Tyrus and Timpf Relationship

Mon Mar 22 2021
By   Selena

Tyrus and Katherine Timpf are two stars of Fox News Radio, as a matter of fact, they host the immensely popular radio show Tyrus and Timpf, which is a weekly podcast hosted by the pair. And one of the reasons for the podcast’s immense popularity is the chemistry that the co-hosts share. 

This has led many fans to believe that Tyrus and Timpf are in a relationship. Are the co-hosts really dating? Or are they just plain old colleagues? Read below to know all that and more. 

Tyrus and Timpf’s Relationship Is Strictly Professional

Rumors are all part of being a celebrity, and this also holds true in the case of Tyrus and Timpf, the co-host pair are friends and nothing more than that as they have clarified. As a matter of fact, they have been friends since the show started. 

Tyrus and Katherine Timpf host a podcast together
Image: Tyrus and Katherine Timpf host a podcast together
Image Source: Fox News Radio

In addition to this, they have maintained a professional relationship. There is also no information to suggest that they dated in the past. 

Katherine Timpf Is Engaged!

Timpf and her long-time boyfriend Cameron Frish have been together for a number of years. They got engaged in August 2020 and are planning to get married soon. She has not revealed the exact date of their wedding. But according to various online sources, they might get married sometime in 2021. 

 Katherine Timpf and her fiance Cameron Frish
Picture: Katherine Timpf and her fiance Cameron Frish
Image Source: The Reality-TV

She announced her engagement on The Greg Gutfeld Show, she showed off her big diamond ring and joked about its size, so much so that her co-host cheekily told him to “let it go”. 

Frish is a military veteran and a frequent visitor on the set of Timpf’s show. Other than this, he is also a huge fan of NASCAR. Katherine and Cameron share a lot of pictures together on Instagram, similarly, they seem to be incredibly happy together. 

Tyrus Is Married Man, Who is His Wife?

Tyrus revealed on Twitter that he is married, in fact, he has been married to Ingrid Rinck for a very long time. In addition to this, they also have a child, a daughter, together. The couple frequently share photos together on their social media. 

Tyrus married to Ingrid and have daughter
Snap: Tyrus With his wife Ingrid and their daughter
Image Source: Twitter @Tyrus

Talking about social media, Tyrus shared a photo of them together on Twitter and said that they had been married for years. But Ingrid had never gotten a real proposal, so to make things right, he proposed to her again on April 26, 2020. The former pro-wrestler and Ingrid have also revealed that the color green symbolizes their love for each other. 

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