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Celebrity Wife (1975)
Thu Jul 27 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Tobe Keeney

Husband : Joshua Morrow
tobe Keeney married Joshua Morrow in 2001.

Tobe Keeney gained fame because of her husband. Tobe is the wife of Nicholas Newman from The Young and the Restless. Yes, Keeney is the spouse of Joshua Morrow. The former 3Deep band member Joshua has been acting since the nineties. 

The handsome actor Joshua has a huge fan following. And when Tobe married Morrow many women became jealous. The celebrity wife, Keeney, was born on October 20, 1975, and has Libra as her Zodiac sign. Let's learn more about the life of Joshua's wife. 

Tobe Keeney Married Joshua Morrow

Tobe Keeney and her husband share successful married life. Something that not a lot of people can say, especially celebrities. Tobe and her hubby, Joshua Morrow, share a long marriage. Over two decades, to be precise.

Tobe Keeney and Joshua Morrow at an event
Tobe Keeney and Joshua Morrow at an event (Source: TV Fanatic)

Tobe and Joshua exchanged their wedding rings on August 4, 2001. They had known each other for many years before that as the two began to see each other in 1996

There is a common assumption among many people that celebrity relationships don't last. But the love between Morrow and his wife, Keenye, is worldly, so it is fantastic to see how strong their marriage is going.

Mother To Four Kids

Like Annabel Mullion, Tobe shares the responsibility of four kids with her husband, Joshua. They are parents to three boys ( Cooper James Morrow, Crew James Morrow, Cooper Jacob Morrow) and a girl ( Charlie Jo Morrow).

Tobe is holding Charlie as they are posing together for the camera.
Tobe Keeney and Joshua Morrow with their kids Cooper, Crew, Cooper Jacob, and Charlie (Source: AmoMama)

The girl is the youngest of four and was born on October 30, 2012. The oldest one is Cooper Jacob, born on September 27, 2002. Crew is their second child and was born three years later to Cooper Jacob on May 27, 2005. Then came Cooper James in April 2008.

The family might seem significant, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is all of them are happy, and in the case of Tobe, it fortunately is.

Tobe Keeney: A Victim Of Fake Divorce Rumors

Tobe Keeney and Joshua Morrow have been married for a very long time. So, the news came as a shock to the fans when the rumors of them divorcing started circulating.

Please don't get upset because it turned out to be a hoax. The two are not separated. They have been happily married for many years and will continue to do so. But, the fake news of their divorce scared those who shipped the couple.

Who Is Her Husband Joshua Morrow?

Joshua Morrow is one of the most recognizable faces among soap opera fans. All thanks to his character of Nicholas Newman from The Young and the Restless, which pretty much made his acting career.

You would be surprised to learn his age if you didn't know him. I say this because he looks too young for his age. The man was born in the 70s. He hailed from Alaska and was born on February 8, 1974.

He can be seen wearing a normal shirt in the pic.
Joshua Morrow at The Young and the Restless event (Source:

The actor has worked on a dozen of projects. Some of his famous works outside The Young and The Restless are Golden Shoes, Loyalty, and Parker. Despite all his works, the role of Nicholas Newman remains his most loved one, with the actor also winning the Soap Opera Digest Award in 2001 for the position.

Did Tobe Keeney's Husband quit Social Media?

This is a story that we still have no answer about. But, it seems like Joshua Morrow, Tobe Keeney's husband, has no intention of showcasing his life to his fans through the internet.

Tobe Keeney's husband Joshua Morrow in the TV show Young And The Restless.
Tobe Keeney's husband Joshua Morrow in the TV show Young And The Restless. (Source: Instagram)

Even though The Young and The Restless actor Joshua is on Instagram, he currently has zero posts on the platform. His insta handle is @joshuamorrowyr. His absence is not just limited to Instagram but Twitter as well. 

Joshua does have a verified Twitter account and has a decent following to go with it. But, he stopped tweeting on the platform in 2017 until a while back. His last tweet in 2017 was on September 12, and the first tweet he made since that happened on April 16, 2020, during the global pandemic. He tweeted:

Just wanted everyone to know that I’m praying for everyone. Scary and frustrating smart and trust we will get thru it eventually

How Much Is Joshua Morrow's & Tobe Keeney's Net Worth?

The loved celebrity couple Joshua & Tobe has been living a successful life in terms of stable marriage and making income. Tobe Keeney lives a private life and has chosen not to reveal much about herself. So, her income status remains unknown. 

However, Tobe's husband is a famous actor, so we know a few things about him, including his wealth. His estimated net worth is believed to be around $12 million.

Joshua Used To Be In a Boyband

It seems like it isn't just acting that Joshua has tried his hands on. He has been part of the music group 3Deep. 3Deep was comprised (as the name suggests) of three members. Eddie Cibrian and CJ Huyer joined Joshua. 

The band may not have succeeded to the same level as BTS, One Direction, or even Backstreet Boys, but they still managed to gain a decent fan following, particularly among girls.

The band even has a TV Movie. The movie title was the same name as the band "3deep." It came out in 1999. The Badry Moujais-directed film was small, and as per IMDb, the movie has a runtime of 59 minutes.

Details About Tobe's Height & Weight

Tobe Keeney is a celebrity wife, so it is no surprise to see her taking good care of her health. She only adds more beauty to her husband's look, who has an immense female fan following and is a bit of a heartthrob.

Talking about tallness, Tobe has the same height as actress Jenna Romanin at  5 Feet 7 Inches (170 cm). She also takes good care of her body, which is visibly well-maintained. Her body type is slim, and she weighs around 132 lbs (60 kg).

Tobe's Son Came In Support of Ukraine In His Way

A lot of people came in support of Ukraine after the Russian war. Tobe and Joshua's second child, Crew James Morrow, supported the war-torn country. But he did it in his way. Crew came up with his idea to support the country through his small clothing business. 

The business was about hoodies. He started his lineup of hoodies on Orangejuicexyz and used the money it gained to help Ukraine's people. The announcement of the hoodie came from his father's Twitter. He shared the picture of his son wearing a hoodie and tweeted:

Hey everyone-I don’t do much on this anymore but my amazing son Crew started a line of hoodies to help Ukraine. Check it out @orangejuicexyzshop Hope yur well!

The hoodie is white with a man with the TV head that says we stand.
Crew James Morrow showing his hoodie (Source: Twitter @JoshuaMorrowYR)

The tweet also meant Joshua was using his Twitter. The man hardly ever uses Twitter, so fans were excited to see him tweet about something. And the war compelled him to return to the Internet

The Russia-Ukraine war has been going on for a while now, with many loss of lives, properties, and displaced people. It may seem small, but it is nice to see Crew not just sitting silently and doing something to help the people.


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