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Sun Feb 12 2023
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Tammy T. Wilson gained popularity thanks to her son, Russell Wilson. Her son, Russell, is an NFL quarterback who plays for Denver Broncos. He previously used to play for Seattle Seahawks. 

Tammy's husband's name is Harrison Wilson, III. Unfortunately, her husband passed away on June 9, 2010. As of now, her son, Russell, is a star player with a net worth of $135 Million.

How Did Tammy's Husband Die?

Tammy T. Wilson's late husband, Harrison Wilson, III lost his life to diabetes. Her husband passed away at the age of fifty-five on June 9, 2010. Tammy has been quiet regarding the loss of her husband, but her son, Russell, has talked about his father's death. 

Harrison Wilson, III is wearing a cap that has a letter D on it.
Tammy T. Wilson's late husband, Harrison Wilson, III (Source: Dartmouth Alumni Twitter @dartmouthalumni)

It seems like Harrison was a good man, as Tammy's son has only spoken highly of him. The details of Tammy and her late husband's marriage have been kept under wraps. It's safe to assume Russell's father was the one who got him into football, as Harrison himself played a bit of football and baseball when he was at Dartmouth University. 

Harrison had even made it into San Diego Chargers preseason team but couldn't make it big time. His actual job was that of an attorney. He had studied law at the University of Virginia.

Net Worth Of Tammy's Son Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is the wealthiest person in Tammy T. Wilson's family. The popular quarterback has an estimated net worth of $165 Million. Tammy's son is currently on over $240 Million contract for five years at Denver Broncos. He also has a contract signed with Nike.

Football isn't Russell's only source of income. He also has a business called West2East Empire. As per the company's official website, they are a Brand Management and Production company. He serves as the CEO of the company. He founded Why Not You Academy, 3BRAND, and many more companies.

Russell's mother, Tammy, has kept her wealth details a secret. Her main course of income at one point was working as a nurse but her wealth remains undisclosed. However, she does live in an expensive house that was gifted to him by his son. The price of the home remains to be known.

Tammy Has Two Other Kids Than Russell

Russell may be the famous one but he isn't the only child of Tammy. She also has a daughter, Anna Wilson, and a son, Harrison Wilson, IV. Her other two kids are also trying to make a name for themselves.

Russell, Anna, and Harrison, IV, Wilson are all wearing a formal attire as they pose in front of a Christmas tree.
Tammy T. Wilson's kids, Russell Wilson, Anna Wilson, and Harrison Wilson, IV (Source: Russell Wilson Facebook)

Tammy's daughter, Anna Wilson, is a college basketball player. She plays for the Stanford Cardinal Women's Basketball, which is a basketball team from Stanford University. She has also managed to gain a huge fan following for herself.

Tammy's son, Harrison, IV has stepped out of sports and made a career in a completely different field than that of his siblings. He works in the biotech industry. He is a medical device manufacturer. Harrison, IV has co-founded a company with his brother, Russell. The company is Limitless Minds, which focuses on fitness. It was established in April 2019.

Grandmother Of Six

Tammy T. Wilson is a grandmother thanks to her sons, Russell and Harrison, IV. Both of them are the father of multiple kids, which makes Tammy the grandma. She has a step-grandson named Future Wilburn, the biological son of Russell's wife, Ciara, and her ex-partner, Future.

Tammy gets three granddaughters from her son, Harrison, IV. Harrison, IV shares his daughter with his wife, Courtney Wilson. The identity of his daughters remains to be discovered. And she also gets two grandkids from his son, Russell.

Russell has a son, Win Harrison Wilson, and a daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson. Sienna is the older one of the two, having been born on April 28, 2017. Win is the youngest one and was born on July 23, 2020.

A Bit About Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is one of the highest-paid footballers in the NFL and he plays for the Denver Broncos. He previously played for Seattle Seahawks. The quarterback was born on November 29, 1988, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He stands at 5 Feet and 10¾ Inches (179 cm).

Russell Wilson is running with a football in his hand.
Tammy T. Wilson's son, Russell Wilson (Source Russell Wilson Instagram @dangerusswilson)

Russell first made a name for himself in college football at North California State University Wolfpack. He also got a BA degree in communication while at the Institute. While playing for Seahawks, he was a crucial player in the squad, helping his team with SuperBowl for two consecutive seasons.

The Denver Broncos quarterback's time with Seattle Seahawks will not be remembered with the good times as he has ruined his reputation with the club. He famously commented about the club and its success rate, which led him to be traded to the Denver Broncos.

Russell's Foundation Came From His Parents

Russell was inspired to start his charity foundation, Why Not You, by his parents, Tammy T. Wilson and Harrison Wilson, III. Harrison, III was a massive part of his son's life and Russell's father was also why he came up with the name Why Not You.

Why Not You Foundation was previously called Russell Wilson Foundation. Tammy's son says it was changed because his late father wouldn't like it. Harrison III always told his son to leave a bigger legacy. For Russell, this charity was essential and he didn't want it to be named after him. Hence, he decided to change it.

Tammy's Daughter-In-Law Is Ciara

Tammy's daughter-in-law is none other than the popular R&B singer Ciara. Her son, Russell, is married to the Like a Boy singer. The Grammy Award-winning singer has worked with artists like Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent. 

Ciara has a global fanbase, evidenced by the 23 Million records she has managed to sell. Plus, she has also sold 22 Million singles. Her song One, Two Step ft. Missy Elliott is the most streamed song of hers on Spotify, with over 415 Million streams. The song, Level Up, is the most viewed music video of hers, with over 340 Million views.

I Bet singer Ciara tied the knot with Tammy's son Russell on July 6, 2016. People report that they chose Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England, as their wedding venue. They two first met in a basketball game on May 26, 2015. These two had gotten engaged on March 11, 2016. Their relationship has been going strong since.

Tammy Kept Her Husband, Harrison Wilson, III Alive

Tammy once kept her husband alive, an incident that also led to her son, Russell believing in miracles. Her husband, Harrison Wilson, III may have passed away on June 9, 2010, at fifty-five years of age but, he could have passed way before that.

Harrison, III was once in a coma and was only given 12 hours to stay alive. And this had happened right before Russell's first college basketball game. To keep Harrison, III up awake, Tammy sang to him. Her singing was what kept him up and he avoided death largely because of it.

Yahoo has reported Russell saying that his mother is a believer. She believed that her husband would stay alive, and her faith didn't disappoint her. 


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