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Thu Feb 09 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Troy Landry

Wife : Bernita Landry
Troy Landry exchange the wedding vows with Bernita Landry.

Born on June 9, 1960, Troy Landry is one of the most well-known and fearless alligator hunters in the Bayou, also known as the "King of the Swamp." He is a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana.

In the alligator season that lasts only for a short period of 30 days in the swamps, Troy is the one to thrive on business, running boats with his sons and a host of family and friends. With a record of tags more than any other swamper, he helps to control the population of Alligators.

King of the Swamps, Troy Landry.
Troy Landry from Swamp People. Source: swamppeoplecast

Family Background

Troy is the son of the couple Duffy Landry and Myrtle Landry. His father is a fisherman and seafood distributor. He grew up with his brother Bubba Landry in a family with an ancestry of crocodile hunters, moss peddlers, trappers, shrimpers, and lumberjacks in Louisiana.

Being passed down from generation he had to learn to hunt and continue the family business from an early age. Troy is the fifth generation to have a business in alligator hunting. 

Rumors About Landry's Death: What Was The Actual Case? 

Once there were rumors of the death of Troy Landry. The fans of Swamp People were swept by the news of his Death. However, the rumors were all false. Fortunately, our beloved alligator hunter is still alive and good.

Troy Landry killing alligators
Alligators killed by Troy Landry. Source: Chootem

The reason for this rumor was the death of a man who shared a similar name and was also from Louisiana. The death of this man caused an uproar among the people without even searching for the truth.

Still, it is true that Troy suffered from prostate cancer. But now he is recovered and home. His son, Jacob Landry updated the news with a video post on Facebook. He said: 

"Each day he's been getting better and better. They removed his prostate. Everything looks good, got the lab work back, and they think they got everything out."

How Rich Is Troy Landry? 

It is only obvious that the man who risks his life for a living must earn quite a hefty sum. So, the alligator hunter turned television personality becoming a millionaire is not surprising. 

Along with Landry's affiliation with the History Network, he is also one of the largest fish distributors in his hometown Louisiana. As per said above, he also makes around $25,000 per episode and he has already been featured in over a hundred episodes. With all this, the reported net worth of Troy stands at $3 Million.

Swamp People 

The show "Swamp People" on the History channel captured the moments of hunters during the alligator season was premiered on the 22nd of August, 2010. Troy and his family were the chosen ones for the series among other many more alligator-hunting families.

Since the beginning of the series, a total of nine seasons have been aired with Troy making most of the appearances. According to what we've found, he has starred in a total of 107 episodes.

Rifles Used By Landry

It is obvious that hunters use different rifles while hunting. Likewise, Troy uses various rifles in his search for alligators. One of the rifles that he uses is a bolt action gun named Mark II FV-SR Landry. 

The estimated market price of the model is $461. Troy has also been seen using a Model 93 FV-SR which has a detachable box magazine.

Alligator Hunter Troy Is Married To Bernita Landry 

Troy Landry is happily married to Bernita Landry. The hunter married his wife on 26 September 1981. As of now, the romantic couple has welcomed their two sons. He is also the stepfather to Brandon Landry. 

Troy Landry and Bernita Landry
Troy Landry and his wife Bernita Landry. Source: Outsider

As of now, the lovely couple is residing in a wooden house that they have built on their own. As per the couple, this is also their dream house. 

In addition, Troy and Bernita are still enjoying their married relationship and luckily, there are not any signs of their separation. According to sources, Landry's wife, Bernita went to Patterson High School and used to work as a teller at Patterson State Bank. 

Troy Has Two Biological Sons & One Step-Son

Aside from his stepson Brandon, Troy shares two sons with his wife, Bernita. All of his children have chosen to continue their family business which is dear to their father. 

Brandon Landry: Step-Son of Troy 

Brandon Landry is the son of Bernita from her relationship before Landry. There was also a rumor stating the death of Brandon Landry during one of the family adventures.

Brandon Landry
Brandon Landry in Swamp People. Source: Facebook

Well, just like Landry's rumor, rumors regarding the death of Brandon are also a misunderstanding. A similar thing happened to Brandon. A man with a similar name based on a similar place died. But it wasn't the son of Troy and Bernita.

Jacob Landry: First-Born Child Of Troy 

Troy and his partner, Bernita welcomed his first biological son, Jacob Landry on 27 December 1983, in Pierre Part, Louisiana. He is the captain of the second ship of the Landry family and has appeared in over 50 episodes of the Swamp People.

Jacob Landry along with his wife Lyndsi  Landry
Jacob Landry with his wife Lyndsi Landry. Source: thecelebsinfo

With his interest in filmmaking alongside alligator hunting, Jacob has worked as an assistant director on the horror drama film “Paranormal Extremes: Text Messages from the Dead”. Jacob is married to Lyndsi Landry with whom he has two children.

Chase Landry: Youngest Son of Troy 

The youngest son of the Landry family is Chase Landry. He was born in 1989. Not only did he choose to continue the family business, but he has also made it his only interest. Chase has also been featured in over 50 episodes since the beginning of the show.

Chase is also married and has one child. But the identity and information of his wife and child have not been shared with the public.

Chase Landry
Chase Landry in Swamp People. Source: HIstory Channel

Social Standing

Troy Landry is a recognized alligator hunter and television personality. He has gained quite a good social standing with his hunting skills. Over the years, he has earned a lot of followers with his career in hunting. 

His official Twitter account has over 61.2k followers under the username @TroyLandry. Similarly, he also uses Instagram under the username @troylandry61 with over 54.4k followers. 

In addition, most of his Instagram account is filled with his family photos. 

Landry's Sea Food House

Fans of Swamp People and Troy Landry are more than excited to learn more about Landry. He has earned a lot of well-wishers and loyal fans. With that being said, fans are thrilled to visit this Landry's Sea Food House.

Landry's Seafood House
Landry's Seafood House. Source: swamppeoplecast

Landry's Sea Food House is a chain of restaurants that is heavily featured in Swamp People and is rumored to be owned by Troy Landry. However, the news of Troy being the owner of the restaurant is falsified. But infact, a man named TIlman J. Fertitta.


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