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Fri Jul 07 2023
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Tracy Romulus is a business associate and chief Brand Marketing officer of KKW Brands, owned by Kim Kardashian. She has been a key player in the success of these brands by making several strategic policies.

Did you know Romulus is a close friend of Kim Kardashian West? Yes, not only as business associates but Tracy has personal relationships with the American media personality.

Who Is Tracy Romulus Married To? Know Romulus Husband

Tracy Romulus is successful in both professional and personal life. The celebrity businesswoman is married to Ray Romulus in 2014. Love is in the air for them and the wedded pair does not feel shy to flaunt it on social media.

Tracy Romulus and her husband Ray Romulus  in red outfit
Tracy Romulus and her husband Ray Romulus in red outfits. Source: Instagram @tracyromulus

Tracy and Ray mirrored each other in hues of violet and deep purple on their special day. Romulus's wedding was attended by several close friends and families.

KKW's chief brand officer frequently shares a glimpse of her romantic life. Romulus is pretty sure about her relationship and has posted a picture with the caption:

"My forever date 🧡"

Speaking of Tracy's husband, Ray, is a music producer. He is also one of the owners of Stereotypes.

Tracy Romulus Kids: KKW's Chief Brand Officer Is The Mother Of Three!

God blessed Tracy Romulus with three healthy kids like Sutton Stracke. Romulus could not be happier as she is the mother of two daughters and one son. 

The firstborn child of Tracy is Ryan Romulus who was introduced in May 2012. She is an artistic person who has a knack for oil painting. 

Tracy Romulus posted a family picture on her Instagram on Christmas
Tracy Romulus posted a family picture on her Instagram on Christmas. Source: Instagram @tracyromulus

Similarly, Remi Romulus was born in November 2015. Like Tracy, her second kid, Remi is a fashionista and loves to try out new styles. 

Speaking of Tracy and Ray's youngest child and only son, Raf has been gaining attention with his cuteness. This young gentleman was born in February 2018.  

The doting parents, Tacy and Ray, are often seen spending time with their children. Despite their busy lives, the husband-wife duo visits beautiful places and engages in fun activities with three children.

Kim Kardashian and Tracy Romulus's daughter are bestfriends too.
Kim Kardashian and Tracy Romulus's daughter are best friends too. Source: Instagram @tracyromulus

Kim Kardashian's daughter, North West, and Tracy's children are close friends. Celebrity kids are often seen together.

Kim recently shared the children singing a Disney song in the back seat of a car. Furthermore, on Ryan's ninth birthday, she invited North to join the celebration.

Tracy Romulus Bio/Wiki: Know Age, Parents & Early Life

Tracy Romulus was born in an Indonesian refugee camp on December 18, 1979. Romulus's parents are Sang Nguyen and Thanh Khac Tran. Later Tracy and her mother fled from Vietnam amid the war and went to the United States.

Tracy Romulus is very close to her younger sister Tina Thao
Tracy Romulus is very close to her younger sister Tina Thao. Source: Instagram @tracyromulus

The six-year-old Romulus and her mother settled in Olympic, Washington. While growing up in the United States, she was fascinated by the fashion and glamour world/

Thus, Tracy decided to be a part of it. For this, the 5 ft 8 inches tall Romulus studied fashion design and graduated with a bachelor's degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. 

Insight Tracy Romulus Sister

The media personality, Tracy Romulus grew up with her sister, Tina Thao. She is a graphic designer and traveling enthusiast.

Tracy Romulus with her mother Sang Nguyen and sister Tina Thao.
Tracy Romulus with her mother Sang Nguyen and sister Tina Thao. Source: Instagram @tinaromulus

Tina has described herself as a foodie who has a weakness for all sweet things. Additionally, the celebrity sister is a nature lover.

One thing Romulus cares about most is her family. She often spends time with them. Tracy even shared a picture with her sister and mother with the caption:

"family time is the best time 🙏🏽"

Tracy Romulus Net Worth: Real Estates, Earnings & Car Collections

Kim Kardashian's publicist, Romulus is known for her extravagant lifestyle and richness. She boats her wealthy life on her Instagram. But what is Tracy Romulus Net Worth? Also, how much does she make from her business? This has been on people's lips for a long time.

Tracy Romulus's net worth is estimated at $3 Million same as Alabama Luella Barker. She is the president and Chief Executive Officer at The Beauty Health Company. Furthermore, the media personality has worked alongside Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kanye West.

Tracy Romulus and Ray Romulus lives a rich lifestyle.
Tracy Romulus and Ray Romulus lives a rich lifestyle. Source: Instagram @tracyromulus

Currently, Romulus is a chief brand officer at KKW Brands owned by her billionaire friend Kim. She makes around $400k per year as a salary. With all this fortune, Tracy has added some properties to her name. Speaking of her husband, Ray Romulus has a net worth of $5 Million.

Tracy Romulus's house must be located in Los Angelos as she is currently residing there. Besides this, the social media star has not given any information regarding her house and car collections.

Tracy Romulus & Kim Kardashian Are More Than Business Associates

Romulus and Kardashian are very close to each other. Not just a business associate but, Kim and Tracy are best friends. People often see them hanging out.

Tracy and Kim met in 2006 when she opened her own company PR. Ever since, she featured in Keeping Up with Kardashians. 

Tracy Romulus and Kim Kardashian met in 2006.
Tracy Romulus and Kim Kardashian met in 2006. Source: Instagram @tracyromulus

Romulus also has a good relationship with another Kardashian sister. Similarly, Kim's former husband and Romulus's husband are good friends too. Ray is a music producer of Ye music which is owned by Kanye.

The four often went on double dates while Kim and Kanye were still a couple. Likewise, Tracy and Kim's children are best friends too. Despite all this, the American singer West did not admire Romulus much.

Kanye West Don't Like Tracy Romulus

Did you know? Kanye West does not like Romulus much. In an interview, West says;

"And then they have people all around in my wife’s ear, you know what I’m saying? It’s the publicist that’s next to her – I don’t f**k with her.”

Also, West said Tracy to stop manipulating Kim when she was supporting North West to be on TikTok.  The American singer has also blamed Romulus as one of the reasons for his divorce from Kardashian.




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