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TV personality, Bounty Hunter (1965)
Wed Apr 05 2023
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Tim Chapman is an American television personality, a retired American bounty hunter. However, he gained huge fame after starring as the cast member in reality television series, Dog the Bounty Hunter, which aired on A&E. Asides this, he is also known for appearing in E! True Hollywood Story and Empire of Ash III.

Timothy Charles "Youngblood" Chapman was born on May 13, 1965, was born in Ventura, California. But his parents Ronald Chapman and Diane Wimberly had divorced when he was 2 1/2 years old. Then he went to live with his paternal grandparents for two years along with his brother, Russell J. Chapman.

Who Was Tim Chapman Married?

As of now, the 55 years old Youngblood Chapman is living a single life. But previously, he was is in a conjual relationship with his beautiful wife, Davinanatasha Faletoi. Her actual profession is unknown to the media.

 Tim Chapman Was Married to Davinanatasha Faletoi Until 2009
Caption: Tim Chapman Was Married to Davinanatasha Faletoi Until 2009
Source: Affair Post

However, the pair have not revealed when and where they tied the wedding knot to the press. In fact, due to their low key life, there is no further information regarding their love romance.

But later they had divorced in 2009 after being together for many years because of irreconcilable differences. From their marriage, Chapman and Faletoi had four children together. Kids' names Thunder Cloud Chapman, Summer Rain Chapman (born 2004), Autumn Sky Chapman (2007), and Storm Hunter Chapman.

Tim Chapman is a Father of Five Kids
Image: Tim Chapman Captured The Photo With His Wife and Son
Source: Beckwith Blug

After the divorce, Tim maintained the children's custody without any recorded dispute over them fro Davina. In addition, the bounty hunter has a son Tim Chapman Jr., born in 1987 from his previous relationship.

Two Times Arrestation

On September 14, 2006, he was charged by the U.S.Marshalls along with his co-stars, Duane Chapman and Leland Chapman. They were arrested at the request of the Mexican government in 2003 on charges of depriving themselves of liberty from charges concerning serial rapist Andrew Luster.

The three charges were eventually dismissed in 2007. The three Chapman, Dog, and Leland were then released on bail from custody. The bail for Tim and Leland was fixed at $100,000 each, while Dog's was fixed at $300,000 each.

Tim Chapman, Dog Chapman, and Leland Chapman Were Arrested in 2006
Image: Tim Chapman, Dog Chapman, and Leland Chapman Were Arrested in 2006 
Source: IMDB

In January 2008, Chapman was arrested by prosecutors once again for terrorist threats at the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, and as well as for indecent exposure. A woman said she saw Tim masturbating inside his truck. But the judge did not find any clear evidence to show he knew she was watching and was behaving deliberately. 

His lawyer Brook-Hart also described the incident as a "massive misunderstanding," saying his client spilled juice on his pants and fled to his truck's backseat for change. So all charges were dropped in 2009 and were released on $11,000 bail.

Holds Million Dollars Net Worth

Tim Chapman has an impressive net value of $3 Million as of early June 2020. He has accumulated that fortune throughout his successful career in reality TV as a cast member of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Also, Chapman has made a million dollars of money from his work as a bounty hunter. His other TV credits are the Empire of Ash III (1989), E! True Hollywood Story (1996) alongside Jonetta Patton.

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