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Author (1934)
Tue Jun 07 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Ted Nicholas

Wife : Bethany Nicholas
Ted Nicholas took the weeding vows to Bethany Nicholas.

American author, Ted Nicholas came to prominence after writing his first book, How to Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50.00. He is also well known for his other books, including Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets and Magic Words that Bring You Riches.

Nicholas was born in 1934 in Bradley Beach, New Jersey, United States. He is an American by his nationality and belongs to white ethnicity/race. Aside from all this, Nicholas is committed to a secret relationship. Let's take a glimpse of Nicholas' personal life.

How is Nicholas' Married Life Going?

New Jersey-based author, Nicholas is rejoicing his married life with his wife, Bethany Nicholas. The couple tied the knot in a small and private ceremony with an invitation given to their close ones.

Ted Nicholas with his wife, Bethany Nicholas on the right side and friend, Maria Boomhower
Photo: Ted Nicholas and his wife, Bethany Nicholas (right) with their good friend, Maria Boomhower (left) 
Source: Like Magic Marketing

During an interview with Michael Dunlop, he stated that he is a secret man when it comes to his personal life and family. Despite being a notable author, he maintains a low profile and seems to be very down to Earth personality.

Net Value of Ted

Ted Nicholas maintains a whopping net worth of $5 Billion as of 2020. Throughout his 50-year-career, he earned a lucrative wealth. Back in 2017, Nicholas said that he sold over $7.9 Billion worth of marketing and advertising products.

Nicholas is currently working as a copywriter for the advertisements or publicity materials. So, he might collects a handsome remuneration of $51,066 per year, which is similar to a copywriter in the United States.

Secrets of $5.7 Billion Dollar

American copywriter, Nicholas is confessed that he has the responsibility of $5.7 Billion advertising and marketing sales from more than 50 years of his career span. He often faces some marketing errors during the advertisement sales and marketing deals.

Ted Nicholas with his business partners, including Neil S
Image: Ted Nicholas went out for a marketing deal with his friends, including Neil S 
Source: Internet Marketing Review

Most of the businesspersons like Nicholas aren't afraid of explaining their marketing secrets and plans inside the companies' protocols. If Ted has one chance to sell ten thousands book sales, he definitely garners millions of dollars through his popular advertising and copyrights.

List of Nicholas' Books

As an author, Ted wrote and published his first novel, How to Form Your Own Corporation Without a Lawyer for Under $50.00 in 1977. The current of his book is listed at $21.41, which includes 27 used ($0.66) and 7 new ($16.00). But, you can purchase it for $9.95 in soft paste edition that consists of 17 used ($4.00) and 1 new ($9.95) and 2 collectible ($9.95).

Nicholas wrote another book, How to Publish a Book & Sell a Million Copies on 1st April 1993, which aspires the practical information on researching and writing a book on marketing projects. The book prizes $41.00 in paper cover edition, including 29 used ($3.67) and 6 new ($34.95) and 1 collectible ($28.95).

The cover of Ted Nicholas' book, How to publish a book & sell a million copies
Frame: Ted Nicholas wrote his second book, How to publish a book & sell a million copies 
Source: Amazon

Ted wrote a novel, Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets (How to Get a Massive Bang for Your Marketing Buck Online and Offline) in 2008. The book received five out of five stars from 3 ratings and listed on the prize at $64.56 in hardcover that include 8 used ($64.56) and 1 collectible ($249.00).

The frame of Ted Nicholas' book,  (How to Get a Massive Bang for Your Marketing Buck Online and Offline)
Cover: Ted Nicholas wrote another book, (How to Get a Massive Bang for Your Marketing Buck Online and Offline) 
Source: Amazon

There are some other books of Nicholas such as Magic Words That Bring You Riches, The Golden Mailbox, The Business Agreements Kit, and so on. Just like Ted, some other authors, including Gisele Bundchen and Kim Serafin also published several notable books.

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