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Tammy Slaton is an American Reality Television Star who came into the limelight from the TLC's show 1000-LB Sisters. In the show, she and her sister, Amy Slaton, try to lose enough weight to qualify for and undergo life-changing bariatric surgery.

Slaton, after the success of the TLC show, has become a social media celebrity and has capitalized her fame by starting a YouTube channel and a merchandise store. 

Tammy Slaton- Family and Education

Tammy Slaton was born on the 27th of July 1986 and, as of the writing of this article, is 34-years-of age. She is from Dixon, Kentucky, United States, and graduated from Union County High School.

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Slaton's father, Bob Slaton, died when Tammy was very young. After her father's death, her mother, Darlene Slaton, got married to Robert Franklin. Tammy has a sister named Amy Slaton and a brother named Chris Combs.

Tammy with her sister Amy

Tammy with her sister Amy Slaton.
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Tammy shares a close bond with both of her siblings. However, it is reported that she and her siblings are not very close with their mother.

Tammy Slaton- 1000-lb Sisters and Weight Loss

Tammy Slaton and her sister, Amy Slaton's weight loss journey, is captured in the TLC's show 1000-lb Sisters. At the beginning of the show, Tammy weighed 605 pounds, and her sister weighed around 406 pounds. Together they had 10000-lb.

At the end of season one, Amy lost significant weight after getting weight loss surgery. As for Tammy, she is still on her weight loss journey, and her experience was featured in season two. The show is renewed for the third season.

Tammy Slater Before & After Weight Loss.
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It is not clear how much Tammy has lost weight since the beginning of the show. But fans have noticed there has been significant fat loss, especially from her forehead. She used to have a lump in her forehead because of the accumulation of fat in the area. Now, her fat socket is gone.

Tammy Slaton- Net Worth

It is not clear what Tammy Slaton earns as a salary from the show 1000-lb Sisters. However, given the show's popularity, she is very likely making five or six digits per episode.

Tammy Slaton makes good earnings from the show, '1000-lb Sisters'.
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Also, Slaton has a YouTube channel and has recently started her merchandise line with a business partner named Quincy. Her net worth is believed to be around $400,000

Is Tammy Currently Dating?

Many believe that Tammy is currently dating her business partner Quincy. However, the star has not yet confirmed the news.

Tammy with her partner Jerry

Tammy with her ex-boyfriend, Jerry.
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Previously, Slaton was in a relationship with a man named Jerry Sykes. Slaton's family members and fans were not happy about Tammy dating Jeremy as he is a married man. Despite the resistance, Tammy and her ex-boyfriend were together for years before parting ways. It is reported that Jerry has returned to his wife.

Tammy also disclosed that she is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and identifies as pansexual. T

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