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Business Executive, Gun Rights Activist (1949)
Thu Mar 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre and Susan LaPierre married

An American Business executive and gun rights activist, Wayne LaPierre is one of the powerful workers in the world. At present, he serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive of the National Rifle Association. Due to his controversial comments on guns, he came into limelight.

He was born on 8th November 1949 and was raised in Schenectady, New York, the U.S. So far, Lapierre has also been compensated a couple of times in addition to his earning with a huge amount during NRA's massive contribution. Let's find out all the details regarding income. 

NRA's Chief Executive Marital Life with Susan LaPierre

Wayne is married to Vice-president of NRA, Susan LaPierre, for over two decades. The pair tied the knot on 1992, Feb 12, in the United States inviting only limited guests at the ceremony. The pair get to limelight after they started working as gun activists.

NRA chief executive LaPierre and his wife Susan (pictured) are more likely to be seen at glitzy events
Image: Wayne LaPierre and his wife, Susan LaPierre at glitzy events.
Source: Dailymail

The beautiful wedded pair shares two children, Kevin and Nicole. Though the pair are both public figures, they are still keeping their nuptial relationship a little private. Maybe revealing details could call a threat to these persons because of having a dangerous job in the world.

Past Affairs and Rumors

Wayne has also been rumored of marrying a woman for a long period of time. Though he hasn't revealed her name anywhere, some of the sources have claimed that they get separated in 1995.

At present, he is happily married to his wife, Susan who seems very supportive in every step of his life.

Net worth and Salary

Being working as one of the highest level jobs in the world, Wayne has an estimated net worth of $10 Million other CEO's like Jay McGraw has a net worth of $13 Million. His hardworking capabilities gain all of this net worth. Working as a president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) since 1991, he used to get more than $1.3 Million annually.

Wayne while giving speech at the American Conservative Union's annual Conservative Political Action Conference.
Picture: Wayne while giving a speech at the American Conservative Union's annual Conservative Political Action Conference.
Source: washingtonexaminer

NRA contributions totaled $103 Million, and LaPierre's get the compensation was $985,885 in 2014. Later due to the addition of a $4 Million retirement plan to his base salary, he made more than $5.11 million in 2015, whereas NRA contributions was $95 Million. Now, he is one of the richly compensated executives in the USA. Celebrity ex-wife, Rachel Adekponya also has a $10 million net worth.

Wayne Rich Lifestyle

Wayne bought a median home in Fairfax, Virginia, which is near to NRA headquarter. His house cost him about $547,400. In the year 2018, he almost bought a mansion in Dallas, Texas, which worth was $6.2 Million. The mansion was located in a 10,000 sq feet in a gated golf community. 

The NRA even agreed to pay the price, but later the deal got canceled. Talking about his lifestyle, he mostly travels by private planes for security reasons. He spent a total of $274,695 in clothing to appear in public events and fundraisers. 

In addition to his expenditure, he is also fond of traveling. The NRA paid all his traveling and accommodation expenses. In recent years, NRA paid his traveling agent around $2 million to arrange a luxe holiday.

His Publications

Though being a Chief Executive of the National Rifle Association, he still manages to write multiple books. Most of his books are related to guns and wars. In most of his books, he has written his views on how to use guns and to whom it should be given. 

Wayne LaPierre's book Guns, Crime, and Freedom
Image: Wayne LaPierre's book Guns, Crime, and Freedom.
Source: Amazon

The Essential Second Amendment, Safe, Guns, Crime, and Freedom. America Disarmed and The Global War on Your Guns. Inside are some of his books which price ranges from $4 to $50.

Formative Years

Wayne was raised by an accountant Father Wayne Robert LaPierre, Sr, and mother Hazel LaPierre. He is the eldest child of his parents. He was raised in the Roman Catholic Church because his family moved to Roanoke, Virginia when he was five years old.

After receiving his Master's degree in government and politics, he has been a lobbyist, and activist also holds positions on the board of directors of the many organization. Like; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, American Conservative Union, and American Association of Political Consultants.


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