Takahiro Moriuchi

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Singer, Lyricist, Composer (1988)
Mon Mar 27 2023
By   Selena

If you guys listen to Japanese songs then you must be familiar with the famous rock band, One Ok Rock?  Alright, today's article discusses Takahiro Moriuchi, professionally known as Taka, who is the band's lead vocalist, lyricist, and composer. Prior to this, he used to work in a boyband News in 2003 and also in a band named Chivalry of Music in 2004.

Moriuchi Takahiro was born on 17 April 1988 to the superstar's singers, Masako Mori and Shinichi Mori. He also has two younger siblings Tomohiro Moriuchi, who works on TV Tokyo, and Hiroki Moriuchi, the lead singer of the band MY FIRST STORY. In 2005, due to his parents' divorce, he changed his last name from Moriuchi (森内to Morita (森田).

Who is Takahiro Moriuchi's Girlfriend?

The good looking hunk doesn't seem to have a girlfriend as of now. He'd dated some beautiful ladies though in the past, then let's talk about his past love affairs.

Takahiro Moriuchi had a love affair with japanese model / actress Suzuki Emi
Picture: Takahiro Moriuchi with his friends
Source: Facebook 

32, Moriuchi spotted walking along a shopping area with Japanese model/actress Suzuki Emi together in June 2008. Then rumors flared up. At the end of last year in 2007, Takahiro and his ex-girlfriend, Emi, 34 met through their mutual friends.

Previous to this, when Morita was in Johnny's Jr, they knew each other from behind. A the same concert, Emi had invited too. Instead, they became friends and they went out together to eat. In addition, the pair often were seen hanging out okonomiyaki place near the club where OOR works.

More surprisingly, 1.68 tall composers even introduced Emi to his dad, Masako. But later, after dating for a few years they got break up.

Dating Rumors with Rola, Model  from Japan 

And fans have extensively discussed the news about Taka's closeness to a beautiful crossbreed model called Rola. In December 2016 the couple started dating each other. At first, the singer posted an enjoyable photo at an evening party with his friends, where he was seen giving hug to his rumored girlfriend.

One Ok Rock's lead vocalist, Takahiro Moriuchi has dated beautiful crossbreed model called Rola
Caption: Takahiro Moriuchi with Rola
Source: Aramajapan

Akibar from the couple's one video, made several fans of One Ok Rock launch a vicious attack on Rola, and sent spam from their various social media profiles. The commotion caused Taka to speak on the matter himself. He schedules an official meeting saying he was not in a relationship with Rola.

But, it didn't stop Rola and Taka from developing their friendship in spite of the commotion. Often, they appear on social media accounts of each other, take pictures together and post them to their Instagram.

Overnight Date with Mai Asada (Mao Asada’s older sister) 

 ONE OK ROCK’s Taka and the Japanese figure skater, Mai Asada has been seen spending the night. They were together in a group of four in Roppongi on 8 April at 7 pm. But later the two took a taxi to a private spa and spent three hours at the spa.

 Takahiro Moriuchi was seen with  Mai Asada  (Mao Asada’s older sister) at Hotel
Image: Takahiro Moriuchi was seen with  Mai Asada  (Mao Asada’s older sister) at Hotel
Source: Pingjapan

The couple then took a further taxi to Taka's house. Mai, 31, was seen leaving Taka's home at 10 am the next day. One reporter asked if the two of them were dating to which she only replied "Sorry" and got into a taxi immediately.

What is Takahiro Moriuchi's Net worth? 

The Keio Elementary School's graduated, Takahiro Moriuchi has summed up a very good number of fortune without a doubt from his singing career. He has estimated net worth of $500,000, however, it hasn't been officially confirmed yet. Not only this personality, but Japanese celebrities like Rui Hachimura and Tatsuomi Hamada has also gained quite a sum from their profession.

With his band, ONE OK ROCK, Moriuchi has been releasing multiple songs since 2005. Including his three group mates called Toru (vocals, guitar), Ryota (bass), and Tomoya (drums) he has also been on several tours. So, as a lead vocalist, Taka has gained a hefty amount of payment.

ONE OK ROCK's band members Taka (vocals), Toru (vocals, guitar) , Ryota (bass) , Tomoya (drums)
Photo: ONE OK ROCK's band members Taka (vocals), Toru (vocals, guitar), Ryota (bass), Tomoya (drums)
Source: Instagram 

In 2017, Kerrang, The magazine placed Moriuch at number 27 on their list of '50 Greatest Rockstars in the World. Rock Sound magazine also named him as one of '50 Most Influential Figures in Rock. Some of his singles include I Keep It Inside, Dreamer; Perfect Sensation, The Beginning,  3xxxv5, Taking Off and among others.

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