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Tue Jul 19 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Venus Angelic

Ex-husband : Manaki Okada
Venus Angelic Marrued To Manaki Okada In 2015 and divorce on 2020.

Nowadays looking like a doll has become a passion for several Youtubers. Similarly, Venus Isabell Palermo widely famous as Venus Angellic is a Youtuber and Instagram celebrity who is gaining popularity for her doll looking face and beauty. Her look is inspired by Anime Known as Venus who is originally from Luck & Logic anime. She is the Foreigner partner of Tamaki Yurine.

Angelic was born on Switzerland in 8 February 1997. She is a Swiss Youtube personality who gives a hint and tips regarding beauty products and makeups. She has also appeared in a song called Icona Pop which has ranked 71 on U.K singles. Scroll down to find out her relationship, marital life, net worth and more.

Is Venus Angelic Single?

The cutie pie Venus Angelic perhaps she is leading a single life. Although she is active all over the social networking sites it's hard to trace down her current boyfriend or husband. She is a famous you tuber and she might have someone to call her partner but so far she remained tight lips regarding her affair.

Moreover, Venus seems to focus on her career. And nowadays she is busy making new content for her YouTube channel. Furthermore, she gone through surgery so maybe she is focusing on her health as well. Scroll down to know about her relationship.

Venus Angelic Rumored Boyfriend Manaki Okada 

Manaki okada is the lucky man who is rumored to date Venus Angelic. She broke the internet after confirming she is dating Manaki just to visit Disney Land. However, currently, it's hard to say Venus and Manaki Okada is still dating or having a marital life.

Angelic Venus With Her Boyfriend Manaki
Image: Angelic Venus With Her Boyfriend Manaki
Source: Getty Image

It is believed that Mnanaki desperately loves Venus. He is four years older than her. Manaki was once a fan of Venus and according to internet tabloids, she even got married to Manaki. But there are no reliable sources to confirmed her marriage with Manaki. 

Her Surgery Went Wrong

According to dairlymail , Venus Angelic got operation of her Surgeon in South Korea covered part of the stomach and cut 120 cm of intestines After a year, her weight fell to six stones after stitches failed. Doctors claimed she was near to death because the food did not reach her stomach.

Angelic VenusAfter Her Surgery
Image: Angelic VenusAfter Her Surgery
Source: Getty Image

Evidently, after he surgery she regrets what she has done to herself. In order to get recover, she got treatment like meditation and a nutritive diet. As well as he was sp fragile at the time, that she got psychological treatment as well. Scroll down to know about her mother.

Margaret Palermo: Venus Mother

Angelic Venus Mother Margaret Venus Angelic Mother's name is Margaret Palermo who is also a social media celebrity like her daughter Venus. Venus's mother Margaret was six months pregnant when she turned twenty-two years old.

A the time Venus's father was thirty-one years old and used to live in Switzerland. Unfortunately, Venus having a persona a cute girl does not seem to have same quality in real life.

Venus Angelic And Her Mother Margaret Palermo

In recent days, she was accused by her mother that she runs away from home with Margaret Laptop. Because Margaret used to manage and take care of earnings they made from social media. Behind the success of Venus, it's her mother who originally develops content and strategy to get hit on the social media platforms.

After Venus run away from home she changed all passwords and literally left her mother broke. However, what happened after is not clearly out. But as per 2020, mother and daughter had made settlement and living together without any disputes.   Scroll down to know her net worth.

Net Worth: 400,000

She got around 1 million-plus subscriber in her Youtube channel. and according to payroll, she Youtubers like Venus earns $10,000 to $20,000 per month just as. However, it varies quite a bit. Money can come from a few different places, including add revenue from CPMs, product placement, and sponsored videos.

 Angelic Venus Having A Vacation In Japa
Image: Angelic Venus Having A Vacation In Japan
Source: Getty Image

Furthermore, as per 2020, her estimated net worth is around $40,000 Similarly like. She also earned thousands of dollars form her in Instagram profile where she has 243.k followers. Meanwhile, besides her income from the social platform, she also spotted promoting different products on Japanese T.V commercials similar like Wolfychu

Therefore by doing these commercials, she must have to earn sound wealth.

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