Susan Lapierre Husband and Children

Thu Oct 24 2019
By   Bibek

Susan Lapierre and her husband Wayne Lapierre, are at the forefront of gun activism in the USA. It allows them to enjoy all the media attention and at the same time, be the center of all the controversy too. 

The married couple, despite being at the center of attention, has successfully managed to keep their personal life under wraps. Today, we're going to try to explore more into their marital life. So, tag along.

Wedding On the Romantic Day of The Year

NRA's President Wayne tied the knot with Susan in a private ceremony. As of now, neither Susan nor Wayne has talked about their big day yet, but a leak of information suggests that they married on February.

Wayne Lapierre and Susan Lapierre at an event
Image: Susan Lapierre (right) with her husband Wayne Lapierre (left). 
Source: Daily Mail

Some online tabloids suggest that the power couple walked down the aisle in one of the most lovely days of the year. They said, 'I do' on the Valentines' Day of the late 90s. The information, however, is not confirmed by the Lapierre couple as of now.

The Lapierre couple is very proud of each other, especially on the work field, as they both advocate for gun access and rights. Besides this, Susan also holds a high position as a fundraiser for Youth for Tomorrow and National Park Service. Susan, who is a champion in fundraising just like Charlotte Laws and has successfully raised millions as the funds.

Wayne's Second Marriage

The Lapierre couple is delighted in their married life. Before this, there is no information about Susan's past relationship. On the other hand, this is Wayne's second marriage.

Wayne was previously married to a woman for a long time who is kept mysterious as of now. It is not known the exact reason for the divorce between the pair yet, but sources claim that they went their separate ways in 1995.

Do they Share any Children?

As per reports, No, the couple do not share any children as of now. He is in a married relationship with his wife for a long time so, many would suppose the pair are already parents.

Wayne Lapierre and Susan Lapiere at The Larry King Cardiac Foundation charity events
Picture: Wayne Lapierre (left) and his wife Susan Lapierre (second from left) at the Charity Event. 
Source: Bustle

It looks like the 69-year-old never had any plans to raise a child. Not just that, Wayne also does not have any offsprings from his previous relationship.

Despite not expanding their family, the Lapierre couple seems to be relishing their super expensive lifestyle in a million-dollar mansion at Fairfax, Virginia. Like them, Kristian Todd and her spouse is also living a luxurious lifestyle in Virginia.

Any Personal Scandals?

In her personal life, Susan is free from any controversies and rumors; however, she is surrounded by controversies in her professional life. In August 2019, many reports circulated that the National Rifle Association (NRA) paid for her hair and make-up stylist.

Susan Lapierre on NRA fund controversy
Frame: News about NRA misusing funds for Wayne Lapierre's wife. 
Source: Vidodoo

The amount published was tens of thousands of dollars, but both NRA and Susan justified the scandal saying the news was false. The sum of money went to different organizations for public events, as told by the NRA.

In addition to that, another news broke out, saying that NRA donated $180,000 to Susan's foundation Youth for Tomorrow without reporting in their balance books. Besides Susan, Wayne also received many criticisms for his supporting statements for gun rights. He also got slammed by The Wall Street Journal after NRA paid for the flight tickets of its executives.

Despite surrounding by many scandals, the couple has never let their personal life get affected by it. 

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