The Complete Truth About Paul Simon's Marital Life

Wed Jun 14 2023
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Paul Simon has been married three times: The Grammy winner is a father to four!  

One of the best-celebrated artists of the 20th century, Paul Simon, is a decorated singer-songwriter. In his six-decades spanning career, he has built an empire equivalent to any musical legend. He is the composer behind classic hits like Mrs. Robinson, Graceland, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and The Sound of Silence.  

Paul Frederic Simon was born on October 13, 1941, in Newark, New Jersey, Simon's earliest venture into music began with Art Garfunkel, with whom he formed the duo, Simon & Garfunkel. Simon later attained greater feats in his solo venture. Aged 81 now, he is married to singer Edie Brickell, 57.  

Paul Simon's Precipitous Marriages!  

Simon is often described as a career-focused figure, who had little to no empathy when it came to human relationships. Biographer Robert Hilburn found Simon to be a calculative, ambition-driven career man but labeled the Grammy winner in a completely different light while measuring him in his personal life.   

Paul Simon is a multiple Grammy winner.
Paul Simon is a multiple Grammy-winning singer-songwriter. Photo Source: Instagram

The so-called "tone-deaf to others' feelings" singer has walked down the aisle three times in his life. Hillburn supported the claim by citing Paul's hasty romantic relationships. The Graceland singer was 22 when he started dating Kathleen Mary. 

Their romance bloomed at the onset of Simon's career and ended as Kathleen wanted no part in Simon's fame. Paul penned his first profound heartbreak in several songs, including Kathy's Song and America. Paul's first marriage with Peggy Harper was a little out of the blue.   

Paul Simon was married to Peggy Harper.
Paul married Peggy Harper in 1969 and split ways with her in 1975. Photo Source: Instagram

The pair tied the knot in 1969; welcomed their son, Harper Simon, in 1971, and finalized their divorce in 1975. The first failed marriage spawned many of Simon's hitmakers. The singer-songwriter's 1972 hit, Run That Body Down references his bumpy nuptial with Peggy.  

Simon's divorce from Peggy also inspired his chart-topper, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. Simon was in a low-profile relationship with actress Shelley Duvall for several years, but the singer's second marriage only happened years after he and Shelley separated.  

Simon walked down the aisle with Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher in 1983- only to end it a year later in 1984. Fisher was the only woman in Simon's life for much of the 70s as the pair kept rekindling and ending their relationship for a long period.   

Paul Simon was married to actress Carrie Fisher.
Paul's best-known relationship is his decade-long on-and-off marriage with Carrie Fisher. Photo Source: Instagram

"We still care very much for each other. There is nobody else like Carrie," the Grammy winner had said about Fisher, who died at the age of 60, in 2016. The Star Wars actress also inspired many of Simon's hits, like Hearts And Bones and She Moves On. Throughout their decade-long on-and-off romance, the duo didn't welcome any kid.  

Paul Simon's Third Marriage is the Charm!  

The Grammy winner got it right on his third try. Simon and singer-songwriter Edie Brickell have been married for over thirty years. It is no surprise that the enduring couple connected on their shared love and passion for music. Brickell was performing on Saturday Night Live when she first met Simon.   

Paul Simon is married to Edie Brickell.
Paul's current wife, Edie Brickell, is 25 years younger than him. Photo Source: Instagram

Simon and his third wife have been leading a private life with their three kids, but there have been times when the two landed in hot waters. The pair were arrested for "disorderly conduct" in April 2014. The spouses allegedly had a fierce fight over something Paul had done.  

"I got my feelings hurt and I picked a fight with my husband," Brickell explained aftermath of the arrest. The duo was almost prosecuted for domestic violence but escaped the tide hand-in-hand at the court.  

Simon and his third wife, Edie, were almost prosecuted for domestic violence! 

Simon's wife, Edie, is a native of Dallas, Texas. Known for being 25 years younger than her iconic husband, Brickell has been hustling in the music industry since 1985. Edie is also a member of the successful alternative rock jam band, Edie Brickell & New Bohemians.  

Paul Simon as a Father!  

The multiple Grammy winner is a proud father of four; most of whom have followed in his footsteps. The Sound of Silence hitmaker shares his oldest, Harper Simon, with his first ex-wife Peggy. Harper is undoubtedly the best-known of Paul's brood.    

Paul Simon is a proud father of four.
Simon shares his oldest son, Harper Simon, with his ex-wife, Peggy. Photo Source: Instagram

Harper's discography includes two solo albums and several collaborations. His half-brother, Adrian Simon, was born to his father and stepmom in December 1992. Adrian is also blessed with similar musical talents as his father and has performed with him on his tours.  

Simon welcomed his only daughter, Lulu Simon, in April 1995. Lulu, 28, also a rising songstress, is perhaps the most forthcoming of her siblings. She is best known for her hitmakers like, All In, I Wanna Break Your Heart, and How to Be Alone. Lulu previously opened up about her musical aspirations and how her talented family keeps her motivated at all times.  

Lulu was also the only one of the brood who spoke up during her parents' arrest in 2014. "We are more than the worst thing that's ever happened to us," Lulu's tweet read. Simon and Brickell's youngest, Gabriel, was born in May 1998. Gabriel is the only one in the family who hasn't ventured into music and completely stayed away from the shadow of his famous fam. 

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