a part of the show. Before Life Below Zero, Aikens made her debut tv appearance in TLC's reality series Sarah Palin’s Alaska (2010); likewise, she appeared in Flying Wild Alaska (2011-12).

Watch a clip of Sue Aikens with Melissa Mccarthy!

Furthermore, Sue owns the only gas station on the east side of North Slope. In her camp, Aikens charges $350 for accommodation for adventurous tourists.

Lawsuit Against Life Below Zero Producers

In 2017, Aikens sued the producers of Life Below Zero, accusing them of putting her life in danger. She alleged that the show producers forced her to drive a snow machine, which hit an ice heave.

As per Sue's lawsuit, the producers delayed the rescue team to get more raw footage. Sue's lawyers didn't identify specific injuries, but she went through many surgeries. She also experienced chronic back, arm, and leg pain.

Accident That Nearly Took Her Life

Sue's camp is located 500 miles from the nearest city and 80 miles from the closest road. Therefore, most of her neighbors are grizzly bears, wolves, foxes, and other animals. Long before the show, a juvenile grizzly bear attacked her near the river.

Sue Aikens on Life Below Zero.
Image: Sue lives with a pistol in her bed due to danger from bears.
Source: Instagram@sueaikens 

Aikens said that the male bear wanted her territory. She explained: “I had to sew my own head together, and my arm, and before my hips popped out, I went across the river, found the bear, shot him, called the trooper, and there I lay for 10 days."

She was finally taken to Fairbanks for treatment and later to the Lower 48 for hip and spinal surgery.

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