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Adult Film Star (1996)
Sun Mar 19 2023
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Tati Evans became famous because of the Internet. She is a social media influencer mostly known for content specifically targeted at mature audiences. Her social media career has helped her to earn an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

Evans hails from Washington DC, United States. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She stands at the height of 5 feet and 6 Inches (167 cm) and has a body weight of 121 lbs (60 kg). Let's learn a bit more about her. 

Tati Evans Is Still Looking For Love

Tati Evans has been unlucky in love as she is not in a relationship with anyone right now. She is living a single life at the time of this writing and is fully focused on her career.

Tati Evans is wearing grey shirt in the picture.
Tati Evans in one of her TikTok (Source: TikTok @tationline_)

Evans may have made a career with the help of the internet. Surprisingly, she has been quiet when it comes to relationships. The records of her previous relationships are completely missing as she has chosen to not disclose them.

What Is The Net Worth Of Tati Evans?

Tati Evans has made a successful career on the internet as she has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. She makes most of her revenue by posting content on the internet and her total is specifically targeted at mature audiences. 

Evans makes most of the money posting adult content on the internet. It shouldn't be surprising that she is also on Onlyfans because it has been one of the fastest-growing social platforms. She makes money through paid subscriptions where people can pay to watch all of her erotic content.

Other than Onlyfans, Evans is also on other social media platforms and makes money by doing paid promotions. Besides that, she also does a bit of modeling and makes money through it.

Good Friends With Kitty Marie

Evans may be active on the internet but not when it comes to her family and personal relationships. However, her friendship with adult film actor Kitty Marie is not a secret hidden from anyone. She and Kitty are best friends and are often making content together.

Kitty Marie has white dyed hair in the picture.
Tati Evans's friend Kitty Marie (Source: Facebook @Javi Mac)

Kitty is involved in the same line of work as her best friend, Evans. She is also an adult content creator and is active on Onlyfans. Kitty and Evans have also worked together to make adult films for their audiences. 

Evans Believes In Jesus

Yes, Evans is a believer in Jesus Christ and believes that there is a supreme power that's up there that's taking care of all of us. Though her lifestyle is something that could offend the devout Christian, she likes to call herself one.

The details of how Evan's developed a love for god remain to be known. Some assume it could have come from her parents but it's just speculation. Either way, it is known that she believes in Jesus although her life choices could trick some people to assume she might be an atheist.

Tati Evans Body Measurements (Height And Weight)

Tati Evans is working in the industry of producing adult content. To survive in an industry like this, she needs to work to keep herself in a certain shape. And, she is in good physical shape. 

Tati has the same height as singer Johnny McDaid as she stands at 5 Feet and 6 Inches (167 cm) and has got a curvy body. Her body weight is measured to be 121 lbs (60 kg). 

Yung Gravy has his arms around Tati Evans as they are posing for the picture.
Tati Evans with Yung Gravy (Source: TikTok @tationline_)

Evans wears a shoe size of 6 (US) and talking about her facial features, her eye color is brown. Her natural hair color is brown too but she loves to dye her hair a lot. So, her hair color doesn't stay the same for a long time. 

Early Life Details 

Tati made her career with the help of social media and with a career like that it is hard to keep her professional and private life separate. But, she has succeeded in doing that as hardly anything about her life before fame is known.

But, it is known that Evans grew up with her family in Washington DC. And, she didn't grow up alone. She was raised alongside her siblings and cousins as mentioned by News Unzip. But, like her parents, the identity and whereabouts of her siblings and cousins also remain to be discovered.

Started Career As A Model

Evans first got started in her career working as a model before finding her footing in the adult film industry. And, Modelling didn't just happen to her as she wanted to become a model since she was small.

Tati Evans is wearing a black sleeveless dress.
Tati Evans posing in a dress (Source: TikTok @tationline_)

Evans today has a career in Onlyfans like Taylor Kamphorst. But before that, she did modeling and found relatively fair success as she modeled for a lot of companies. 

It was after that Evans decided to get into the adult industry and found even bigger success there. But, she hasn't stopped modeling and continues to do both modeling and adult films today.

Social Media Presence

Evans outside of adult platforms like Only Fans and Fansly also exists on a mainstream Internet platform. You can find her on Twitter as her Twitter handle is @xxox_t. She has also been actively present on Instagram and Tiktok but, she isn't present on these two platforms at the time of this writing. 

Since Evans is an adult film star, it shouldn't be surprising that her content on Twitter also revolves around it. Hence, her account isn't for everyone. Even, Twitter itself posts a warning sign saying that her account is filled with sensitive content.

Has Inked Her Body

Evans loves tattoos as evidenced by all the tattoos she has on her body. She has multiple tattoos on her right hand. The ink on her body is themed around animals and insects as that's what most of her tattoos are about.

Tati Evans is raising her right hand in the picture.
Tati Evans tattoos (Source: TikTok @tationline_)

One of the tattoos on Evans's hand is of a housefly. She also has a tattoo of a Scorpio and a huge butterfly. Besides that, the OnlyFans model also has a small tattoo of a bull.

Removed From Social Platforms

Tati Evans has found herself in trouble with various social media platforms in the past. The trouble has led to her account being suspended from Tiktok and Instagram in the past. She was banned for posting suggestive content on this platform which many would find inappropriate.

Onlyfans and Fansly are the platforms that are specifically made for certain audiences so Evans's content works there. But, TikTok and Instagram are completely different kinds of platforms with different audiences. So, her posting similar kinds of content on these platforms led to a violation of the platform's policies which led to the suspension of her account.

Evans has talked about it on her Twitter where she mentioned that she received a ban from TikTok without any kind of warning. She even tried to get around it using a VPN but found no success.


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