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Actress (1958)
Thu Jul 14 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Toni Catalano

Ex-husband : Donald Petrie
Toni Catalano first married to Donald Petrie and later they separated.
Ex-husband : Michael Anderson
Toni Catalano married to Michael Anderson after her first marriage and later they divorce.

Many actresses and actors pursued their careers in the acting industry because of their parent's footprints. Similarly, the rising star, Toni Catalano, is an American actress who is known as the daughter of late actor and model, Guy Williams and Janice Cooper. Not only as of the daughter of Williams, but she has made a name for herself through her acting skills shown in series such as General Hospital.

The prominent actress, Toni, was born in May 1958 in California, the USA. Furthermore, she belongs to white ethnicity, and her nationality is white. Please read the further article to know about her personal life.

Toni Catalano Was Married Twice

The daughter of Guy Williams, Toni, is a divorced woman as of 2020. She was previously married to two men and parted with both of them. The blonde actress has not revealed anything concerning her two marriages to the public whatsoever.

The only thing that is known is her first husband's name was Donald Petrie, and the second husband was a guy named Michael Anderson, with whom she shares a child whose identity is unknown until now. Moreover, she is a dog lover and owns a dog named Mr. Mick, which is of Beagle breed.

Toni with her current probable boyfriend
Image: Toni's probable boyfriend
Source: Instagram (@toniwilliamsz)

Reportedly, she uploaded a picture with a mysterious man on her Instagram who could be her new boyfriend as fans speculation. Besides her love life, she loves to spend time with her family and friends. She often uploads pictures of the quality time spent with her friends on the beach and parties on her Instagram.

Toni Catalano's Parent's (Guy Williams And Janice Cooper)

Toni is the second child of celebrity couple, Guy and Janice. Her father was a handsome hunk who met Janice Cooper during one of his modeling gigs. To be exact, the two met in 1948 in an extended filming trip. Not to mention, Janice Cooper (her mother) accompanied Guy as she was also a beautiful John Robert Powers model.

Toni's parent's Guy and Janice
Picture: Toni's father, Guy Williams, and mother, Janice Cooper
Source: Pinterest

Right after encountering each other, they fell in love. After returning from to New York City after the trip, they tied the knot on 8 December 1948 in front of their friends and relatives. The couple had two kids, Guy Steven Catalano, who is the older brother of Toni and actor by profession. Later in 1983, her parents parted their ways.

Toni's father passed away at the age of 65 in Argentina on 30 April 1989. According to death reports, the cause of his death was a brain aneurysm. 

How Much Does Toni Catalano Earns?

According to Salary, the average yearly income of an actor and actress is $56,821. However, the salary ranges of actors and actresses vary on essential factors, which includes education, skills, and experience. 

It has been over 40 years of her career in the acting industry, and she has contributed the showbiz industry with many hit series and movies such as General Hospital, where she starred alongside Ignacio Serricchio. So, surely she must be earning over $100,000 per year. Similarly, Toni's net worth is estimated at around $1 Million as of now.

Besides her earnings and net worth, her late father, Guy's fortune, was $1 Million at the time of his death, which was similar to the 90s actor, Sam Jaeger. She might have inherited a portion of his net worth.

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