Tippi Hedren's Husbands and Ex-Boyfriends

Mon Jul 31 2023
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Tippi Hedren has been married and divorced three times: The actress is a mother to one!  

Tippi Hedren is a long-retired Hollywood actress. Hedren worked in over 80 films and shows during her decades-long acting career, for which she was honored with the Jules Verne Award and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Tippi's most memorable credits include The Birds, Citizen Ruth, I Heart Hucukabees, and A Countess From Hong Kong.  

Born on January 19, 1930, in New Ulm, Minnesota, Hedren rose to stardom as a model, and actress in the 60s, it was the same era when Tippi ventured into some of her most famous relationships, and also, became delved into motherhood. Aged 93 now, Hedren has outlived her three ex-spouses, retired from her career in the motion picture, and mostly spends her time following her passion: animal rescue.  

Who are Tippi Hedren's Ex-Husbands?  

The actress-turned-animal activist has dated a myriad of men in her lifetime but only three of the many have been lucky enough to walk down the aisle with Hedren. The Birds actress was 22 when she married her first husband, Peter Griffith, who was three years younger than her, in 1951.   

Tippi Hedren is a 60s actress.
Tippi Hedren was married to Peter Griffith for nine years. Photo Source: Instagram

Tippi and Peter's nuptial was a relatively short affair, lasting only nine years, but it is still remembered as one of the most notable relationships of Hedren. Notable because the nine-year-long marriage spawned two acclaimed names in the generations that followed.  

Hedren welcomed her only child, actress Melanie Griffith, with Peter in 1957, and through Melanie, we have Dakota Johnson, a well-known name in modern cinema. The Citizen Ruth actress had a cordial divorce from Griffith, with whom she maintained a good relationship until his death in 2001.   

The retired actress shares a very close bond with her only daughter, Melanie, 65, best known for her roles in Body Double, Working Girl, Buffalo Girls, and Another Day in Paradise. The mother-daughter duo have shared screen on occasions and together, created a celebrated Hollywood dynasty.  

Tippi Hedren was married to Peter Griffith.
Hedren accused her second husband, Noel Marshall, of abusing her. Photo Source: Instagram

After her divorce from Griffith, Hedren married her second husband, Noel Marshall, a businessman and producer, in September 1964. The duo connected on their love for films and wildlife. Hedren even collaborated with her second husband on many flicks, including their sleeper hit, Roar. 

Hedren's second marriage with Marshall ended in scandals. The Birds actress filed for divorce in 1982 and accused her then-husband of physical abuse. Tippi even obtained a restraining order against Noel, prohibiting him from coming within 20 feet of her residence.   

Tippi Hedren has been married three times.
The 60s icon was married to Luis Barrenechea for nine years. Photo Source: Instagram

Hedren's third attempt at marriage was no charm either. The legendary actress walked down the aisle with steel manufacturer Luis Barrenechea, on February 15, 1985. During their nine years as a married couple, the actress and her third husband spend their life in between Tippi's animal sanctuary, Shambala Preserves, and their homes in Arcadia and Palm Springs.  

The Citizen Ruth actress filed for divorce from Barrenechea in 1994. "I shouldn't be married," the actress said in a daunting realization amid her third divorce proceedings. Tippi later revealed that it was Luis's alcoholism that became a major factor in their split.   

Tippi Hedren is a doting mother of one.
Hedren is the mother of actress Melanie Griffith and grandma of Dakota Johnson. Photo Source: Instagram

While looking back at her three failed marriages, Hedren had nothing but appreciation for each failed nuptial. "My marriages were all good — until they weren't," said the veteran actress. She added, "But I got something good out of each of them." The Hollywood Walk of Famer didn't delve into another conjugal life after her third divorce.  

Tippi Hedren's Famous Ex-Boyfriends!  

Hedren's last known relationship was with veterinarian Martin R. Dinnes, who is best known for practicing modern medicine on exotic animals. The Birds actress was 72 when she got engaged to a 61-year-old Dinnes. The pair even opened up about their intention to get married in 2002 but what followed was a long engagement, and eventually their split in mid-2008.    

Hedren accused her frequent collaborator, Alfred Hitchcock, of ruining her career! 

Tippi's dating career went dry following her breakup with Dinnes but the actress waited for love for a long time it seems. "I'd love to have a man in my life and to go on dates but I'll never marry again," the 60s icon said in 2016. Hedren's other well-known famous exes include comedian Mort Sahl, who she dated in the early 60s.  

In her memoir, Tippi, the retired actress made a shocking revelation about her frequent collaborator, Alfred Hitchcock, with whom she worked on The Birds, and Marnie. Hedren revealed that the late English director, who is credited for discovering Hedren and propelling her to stardom, made sexual advances at her.  

Tippi Hedren was engaged to Martin R. Dinnes.
The animal activist was last engaged to Martin R. Dinnes. Photo Source: Instagram

"As a man he was deplorable," Tippi said after lauding the late director for being a formative influence in her career. Hedren shared that when she turned out Hitchcock's unwanted advances, he ruined her career out of spite. "It was awful. It was clear what he wanted but when I refused he said, 'I'll ruin your career," Tippi revealed.  

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