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Relationship Timeline Of Talia Scott

Husband : Roger Scott
Talia Scott married Roger Scott in 2019.

Talia Scott is an American Instagram influencer with over 1.8 million followers on her verified Instagram handle. She makes funny reels/short videos with her husband to entertain her fans and followers.

Apart from Instagram, she also has a YouTube channel and an account on Tiktok by the name Ths Scott Family. She stands at 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) with an average body weight of 50 kg. She has attractive black eyes and light brown hair. 

Moreover, Talia has a slim body with a perfect body measurement of 32-26-34.

Relationship Status

Talia Scott has been in a married relationship with her husband, Roger Scott, since May 10, 2019. Her husband is also a social media influencer, and they together make funny videos, pranks, vlogs, etc. Another TikToker, Chris Daniels is single as of now. 

Talia first met her present husband, Roger, at a club. On the previous day, Talia's mood was a little upset as her friends insisted on going on a trip with them despite the fact she didn't want to. 

Talia Scott and her husband, Roger Scott posing for a photo shoot.
Talia Scott and her husband, Roger Scott posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: Celebrow

However, upon waking up the next day, she discovered her friends were still in pajamas and had no plans to go out. Feeling sad, she decided to go out alone, and when the night fell, she went to the club.

There, she met Roger and fell in love with him. Since then, the couple has been living together.

Engagement & Wedding Ceremony

On March 14, 2018, Talia Scott and Roger Scott officially got engaged to each other. The whole engagement ceremony took place in front of the camera, and the video was recorded by Talia's good friend Ty Obscura.

The engagement ceremony was held on the seashore. Roger took Talia to a beautiful location before kneeling on one leg and asking her for marriage with a diamond ring in front of some friends and family members. Talia was blushing before accepting the ring, which can be seen in the video WE'RE ENGAGED!

One year later, On May 10, 2019, the romantic couple tied their knot in a huge wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony was planned by Brooke Brian Weddings, whereas Pages Photography made the wedding video, and Ryne Belanger took the photos.

Talia wore a beautiful white wedding dress during the wedding ceremony, whereas Roger wore a blue suit and a white shirt. The wedding ceremony was attended by various guests, including their family members and friends.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Talia? 

Talia Scott has an estimated net worth of over $500k, like Sierra Haschak. She is a content creator and Instagram influencer, and most of her earnings come from her Instagram handle, TikTok, and youtube channel.

Moreover, she earns a good amount of money by promoting popular clothing brands such as Zara through her verified Instagram handle.

The Early Life of Talia

Talia was born on April 14, 1991, in Las Vegas, Nevada, The united states, to American parents. She is of Nicaraguan and Mexican descent, and her birth sign is Aries.

She grew up in the street of her hometown and completed her early and high school education in a private school in Las Vegas. However, she has not shared much information regarding her early life or her parents' details on any of her social media handles.

Youtube Channel

Talia Scott is not only an Instagram influencer but also a youtube. She has two channels on youtube, Talia Scott and Scott Family.

She started her youtube journey with her self-titled youtube channel @TaliaScott. She uploaded her first music video on July 8, 2016, titled "Talia-Mama-Original." Following it, she started uploading the cover of famous songs.

In 2020, she started another her youtube channel along with her husband Roger Scott and uploaded their first youtube video titled "THE SCOTT FAMILY Q&A (OUR FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO)" on April 11, 2020. Since then, they have uploaded made all most all the long videos as well short videos together. 

Currently, @TaliaScott has over 164k subscribers, whereas her @TheScottFamily has more than 747k subscribers.

More than 4.8 Million Followers on TikTok

Talia and Robert also have a TikTok account under the @TheScottFamily username. It is their most followed social media handle, with over 4.8 million followers.

The couple uploads funny, dances, pranks, etc., short videos on their TikTok account, and usually there, videos get millions of views.

Bought a House In Malibu

Talia and Robert a luxurious house in Malibu back in 2021. Their house comprises a full-sized bedroom, bathroom, living room, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Thumbnail of OUR NEW HOME TOUR (MALIBU) video.
Thumbnail of OUR NEW HOME TOUR (MALIBU) video. Image Source: Youtube

Their house is just in front of a sea shore, and they can get a clear view of the ocean from their house. According to the couple, they brought this new house for $1 million.

The couple uploaded the full tour of their house on May 16, 2021, in their youtube channel, @TheScottFamily under OUR NEW HOME TOUR (MALIBU) title

Some Interesting Facts About Talia

  • Talia is a great singer and has very good vocals.
  • She used to upload the cover of famous singers such as Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Ed Sheeran, and Zyan Malik.
  • Talia's most viewed cover song is Tennessee Whiskey- Chris Stapelton- Cover.
  • She loves traveling and making videos.
  • Talia and Robert love doing pranks with each other.

Top Five Most Viewed Long Youtube Videos of THE SCOTT FAMILY

The Scott Family is one of the famous prank channels on youtube with over 747k subscribers. Here is the top list of the most viewed long youtube videos:

RankTitle Views
#3We Got Kicked Out Of Our New House319k+
#4Revisiting Talia's old life *very emotional*Revisiting Talia's old life *very emotional*213k+
#5Saying Goodbye To Our Family190k+

Social Media Presence

As mentioned earlier, Talia Scott is active on Instagram under the @_taliascott username. She has over 1.8 million followers on her Instagram handle. She uploads reels regularly to entertain her fans and followers.

Likewise, her husband, Roger Scott, also has an account on Instagram, @roger_scott, with over 413k fan following. Like Taila, Roger also uploads reels on a regular basis on his Instagram handle.


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