Till Lindemann Wife Turned Ex-Spouse Anja Köseling!

Tue Mar 03 2020
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Till Lindemann and Anja Köseling were one of the most romantic and powerful couples. That is until they let go of each other for no reason, but due to some disappointments. It's rare to say that their separation was a realization that became a part of their history when they were too blind to see their destiny.

The very subdued offstage personality, Lindemann is a successful singer-songwriter. Till mesmerized the world with his loud, booming bass voice. So, does he get influenced by his wife-turned-ex-spouse, Anja? Find more about Lindemann's personal life below.

Relationship of Till Lindemann Ex-Wife: Anja Köseling

Rammstein's lead vocalist, Till Lindemann, and his former wife, Anja Köseling spent many beautiful moments together in their marital union. The pair get their love locked down in a grand wedding ceremony, inviting their loved ones in 1985.

Till Lindemann and Anja Koseling's daughter, Marie Louise. How Lindemann and Anja separated after staying married more than a decade?
Snap: Till Lindemann and Anja Koseling's daughter, Marie Louise 
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Lindemann and his former wife, Köseling, surprised their fans in the early 1990s. Till and his ex-spouse told the world about their first child after eight years of marriage. Anja, furthermore, gave birth to a daughter, Marie Louise in 1993.

Four years after the birth of Marie, Till and his ex-wife, Köseling, eventually separated from their long-term marital relationship. Lindemann and Anja cited irreconcilable differences in 1997. Later, they finalized their divorce in the same year, and Lindemann took custody of their daughter.

Köseling's Ex Till Lindemann and Other his Other Marital Affairs

Anja Köseling's former spouse, Till Lindemann was married twice, but his bonding with his wives didn't last long. Till's first wife remains a mystery to his fans, but it seems like his first wedding ended because of some problems.

Anja Koseling's ex-husband, Till Lindemann with his first daughter, Nele Lindemann. Who is Nele's biological mother?
Picture: Till Lindemann and his first daughter, Nele Lindemann 
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Lindemann shares a daughter, Nele Lindemann (born in 1985) from one of his previous marriages. Like her father, Nele joined the entertainment industry as a musician.

After the birth of Nele, Till married Köseling. Lindemann spent seven years as a single dad while raising Nele.

Know about Anja Köseling's Ex-Husband, Till's Dating List

Anja Köseling's ex-marital partner, Till Lindemann, was in a romantic relationship with a Russian model, Marina Drujko, in 2000. But, their affair didn't last long, and they broke up after a brief period.

After the separation, Lindemann stayed single for many years and then met a German actress, Sophia Thomalla in 2011. The duo was involved in a long-term relationship for almost five years and then split up in 2015.

Till Lindemann and his ex-girlfriend, Sophia Thomalla. Know more about Lindemann's current marital status.
Snap: Till Lindemann with his former girlfriend, Sophia Thomalla 
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On the other side, Lindemann was seen with a Ukrainian singer, Svetlana Loboda in late 2017. It was found that the two were seen many times together at several events, which garnered people's attention to speculate whether they were dating or not.

Till Lindemann with his partner, Svetlana Loboda. Know more about Lindemann & Koseling's past marital life.
Photo: Till Lindemann and his former girlfriend, Svetlana Loboda 
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On 23rd May 2018, when Svetlana gave birth to her second baby girl, Tilda, many of her fans rumored that Lindemann was the father of her daughter. After the news started getting bigger, Svetlana disclosed her relationship with Lindemann, and when it comes to revealing her daughter's father, she said,

"It seems to me that any woman wants Till to be a father of her child. I can say that he is an amazing man and just an incredible person. The whole world knows him as a singer. And it seems to me that the fact that my daughter's name is Tilda is already a big carte blanche in life".

Till Lindemann's ex-partner, Svetlana Loboda carrying her daughter, Tilda. Find more about Till and Anja's past marital relationship.
Photo: Till Lindemann's former girlfriend, Svetlana Loboda with her second daughter, Tilda 
Source: KP.RU

Previously, Anja's former spouse, Lindemann was rumored to be linked with Alycen Rowse, after they made a good bond of chemistry. Nevertheless, the rumors turned out to be fake when the duo said, "They're just good friends." 

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