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Fri Jan 12 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Peggy Harper

Ex-husband : Paul Simon
Peggy Harper married Paul Simon in 1969 and divorced in 1975.

Peggy Harper is famous as the ex-wife of Paul Simon, a well-known musician and actor. Peggy is a very secretive person, so very little information is available about her. But here's what we know about Harper below in this article! But before that, here are a few facts about Paul, her ex-husband.

Peggy's ex-husband, Paul Simon, started his career in music in 1956 and is still proactive in the field to date. Simon's career has spanned over six decades now. And Simon still hasn't lost his touch.

Peggy Harper & Paul Simon's Relationship

Peggy Harper and Paul Simon dated for quite a while before they tied the knot in 1969. They didn't hold a grand ceremony; instead held a private one. As for the invitation, only their close friends and family were invited to the wedding.

Paul Simon with late actress Carrie Fisher
Paul Simon with late actress Carrie Fisher
(Image Source: BBC)

Three years after their marriage, Peggy gave birth to Harper Simon. Unfortunately, the couple parted ways in 1975, and the custody of Harper was handed to the father, Paul.

Simon mentions his ex-wife in "Run That Body Down," released in 1972. Then in 1983, Paul wrote "Train in the Distance" in the album Hearts and Bones about his relationship with Peggy. 

The Son of Peggy Is Also A Talented Musician

Peggy Harper and Paul Simon's son, Harper Simon or Harper James Simon, was born on September 7, 1972. He is an outstanding singer and producer who has been featured on numerous TV shows and films most notable one being HBO's Girls.

Peggy Harper's son Harper Simon
Peggy Harper's son Harper Simon.
(Image Source: Wikipedia)

Harper released his solo debut album in 2010, co-produced by the late producer Bob Johnston. Since then, he has appeared as a guest in many shows. In 2013, he released Division Street, his second solo album under Tulsi Records.

Harper Simon Was Also A Journalist

In addition to being a talented musician and producer, Harper Simon was also a journalist, similar to Sonali Kolhatkar. He has interviewed for many publications, including Hesperios Journal and Purple Magazine. Additionally, he conducted interviews for Lip TV's Talk Show from 2016 to 2017.

The guests that Harper has interviewed range from political to cultural figures, including James Woolsey, former CIA director. He is also a board member of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a global network of environmental movement organizations.

Peggy Harper Is Not The Only Marriage Partner Of Paul Simon

Because Peggy Harper and Paul Simon divorced in 1975, he is bound to have married at least once or twice. Since then, he has married Carrie Fisher and Edie Brickell, both of whom were a celebrity with their successful career.

Paul and the late Carrie lived together for some time as a couple and then married in 1983 when they were on the S&G World Tour. They had what can be described as an on-and-off relationship. Just a year later, they divorced each other. Unfortunately, the diva passed away on December 27, 2016.

The last marriage of Paul Simon with Edie Brickell was held on May 30, 1992. He remains married to her today and has given birth to three children: Lulu, Adrian, and Gabriel.

How Rich Is Peggy Harper's Ex-Husband?

Peggy Harper's ex-husband, Paul Simon, is one of the highest-paid musicians out there. So, it's fair to say that he is quite rich in terms of wealth. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $210 million.

As for Paul's assets, he owns several real estate properties across the US and England. He is also a big car collector and owns some of the classics from brands such as Porsche, Chevrolet, Ford, and many others.

About Paul Simon: Peggy's Ex-Spouse

Paul Simon was born on October 13, 1941, to Louis, a college professor and dance bandleader, Belle. He grew up in New York City, although he was born in New Jersey. He has always involved himself in music since childhood, which helped him blossom his musical talent.

Paul Simon during one of his stage performances.
Paul Simon during one of his stage performances.
(Image Source: MyRadioLink)

After being active in the music field for so long, he has established himself as one of the legendary singers in the history book. Even though he has reached his 80s, he still has millions of fans around the world who support him.

Paul Simon: Career

Paul Simon first recorded his album with Garfunkel, his school friend, in 1964, when they signed for Columbia Records. Together, they produced more than thirty songs but enjoyed only moderate success.

Simon & Garfunkel performing in NY Central Park
Paul Simon & Garfunkel performing in NY Central Park.
(Image Source: NYS Music)

After the musical duo parted ways in 1970, Paul released three albums in the 70s, which rocketed his fame. All of the albums charted in the top 5 of the Billboard 200, instantly gaining him millions of listeners. 

In 1986, Paul released Graceland, which sold more than 14 million copies Worldwide. This remains his highest-performing solo work till now.

Awards & Accolades of Paul Simon

It's no surprise that he has won many awards; after all, he has had a successful career spanning several decades. After being in the field for that long, he has also established himself as one of the legendary singers in the history book.

He won twelve ''Grammy Awards,'' including the prestigious ''Lifetime Achievement Award.'' He is among the only six artists that have won Album of the Year in Grammy Awards more than once as the main artist.

After such an outstanding achievement, Paul was inducted into the ''Grammy Hall of Fame'' in 1998. Another reason for his inductee was the hit album Bridge over Troubled Water, which he co-performed with Garfunkel.

Apart from being an inductee to Grammy's Hall of Fame, he was also inducted, not once but two times, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He first entered the Hall of Fame as one-half of Simon & Garfunkel. Likewise, Ozzy Osbourne's spouse, Sharon Osbourne, entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Ex-Husband of Peggy Harper, Paul Simon, Has His Website

Paul Simon has become so famous that he made a website dedicated to himself for fans to be up to date. There is related news published over there as well as the lyrics to his songs.

The website also showcases the videos and photos of Paul for everyone to see. Additionally, fans can also easily buy his albums from there.

Paul Simon Announced His Retirement From Tours

Paul Simon announced that he would retire from touring on February 5, 2018. He mentioned that the main reasons for his retirement were the death of Vincent Nguini, his guitarist, and his family.

Peggy Harper's ex-husband went on a farewell tour on May 16 of the same year covering Europe and North America. And on September 22, 2018, Paul performed his last concert at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, New York.


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