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Tue Nov 26 2019
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After breaking up with her boyfriend, Susanna Reid insisted that she will never marry. The TV host does not like the idea of getting married; maybe that's why she did not tie the knot with her previous boyfriend. 

Reid, who appears in the show alongside Piers Morgan in the show Good Morning Britain is quite outspoken when it comes to her relationship. In many of the interviews, the TV host has talked about her children and her partner.

Susanna, "I'll never marry."

On November 24, 2019, Reid and Morgan host the show alongside showbiz correspondent Gemma Collins. During the show, Piers asks Gemma about her on/off boyfriend James Argent. Collins replied by saying she is in the never marrying camp.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid in the Good Morning Britian show
Image: Piers Morgan (left) and Susanna Reid (right) at the Good Morning Britain show. 
Source: Hello Magazine

After the statement by Gemma, Morgan turned to Reid and asked her if she is still in the never marrying camp. Reid insisted on her decision to not walk down the aisle, and this came after her break-up with her boyfriend, Steve Parish.

Even though Susanna vowed never to marry, her co-host Piers is a married man. He was previously married to Marion Shalloe. Now, he is delighted with his current wife, Celia Walden.

Who was her Last Boyfriend?

The GMB host fell in love with a businessman in early 2019. Steve is a multi-millionaire businessman who currently owns Premier League club Crystal Palace. Parish and Susanna went public with their romance in December 2018, after Piers forced her to address the affair.

Susanna Reid with Steve Parish at the premier league match of Crystal Palace
Picture: Susanna Reid (right) and Steve Parish (left). 
Source: Hello Magazine

Even though Morgan seems a bit mouthy at times, in this case, he played the role of a matchmaker for his co-host. Piers introduced Susanna and Steve, which kindled the romance between the couple. After dating each other for almost nine months, the duo called it quits.

When the media spotted her with Steve in January 2019, the pair looked very comfortable with each other. But replying to the question of marriage, she insisted that the relationship is going very well, and she is not thinking about tying the knot. In April 2019, the duo parted ways with each other.

She was in a Long-term Relationship

No, Reid was never married but was in a long-term relationship with Dominic Cotton. The duo met each other in the late 90s, and by 1999, they got into a committed relationship. According to the reports, the pair relationship reached a melting point after Dominic refused to appear on Strictly Come Dancing audience.

Susanna Reid with her long term partner Dominic Cotton
Frame: Dominic Cotton (left) and Susanna Reid (right). 
Source: The Sun

Reid performed with professional dancer Kevin Clifton on the show. At the final, when the producers asked about Cotton, it was revealed he wasn't there. As per reports, Cotton quickly moved on from his fifteen years relationship and started looking for a girlfriend. 

The duo ended their romance in March 2014 but remained under the same roof. They are still terrific friends, and in an interview, Reid admitted that Cotton is a better parent to the boys as he's always there for them. 

Susanna Reid with her two children and Dominic Cotton
Image: Susanna Reid (left) with her children and Dominic Cotton (at the back). 
Source: Daily Mail

Reid gave birth to three sons, Jack Cotton, Sam Cotton, and Finn Cotton, who are now busy in their lives. Dominic has now moved on with his new girlfriend, Gayle Harrison.


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