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Thu Apr 01 2021
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Takahiro Moriuchi is the lead vocalist, lyricist, and composer of the famous Japanese rock band One Ok Rock which debuted in 2007. Professionally known as Taka, he was listed at number 27 by Kerrang Magazine in 2017 on their list of the "50 Greatest Rockstar in the World." 

Taka was born in 1988 in Tokyo to famous Japanese singers Masako Mori and Shinichi Mori. He grew up with his two younger siblings Tomohiro Moriuchi and Hiroki Moriuchi. All of the siblings are involved in the music industry and doing great with their respective bands. 

Takahiro Moriuchi's Net Worth As of 2021 

Takahiro Moriuchi began his music career at the age of thirteen with the band "NEWS," but later, he left to focus on his studies in 2004. Later he was invited by guitarist Toru Yamashita to "One Ok" Band, which established a stable career path for Moriuchi.

Takahiro Moriuchi net worth as of 2021, it is estimated to be $500,000.

Japanese artist Moriuchi enjoys a six-figure net worth.
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Talking about Moriuchi's net worth as of 2021, it is estimated to be $500,000, as per reliable sources. His main earnings are solely from his music career. However, sources claim that Taka also generates some greens from sponsorships. 

Taka has almost 3 million followers on his Instagram account, so it is natural for him to get calls from several renowned companies for endorsement.

Takahiro Moriuchi's Relationship Status As of 2021 

Despite Taka's popularity, he somehow managed to keep his love life under the sheets. There is no information on his romantic relationship as of now; thus, it is safe to say he is currently single. 

Moriuchi is all focused on his music career, which might not give him much time to be in a relationship. However, he happened to have been involved in many relationships previously. 

Takahiro Moriuchi is single as of 2021.

One Ok Rock vocalist Takahiro Moriuchi is single.
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Talking about his past relationship, Taka dated Japanese model/actress Suzuki Emi. The former duo was spotted walking together in June 2008. The pair met with each other through their mutual friends and eventually became close with each other. Though the relationship was going smoothly, the lovely couple decided to part ways on mutual understandings. 

After parting his ways with Emi, Takahiro was rumored to have another girlfriend named Rola; however, it turns out they were only good friends. Taka himself confirmed the news after many commotions were revolving around. In addition to this, media persons also saw him hanging out with Mai Asada, the Japanese figure skater. 

Takahiro Moriuchi's Personal Information 

Takahiro Moriuchi akak Taka was born on April 17, 1988, in Tokyo, Japan. Being the eldest son of famous Japanese singers Masako Mori and Shinichi Mori, he was raised with his other two younger siblings Tomohiro Moriuchi and Hiroki Moriuchi. The artist later changed his last name into Morita from Moriuchi as his parents got separated in 2005. 

Takahiro Moriuchi akak Taka was born on April 17, 1988, in Tokyo, Japan.

Taka will be 33 years old on April 17 this year.
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Talking about his educational background, Takahiro, 32, completed his elementary studies in Keio Elementary School and graduated in March 2001. Similarly, for middle school, he joined Keio Middle School and passed his high school from Keio High School as well in April 2004.

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