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Actor (1974)
Thu Jun 30 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Tobias Menzies

Ex-girlfriend : Kristin Scott Thomas
Tobias Menzies is in a relationship with Kristin Scott Thomas.

Tobias Menzies stepped in the entertainment industry as an active theater actor who played in a famous drama such as The History Boys, Three Sister, Hamlet, and The Relief Of Belsen. He started his professional career from 2010 drama, A Nice Little Holiday. Later on, he was cast in BBC drama Serious Money

Tobias was born on 7 March 1974 in North London, England 1974 Between 1993-1994  Menzies attended the Deborah Moody's Year Out Drama Company in Stratford-Upon. During that time he was at the Royal Academy in Dramatic Art, studying a BA degree in acting.

In addition, the 46-years-old English actor raised to fame from his role in HBO's Rome and Game of Thrones where he appeared alongside actors like Richard Madden and Kate Dickie. In the third and forthcoming fourth season of Netflix's iconic original series The Crown, Menzies plays Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Is Tobias Menzies Married?

Evidently, Tobias is one of the actors who prefers to keep his personal life out of media focus. It's been a long time Tobias is not spotted with any actress or lady who could be his girlfriend or wife. Scrolling his social media, he seems to be single and leading a bachelor life.

Tobias Menzies at the golden globe. He is currently single
Image: Tobias Menzies at the Golden Globes 
Source: UPI

Furthermore, he kept things quite far under wraps that there was a doubt as to whether or not he might be homosexual. The rumors spread out because he was never seen in a relationship with anyone for a long time. 

His Past Affair With Kristin Scott Thomas

Menzies ' reasoning for being so tight-lipped about his personal life presumably dates back to 2006 when he used to have a girlfriend. During that Menzies has an affair with the famous actress Kristin Scott Thomas

It is believed that Tobias and Kristin first meet each other while they were shooting for a series known As You Desire Me. The couple were shooting for their series in London. At the time of their romantic affair, the pair got mushed into a controversy as well. 

Tobias Menzies and Kristen Scott Thomas in a movie scene
Picture: Kristin Scott Thomas and Tobias Menzies 
Source: The Guardian

Tobias was dating a person who was already married. Kristin was in a marital relationship with Francois Olivennes. It is also reported that, due to that incident, Tobias got much better in keeping his personal life a secret. Kristin and Francois got a divorce due to her affair with Tobias as per reports.

Furthermore, it's been unclear how the love life between Tobias and Kristin tore apart. So far both of them has not officially disclosed the reason behind their breakups.

What is the Net Worth of Tobias?

The crown Prince of Hollywood has featured in many movies and TV series so far. Through his acting career, he has earned an enormous amount of wealth and fame. He has an estimated net worth of around $1 million as per 2020.

He was cast in many Hollywood hits like Carmilla, The Valvet Abstract, Black Sea, and Hysteria where he must have earned between $200,000 to $250,000 which is a medium-range wage of Hollywood actors.

Image: Tobias And His Lavish Car
Image: Tobias And His Lavish Car
Source: Getty Image

Even though the actor keeps his personal life private, with such a wealth, he might be living a decent lifestyle. The actor owns lavish car which price might be around $50,000 to $100,000

He is living in London which is one of the most expensive city in the world. The average income to survive in London is at $53,422, so Tobias is surely earning more than that as of now.


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