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Youtbuber (1991)
Tue Jun 09 2020
By   Vineet

YouTube celebrity Tingting ASMR is well recognized for her Tingting ASMR stream. She is famous for her ASMR relaxing videos. Tingting is also a Twitch streamer with the handle tingting57. She and Latte ASMR are both recognized YouTube stars for their ASMR videos. She debuted her YouTube channel in April 2017.

She was born on December 1, 1991, in Shangai, China. However, at present, she is living  At present,  in Los Angeles. Many users have even attempted to clone her Youtube content. Even the largest Chinese streaming platforms Youku and Bilibil

Furthermore, at one point, the Chinese government had agreed to prohibit ASMR videos by calling them immoral and licentious. This article is all about her net worth, relationship, and personal life. Just scroll down to know more.

Who Is She Dating?

Like other famous celebrities and personalities, Tingting has always maintained a low profile of her personal information and relationships. And it appears she having a single life. 

Even according to her on YouTube channel, she has stated that she has no boyfriend. Moreover, Youtube star is perhaps having a good time being alone. 

Tingting ASMR wearing Traditional Chinese Dress
Image: Tingting ASMR wearing Traditional Chinese Dress
Source: Tingtingasma57live

It seems like she just wants to engage in making good content for her audiences. Maybe that's the reason she has not any boyfriend or partner. Or May she is dating someone but not interested to share her personal life.

And so far there are no reports o  her previous relationship or marriage. Just scroll down to know her social media accounts.

Social Media Engagement

Definitely, being the social media celebrity, he/she supposed to be very much active on its platform. Youtuber ASMR  has 43.3k followers on Instagram and 1.23 million subscribers on the Tingting ASMR YouTube channel. 

She also has another Ting Tingles ASMR Youtube channel with 1.99k subscribers. In addition, she has 4.4k followers on Facebook and 8.6k followers on Twitter. Scroll down to know her real name.

Scandal And Controversies 

lA star with an undisclosed real name is the main core of justification for Tingting.  She has not revealed her name yet not even a single thing about her personal life.

And her mystery has given birth to many conflicting theories about her. There are too many stories about her true identity. But still her true name and details has not been disclosed yet. 

How Much does Tingting Earn?

The mysterious Youtuber ASMR perhaps is having passive income from her social media career. She makes product promotional campaigns on her Instagram account just like Sandra Posner. So with no surprise, she must be earning thousands of dollars by promoting brands.

Tingting ASMR And Her Golden And Silver Youtube Play Button
Image: Tingting ASMR And Her Golden And Silver Youtube Play Button
Source: Tingtingasma57live

There is no clear mention of earnings in any of her YouTube posts. However, her total net worth is projected to be $300,000. Its monthly revenue is predicted to be between $2000 and $32000 similarly as Venus Angelic.

On the other hand, ASMR also generates decent wealth from her other channel. She is estimated to be earning around $6,500 a month and around $500 a month from Patreon.

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