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Celebrity Kid (2019)
Fri Feb 17 2023
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Tobias Khale, at such a young age, has already garnered a large fan following. He is one of the most celebrity kids out there. All thanks to his famous mother, American singer Keyshia Cole. Even his father, Niko Khale, is a musician.

Tobias celebrates his birthday on the first of August, as his birth date is August 1, 2019. We will provide some information on the life of Keyshia's son through this article.

Why His Parents Are No Longer Together?

Tobias Khale's parents may have given him fame, but sadly they can't give him traditional father-mother love. Niko Khale and Keyshia Cole are no longer together.

The news of them quitting the relationship shocked the fans. These two ended things in July 2020. The exact reason that led to their breakup is unknown, but Tobias's mother has blamed his father's behavior which compelled her to make this decision. 

Both of them are dressed in black while Keyshia has short white hair.
Keyshia Cole and Niko Khale at an event (Source: Celebrity Insider)

In a not-so-subtle way, she blamed the father in one of her tweets. She tweeted:

See that’s where y’all got me f***** up at. A N**** don’t kno how to KEEP me … RESPECTFULLY sus.

The two first made their relationship public in early 2018. It is unclear how long they saw each other before announcing their relationship to the world.

Net Worth of Tobias Khale's Parents: 

Tobias is still very young to generate his own income. So he still relies on his parents' fortune like Elliot Rush Musk and Jamison Pankey. But, the wealth of his parents cannot be unseen. Both of his parents have made a career in the music industry. 

Tobias's mother should be held most responsible for his name. Keyshia Cole was one of the most prominent singers back in the day. And it shows with the wealth she has accumulated as the I Should Have Cheated singer's net worth stands at $8 million. She made most of her money doing music, all thanks to the success of songs like Love and Let It Go.

His father, Niko Khale, even though not successful as his mom, has made a working career for himself through music. The success of songs like Yo Eye and Pull Up has helped him get his career on track and make a lot of money through it. His estimated net worth is $1.5 million.

Tobias Khale's Mother Was Previously Married

Before Keyshia met the father of her son Tobias, she was a married woman. She was married to basketball athlete Daniel Booby Gibson.

Their stylist acted as a cupid for them. Both of them had the same one, and the stylist was the reason these two knew each other. Keyshia has said that she immediately fell in love with the man after meeting him. Notably, she loved his lashes.

She is wearing a blue top and he is wearing a grey hoodie.
Daniel Bobby Gibson and Keyshia Cole together (Source: Extra)

However, their marriage quickly got sour. The Trust and Believe singer claimed she broke up with him because he cheated on her with multiple partners.

They officially tied the knot on May 22, 2011. They ended their marriage six years later, on September 2017. However, the Let It Go singer has confirmed that the two had already completed their relationship by 2014. The divorce was filed in 2017, but it took three years to be finalized, which happened in 2020.

A Little Info On His Famous Mother

Keyshia Cole is an American R&B singer known for songs like Love and Let It Go. She was born in Oakland, California, on October 15, 1981.

Keyshia's career kickstarted with her song Never. The song gave her vast success, and her career only continued to rise with the album Just Like You, which is, to this day, her most successful album. She has sold over three million albums so far.

Besides her main music works, she has also given her voice to movies such as Mission Impossible III, Step Up, and Coach Carter. She also had her reality show, Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. The show ran for three seasons.

Tobias Khale's Mother Was Accused Of Racism

Keyshia Cole landed in hot water from her fans because of one of her actions. You can tell the situation is wrong when the subject of racism is involved.

It didn't seem like her intention, but you can't stop fans from over-analyzing everything. It happened when she took a picture of herself with Hailey Bieber's husband, Justin Bieber.

She has her hand on his arms in this selfie.
Keyshia Cole with Justin Bieber (Source: Pinterest)

Bieber, at the time, was a part of a massive controversy because of the circulation of one of his old videos. In the video, he can be heard using the n-word. It led to everyone hating him, and Shoulda Let You Go singer didn't help herself by taking pictures with him.

Was Tobias Kept Away From The Father?

This is the rumor that quickly spread like wildfire. Some fans assumed that the mother, Keyshia, was keeping Tobias away from his father.

The story began when Niko uploaded a small clip of his son, Tobias Khale, on his Insta. It wasn't the clip that gave rise to the speculation. Instead, it was the caption that went with the post. Niko had put up a caption:

TBT cause I miss my lil dawg @tobiaskhale. He like how daddy had them curls hanging

The caption didn't seem right to some fans, who not only went on to claim but were convinced that his son was not with him. They even started to hate Tobias's mother as they believed she was not letting the father meet her son. The good news is that it was mere speculation and nothing more. Niko ended the rumors, and the father-son bond is still going strong.

Supporter Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tobia may be only three years old, but his father has already decided which football team he should be supporting. He probably isn't old enough to understand sports, but he might grow up loving Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

The club is known for having the greatest footballer of all time, Tom Brady. His father uploaded a pic of him on his Instagram where he can be seen wearing the Buccaneers football jersey. The pic is captioned:

All you gotta do is say GANG and he gon throw it up

He is smiling as he crosses his fingers.
Tobias Khale wearing Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey (Source: Instagram @nikokhale)

Tobias Is A Social Media Star?

The Heaven Sent singer's son may still be a baby, but he has already garnered a large fan following. Tobias is a massive star on Instagram.

Both his parents are uploading about their child, and it seems he is super popular among the fans. His father appears to be uploading more frequently about their son. You will find tons of Tobias's pics on his father's insta page @nikokhale. His mother is also not hesitant to show her love for him through her insta page @keyshiacole.

There is also a Tobias page on the platform, and it's super popular. The page is @tobiaskhale. Although, it is unknown if the page of the famous kid is handled by someone else or his parents since he is too young to be using social media himself.

His Mother Is Cellibating For Him

The Playa Cardz Right singer Keyshia made news among the fans when she announced that she would be doing celibacy. She let the fans know through her Twitter as her tweet read:

I'm tackling celibacy this entire next year.

The following year means it will be 2022. Keyshia said that she was doing it for her son, Tobias. Her son is still growing, and she wants to give her whole love and attention to him.


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