The Love Life of Charles Dance: From a Broken Marriage to a Lasting Relationships!

Sun Jun 18 2023
By   Prajwol

Any person who has watched The Game Of Thrones knows Charles Dance. He is none other than the English actor and filmmaker that plays the character of Tywin Lannister in GOT.

Born on October 10, 1946, Dance has been quite successful and stable in his professional life. However, such is not the case in his personal life. Charles has been in many relationships after divorcing his first wife.

Charles Dance's Broken Marriage: Was Married Over Three Decades

The English actor, Charles Dance was once married to Joana Haythorn. Yes, the couple had met in their high school in Plymouth. Joana and Dance both were in art class and spending time together made them fall in love.

The love birds, Joana and Charles, eventually got married in the year 1970. The English actor and his first wife were pretty excited about their marriage and their romantic journey ahead.

Charles Dacne and his first wife, Joana Haythorn
Charles Dance and his first wife, Joana Haythorn Source @pinterest

Unfortunately, things did not go according to the plans made by the married couple. Haythorn and her spouse Dance parted their ways in 2004 after being more than three decades together; 34 to be more precise.

Charles and his former wife Joana are still best friends, even though the couple's marriage went apart. The English actor had a large fault in their divorce. Dance said:

"I was 19 when I met my ex-wife, Jo. We were together for over 30 years and I changed a lot during that time, as you'd expect. I regret that the marriage ended; it was largely my fault. But sensibly, we're now the best of friends."

During their time as a married couple, Charles and his former wife Joana became the parents of two children. The English actor's daughters Oliver Dance and Rebecca Dance are following in the footsteps of their father.

Game Of Thrones Actor, Charles Dance,  Dating Experiences With Younger Women

Charles Dance did not marry anyone following his divorce but had many young partners over the years. The Game of Thrones actor dated women who were more than twenty years younger than him.

Charles Dance dated Emilia Fox briefly
Charles Dance dated Emilia Fox briefly. Source: Pinterest

While the English filmmaker, Dance was still married to his wife, Joana, he was romantically linked with actress Emilia Fox. Fox is 28 years younger than Charles. They were together for two years. 

In November 2004, Dance officially started dating Sophia Myles, a fellow British actress. The couple met first while working on The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickle. Charles broke up with his 38-years junior girlfriend Myles in June 2005. 

In 2006, Charles Dance and Shambhala Marthe were a thing. The Game of Thrones actor Dance was romantically linked with Ex-Gucci model Marthe. The loving duo had an on-and-off relationship.

Charles Dance was engaged to Eleana Boorman.
Charles Dance was engaged to Eleana Boorman. Source: Daily Mail

Following that, The Gosford Park actor, Dance got into a relationship with artist and sculptor, Eleanor Boorman. The celebrity couple, Eleanor and Charles, were engaged and were about to get married. 

Charles and Boorman's relationship lead to the birth of Rose Boorman, their daughter. But, the couple, parted ways after a month of their daughter.

Who Is Charles Dance Dating Now?

Folks, the latest romantic partner of the Charles Dance, the actor who played Tywin Lannister is none other than Alessandra Massi.

Charles Dance is currently in a relationship with Alessandra Masi.
Charles Dance is currently in a relationship with Alessandra Masi. Source: Daily mail

In 2018, Dance and Masi first met on the set of the psychological drama The Book of Vision, where Masi worked as the production manager. Two years later, Charles and his girlfriend Alessandra were seen publicly displaying affection during the Venice Film Festival in Italy.

Masi and Charles started dating in 2020. Throughout their three-year relationship, the English actor attended events together with the production manager. Dance and his twenty-year younger romantic partner, Alessandra are now living a happy life.


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