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Tue May 09 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Trever O'Brien

Wife : Jennifer Castelli
Trever O'Brien married Jennifer Castelli in 2008.

Trever O'Brien is an American celebrity who is popular among the people as an actor. He was born on January 19, 1984, in Newport Beach, California, USA. 

O'Brien gained fame and recognization because of his incredible acting skills as he portrayed fantastic roles in movies like GridironIn Time, and Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace.

O'Brien Is Married To Jennifer Castelli

Trever O'Brien enjoys a healthy relationship with his beloved wife, Jennifer Castelli. They have been living together for more than fourteen years.

Picture of Trever O'Brien, his wife Jeniffer Castelli and their lovely children
Picture of Trever O'Brien, his wife Jeniffer Castelli, and their lovely children (Image Source: GoFundMe)

The lovely couple, Trevor and Jeniffer exchanged their vows on February 24, 2008, in the presence of their family members, close friends, and news channels. 

Furthermore, the love birds appear to be enjoying each other company as they have been holding hands for several years without any internal conflicts. 

Brien Shares Two Lovely Children With His Wife 

The love birds O'Brien and Jennifer are blessed with two beautiful children and are currently spending quality time with their children. They first became parents when they gave birth to a lovely daughter named Audrey Taylor

After some years of Taylor's birth, the charming couple again got the opportunity to become a parent of one more lovely child. However, their second child's identity is still behind the curtains as they have not disclosed it. 

It seems that the love birds want their children to live low-key lives and enjoy their childhood to the fullest without any disturbance. 

Family Background

O'Brien had a fantastic childhood because of his lovable parents. He was born to his father, Dan O'Brien, and his mother, Valerie O'Brien. Unfortunately, his both parents have already left the world due to aging.  

Picture of Trever O'Brien's father Dan O'Brien
Picture of Trever O'Brien's father Dan O'Brien (Image Source: Dignity Memorial)

Furthermore, he was born as one of his parents' three children. He spent most of his childhood with his two siblings, Austin O'Brien, and Amanda O'Brien. Both of them are renowned American actors, just like their brother Trever. 

How Rich Is Trever O'Brien?

Mr. Murphy actor O'Brien has accumulated $2 million, establishing himself as a millionaire actor. He made a massive fortune through his successful career as an actor. 

Besides this, he has also made tremendous money through brand endorsements and TV commercials. He is also rumored to make his bank balance stronger by getting paid millions of dollars for his upcoming movies just like Alida Morberg.

Without a doubt, O'Brien has been living a wealthy life because of his hard work and dedication. He also shares his parents' wealth which is around $3 million, with his brother. 

O'Brien's Role In Dodgeball Has a Story

It might be shocking to hear that Lying for a Living actor O'Brien did not go the audition for Dodgeball; instead, he was offered the role of Derek by Ben Stiller, one of the actors in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

Picture of Ben Stiller wearing formal dress
Picture of Ben Stiller (Image Source: Pinkvilla)

In a recent interview, O'Brien stated that Stiller personally came to his home to ask him to play the role of Derek. When asked about the reasons behind this, he said he did not know. 

Furthermore, Stiller was also asked about these shocking activities, but he did not utter a single word. 

Academic Qualifications 

Regarding O'Brien's educational background, he was a graduate of Orange County High School of the Arts in 2002. Before Orange County, he studied at Newport Harbor High School for three years. 

After graduating high school, he went to Azusa Pacific University for higher studies. He joined that university in December 2002. The interesting fact is during O'Brien's high school; he was transferred to Orange County from Newport Harbor. 

Movies & TV Series 

Trever O'Brien is a renowned American actor who has been in Hollywood since 1992. Since then, he has made a long journey by appearing in many popular TV series and movies. 

O'Brien's notable movies include The Midas Touch, Motocrossed, HomeComing, In TimeKill Theory, Five, and Mr. Murphy. His most famous movie is Dodgeball

Besides moves, he has also impressed US audiences by appearing in TV series like Lying for a LivingGrey's Anatomy AwkwardCSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Nowhere Man.

Did You Know Trevor Has Won Young Artist Awards Twice?

Well, O'Brien has been honored twice with one of the most prestigious awards named the "Young Artist Awards." He was able to achieve that due to his notable acting. 

He first won the ''Young Artist Award'' in 1997 for his unique portrayal in What Love Sees, whereas he won it again in 2002 for his appearance in Motocross

Know O'Brien's Physical Outlook 

Similar in height to Mandela Van Peebles, O'Brien is a good-looking man who stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm), weighing around 70 kg (154 lbs) which is suitable for his size. 

Regarding his physical appearance, he has fair skin, beautiful brown eyes with short blonde hair. Additionally, he is very popular among the girls for his good looks and impressive height. 

Is O'Brien Active On Social Media? 

Strangely, Kill Theory actor Trever O'Brien does not have any profile on social media as he is one of the most famous American actors. It seems that he does not enjoy getting in the limelight. 

Childhood Picture of Trever O'Brien
Childhood Picture of Trever O'Brien (Image Source: Boy Actors)

However, we can find numerous fake accounts having the name of O'Brien, which could have been created by one of his fans. As of this writing, he is not fond of social media just like Sue-Lynn Ansari.

Owns More Than Ten Pets 

O'Brien is a certified pet lover since he owns more than ten pets. Most of his pets are dogs. He once stated in an interview that he loves spending time with his pet and tries to understand their language. 

He loves animals so much that, in 1995, he brought two street dogs to America from Romania. When asked about this, he said he got them to take care of them as they were suffering a lot there. 

Furthermore, O'Brien bought a French bulldog on April 24, 2009. He has named his dog Futher Mucker. They are often seen together in the American streets. 

IMDb Profile Info 

Like other American actors, Nowhere Man actor O'Brien has an impressive IMDb profile with more than thirty-three acting credits. His IMDb profile also consists of five producing credits, two additional credits, and one self-credit. 

Besides that, his IMDb profile includes his mini bio, movies, TV series, family details, and many more. According to IMDb, he made his debut appearance in 1992 by playing the role of Mark Finkbine in A Private Matter


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