Suzanne Elrod

Wed Apr 01 2020
By   Manish Khanal

Some people come to limelight after getting success in their dream and passion. On the other hand, some people come rise to fame after their relationship with famous personalities. Suzanne Elrod is known as the companion of famous singer Leonard Cohen. 

Much about Suzanne's date of birth is not shared with the media. Suzanne was born in 1950. As per the report made by people Pill, Suzanne was nineteen years old when she met Leonard in 1969. They met each other at a Scientology class.

Suzanne is the Mother of Two Children

Suzanne is famous as the companion of singer Leonard Cohen. They had two children from their relationship of over a decade. The couple had their first child, Adam Cohen, in 1972 and their second child, Lorca Cohen, in 1974. 

Suzanne with Leonard Cohen
Image: Suzanne with her husband, Leonard Cohen
Source: Pinterest

This relationship ended in the late 1970s. The exact date of their split was never mentioned in the media. As they were never legally married, anything much more about this relationship is not available to the press. Suzanne raised her two kids after the separation.

Relationship History of Suzanne' Companion, Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is famous for his relationship history. After separating with Elrod, Cohen was found dating, Domonique Issemann. Domonique was a French Photographer. They could be seen starring in a few music videos. 

Leonard Cohen with his partners
Image: Leonard with his former partner and a child
Source: The au review

Similar to the first relationship, This also ended updating after some time. This relationship had ended up before 1990. By the beginning of 1991, Leonard was in a relationship with Rebecca De Mornay. Rebecca is a famous American actress. Much about this relationship is not available. 

How Rich is Suzanne Elrod?

Being the companion of a famous singer, Suzanne must have earned a hefty sum through her lifetime. The exact net worth of Suzanne has not been disclosed. However, she is living a happy life. 

Suzanne's former companion, Leonard Cohen, had a net worth of $40 Million. He credits most of his net worth to his successful career of singing. He started singing with a group called The Buckskin Boys. 

Cohen Died at the Age of 82

Yes, You read that right, Cohen died on November 7, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. As per the reports, Cohen died due to leukemia. He was laid to rest in Montreal. 

It was the same night that Donald Trump was victorious in the United State Presidential Election. The same year, famous American singer, Joey Marie Feek died due to cancer. 

Suzanne's Children Successful Career

Suzanne's children, Adam and Lorca, have become successful in their careers. Adam is a well known Canadian Singer. He has been singing since 1997. He signed a deal with Columbia Records and started his career. 

Leonard Cohen with his daughter
Image: Cohen with his daughter, Lorca
Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, her daughter, Lorca, is a professional photographer and a videographer. She helps her brother with his music video. Suzanne is a grandmother to three children. Her son Adam has two children, Cassius and Viva, and daughter, Lorca has a son, Lyon


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