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Actor (1987)
Tue May 24 2022
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Tramell Tillman is a well-renowned American actor who is further popular as an Instagram star. He is best known as Seth Milchic in the 2022 television series, Severance.

Furthermore, he is also admired for his heart-melting acts in Godfather of Harlem, Difficult People, and Elementary.

Where is Tillman From?

The Difficult People actor Tillman is originally from Largo, Maryland in the United States. He was born there on 15th June 1987. 

Largo is a city that is located in Maryland in Florida. According to the 2020 census, the total population of this city is 11,633.

Early Life

Tramell is the youngest child in his house. There were five elder kids in his family born before him. Difficult People actor was shy as a youngster.

Tramell was raised by his parents in his hometown. Moreover, he was also nurtured by his uncles and aunts. He and his cousins used to show talents on different occasions in front of their guardians. that's how he began performing what he felt.

Parents Details

Hunters actor Tillman has not revealed much about his parental details. Their names and professional lives are still behind the curtains.

However, he says that they are the reasons behind his every success. His first act or rather say the play was successful just because of his parents.

Career Outset 

Elementary actor Tillman was just ten years old when he started acting. Ever before he faced the camera, he was engaged in theatre plays. Due to his parents' order, he did his first play despite he did not want to do it.

Tramell Tillman in a white woolen shirt and grey pants.
Photo of Tramell Tillman while leaning on a balcony (Source: [email protected])

In 2015, he moved from theatre to cinema. He made his debut in the 2015 TV series, Difficult People. He has portrayed Good Samaritan in this series.

Educational Qualification

Tillman completed his alma mater at Jackson State University. He studied there Mass Communications and graduated in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Science with honors.

Further, he attended the University of Tennessee and graduated from there in 2014 with a Master's Degree in Fine Arts. With that, he became the first Afro-American to graduate from that program.

IMDb Profile

Tillman has got an IMDb page on his name. He has earned six credits as an actor and two more as self.

He has mostly acted in television series than big-screen movies and short films. Moreover, his profile consists of some of his photos.

Physical Appearance

Tramell Tillman has dark black eyes that perfectly match his short trimmed coily hair. Furthermore, he has a long face shape.

Tramell Tillman in a white shirt and black coat.
A picture of Tramell Tillman (Source: [email protected])

Moreover, Tillman is 5 ft and 7 inches (172 cm), however, his weight and body type are yet to be updated.

Is Tillman Married?

Tramell Tillman is not married yet, he is still living a single life. Further, he has never been married before, nor was ever divorced.

Moreover, there is no recent news that Tramell has any plans for his engagement or marriage.

Past Relationships

Tramell Tillman always turns introverted whenever it comes to his dating history and past relationships. Further, he is not dating anyone at present.

Additionally, his onscreen matchups are yet to be updated. Therefore, he is not only single in his real-life but also unromantic in his reel life.

Tillman in Severance

Severance is a hit television series that was released on 18th February 2022. Each of the episodes has a duration of fifty-five minutes. This series has been rated 8.7 out of 10 on IMDb.

Severance is directed by Dan Erickson and has starred actors like Adam Scott, Zach Cherry, and Britt Lower. Additionally, you may also want to know about Diane Alexander and Jason Warrior.

A Short Talk About Tillman's Hairdos

Tillman loves playing with his hair. Even though he has changed his hairstyle to a short trim, he used to have somehow long hair until the year 2020. He has also posted many pictures of different hairstyles on his Instagram profile.

Tramell Tillman in nine different hairdos.
Photo of Tramell Tillman's Hairstyles (Source: [email protected])

He sometimes used to part his hair in an undercut style while he also used to opt for cornrows, the Baltimore, locks, and even braids.

Net Worth

Tramell Tillman has a total net worth of $1.5 million ensued from his acting vocation. Moreover, his wealth includes his salaries, wages, income from social media platforms, and other assets.

The annual salary of Tillman is over $40 thousand. He is living a luxurious life in New York City.

Has Wikipedia Page

The American actor Tramell owns a Wikipedia page too. The page consists of his educational details, profession, personal life, and years active.

Moreover, his acting (both theatre and television) history has also been presented in an organized way. Some of his theatres acts mentioned there are Carmen Jones, The Great Society, and Good Night, Oscar.

First Painting

Hunters actor Tillman is fond of painting and is indeed a creative painter. On 5th January 2019, he made a post showing his first painting on his Instagram. He had painted a man walking on a path in the middle of a colorful forest.

Tramell Tillman in a red-lack check shirt and painting apron holding his first beautiful painting.
Photo of Tramell Tillman's Painting (Source: [email protected])

He was painting together with Charles White, Kerry James Marshall, and Madeline at the Painting Lounge in Harlem.


God Father of Harlem actor Tillman is an extreme swimming lover. He has also shared some snaps on his Instagram account. For most of his leisure time, Tramell goes swimming.

Moreover, he loves to have a closeness with natural water bodies rather than swimming pools.

Interview With Tillman

Tillman's interviews have been presented on different websites. One of them is His interview on this site is focused on nearly all of his life stories. 

Tramell has described his childhood, how he began his acting journey, and his education. According to him, he initially wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon but as he did not like Chemistry, he took a transfer to Jackson State from Xavier University and studied mass communications.

Movies & Series

Tramell has acted in several TV series. However, he has not worked in any movies. Some of his TV series are presented in the following table:

S.N. TV SeriesRolesReleased years
2.HuntersDetective Sommers2020
3.God Father of HarlemBobby Robinson2019
4.ElementaryDetective Ocasio2019

Loves Hanging Out With Friends

Dietland actor Tillman loves to be in his friend circle. He always separates time to hang out with his friends. He even attends get-togethers and parties with his friends.

Tramell Tillman in a red and black check shirt smiling with his friends.
Photo of Tramell Tillman with his friends (Source: [email protected])

Recently, he attended Good Night Oscar's premier along with his crew and friends. 

Social Media

Tramell Tillman is available on different social media platforms. He has got accounts on the sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Tillman keeps on updating his fans about his everyday life activities. Further, he is very friendly with his fans and followers.

Active on Instagram

Tillman is followed by nearly 7k adherents on his Instagram profile. He goes by the username @tramell.tillman.

Furthermore, he is currently following more than 1k people and has a total post of 300.

Active on Twitter

Tramell is also present on Twitter with the profile name @TramellTillman. In comparison with his activity on Instagram, Tillman is not much active on Twitter. he has made nearly 500 posts only.

However, his fans are equally increasing on Twitter too. He is followed by more than 4.5k people. Tillman joined Twitter in March 2016.

Tillman The Storyteller

Besides acting Tillman is also a good storyteller. He has a unique quality to connect with his audience instantly. Tramell leaves an impression wherever he goes.

His live theatre performances have honed him so extensively that his ability to face the mass and create a bond with them

Extra Information Of Tramell 

Tillman is one of the members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. This organization also includes great more people like Keenen Ivory Wayans and Lionel Richie.

.This is a non-profit organization that works on the promotion of fraternity throughout the world.

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