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Thu May 18 2023
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A handful of people get popular being linked with celebrities, and Tyler Poarch is no exception. Poarch got the limelight as the ex-husband of Bella Poarch

Bella is prominently known as a Philippino-American social media star and singer. She is particularly popular worldwide for songs like Build a Bitch and Inferno, with several others on the list. 

The Married Life Of Tyler Poarch And Bellla Poarch

Tyler Poarch is the former husband of the singer and social media star Bella Poarch. They shared their marital life for almost four years before the divorce. 

Tyler Poarch with his ex-wife Bella Poarch before the divorce.
Tyler Poarch with his ex-wife Bella Poarch before the divorce. (Source: GH Gossip)

While glancing at their relationship, Bella and Tyler shared a relationship away from the public eye. Likewise, fans were shocked to learn Bella was a married woman. As such, the history of Poarch and his ex-wife was hidden from the world.

Moving forward, the ex-couple Tyelr and Bella had their marriage on January 2019. They completed an intimate wedding ceremony without throwing away a big party. Sadly, Poarch's marriage with his ex-girlfriend would not last even half a decade.

The Divorce Of Tyler Poarch and Bella Poarch

Tyler Poarch and Bella Poarch didn't have a longstanding married life. They had their divorce settled untouched by unnecessary drama or public disputes.

Bella was the one who filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Poarch, in November 2022. The reason cited for their split was the irreconcilable differences between them.

Bella requested that neither party make any spousal support payments. She also plans to retain her last name moving forward from her clause for the divorce. 

As of now, Tyler and Bella are separated from each other moving forward with their own lives. While Bella continues her social media and singing career, nothing is known about Tyler. 

Did Tyler And Bella Share Children Before Divorce? 

Although being married for almost four years, Tyler and Bella Poarch didn't share any kids. No public domains have placed the information on the topic of their kids. 

There was no mention of child custody during Tyler and Bella's divorce. So, it's clear that they haven't shared any children during their married life.

Does Tyler Share Any Romantic Relationship After Divorce?

It is not clear whether Tyler Poarch is currently in a romantic relationship. Following the divorce from Bella, he isn't seen on any media platforms and lives a private life. 

It is possible that Poarch has chosen to keep his personal life private following public attention. He may haven't engaged with someone sharing a romantic affair. 

On the other hand, Bella has stayed single and doesn't have any romantic partner. Poarch is focused on flourishing her music and social media career. 

How Much Net Worth Does Tyler Poarch Have? 

Tyler Poarch prefers to lead a life in the shadows, so his net worth remains hidden. He has maintained a private life, not sharing details of his professional life and income-generating sources. 

Tyler's ex-wife Bella Poarch has a massive net worth of $9 million, similar to Bernadette Moley. Poarch generated most of this wealth through her singing, social media career, and other works.

Bella Poarch was the brand ambassador of the tech brand Hyper X.
Bella Poarch was the brand ambassador of the tech brand Hyper X. (Source: Twitter @ HyperX)

Also, Bella earns money through sponsored content on her Instagram and Tiktok. She was the brand ambassador for Hyper X and has also been financed by Moncler, Google, and Tinder.

Bella generates money through her Youtube platform. As per Social Blade, she earns $4.1k to $66k monthly, while $49.5k to $792k yearly through her Youtube. 

Tyler's Ex-wife Real Estate And Cars: An Overview

Tyler's ex-wife Bella has invested her money into luxury cars and real estate property. She is the owner of a multi-million-dollar luxury home worth $5 million

In addition to her real estate, Bella has several luxury cars. She has purchased Porsche Panamera worth over $90k and a Land Rover Discovery that costs over $56k.

Bella also owns an Aston Martin DBX, an Audi Q8, and a Lincoln Aviator. Overall, she is an avid lover of cars and has an impressive collection of pricey cars. 

Is Tyler Active On Social Media Platforms? 

Tyler Poarch isn't on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Although a celebrity ex-husband, Poarch has opted to keep his personal life private. 

The Instagram post was shared by Tyler Poarch's ex-wife Bella Poach.
The Instagram post was shared by Tyler Poarch's ex-wife Bella Poach. (Source: Instagram @bellapoarch)

Bella Poarch's ex-husband, Tyler, may not be interested in digital platforms. He prefers to stay behind the shadow and away from the media outlets leading a low-key profile. 

Regardless, Tyler's ex-wife Bella is active on all the social sites. She is most often found active on Instagram. On IG, Poarch shares her cosplay photos, personal life, and every future update. 

The Professional Career Of Tyler Poarch

Tyler Poarch was only highlighted for being the ex-husband of Bella Poarch. Unlike his wife, Bella, he wasn't dabbled in any entertainment field or digital content creation. 

Given the lack of information about Tyler, it's hard to speculate on his professional career. His ex-wife Bella is having a successful career in the entertainment field. But the social media star's ex-husband keeps his life private. 

A Brief On Tyler's Ex-Wife Career

Bella Poarch came to fame as a Filipino-American internet star and singer. She gained the limelight through the social site Tiktok for her engaging lip-sync and entertaining content.

Bella's popularity on TikTok led to her gaining a significant following on Instagram and Twitter. Her engaging content and quirky personality have earned her millions of fans.

The Picture of Bella Poarch's music video Build A B*tch.
The Picture of Bella Poarch's music video, Build A B*tch. (Source: Instagram @ bellapoarch)

In addition to her social media success, Bella has also pursued a music career. She made her musical debut with the single Build A B*tch which has amassed millions of views on YouTube. 

Bella's other songs include INFERNO, Living Hell, and Villain. These days, she has made a name for herself in the music industry and the digital world. 

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