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Tue Feb 25 2020
By   Manish

Most people spend their fortune before investing it in the right way, but Tyrusaka George Murdoch is different to other rich people because of his act of investing first and spending what it is left over the profit. He is the man of value rather than a man of success.

Boston, MA-based political commentator, Tyrus is contributing as a panelist on The Greg Gutfeld Show and Fox News streaming channels. So, how much is Tyrus' total net worth in 2020? Let's take a sneak peek on Tyrus' fortune in the following sections.

Holds $2 Million of Net Worth

The 47-year-old TV personality, Tyrus maintains a total fortune of $2 Million as of 2020. He currently receives a fruitful salary as a political commentator at Fox News. So, his annual income might be listed in the same range of a Fox News political commentator, which is $45,696.

Tyrus is working as a commentaring with Rick Harrison on Fox News. Know about his net worth and current status.
Snap: Tyrus with his co-commentator, Rick Harrison at the Fox News set 
Source: Instagram @tyrussmash

Apart from his commentary works, Tyrus is also a successful wrestler (also known as Brodus Clay) at the WWE network. Throughout his professional wrestling career, he earned a lucrative payroll after winning many big matches in significant wrestling events.

How much is Tyrus' Longtime Partner, Ingrid Rinck's Net Value?

Just like Tyrus, his better half, Ingrid Rinck grasps a net value of $2.5 Million. Despite her total wealth, she is infamously earning an impressive salary as a master trainer for weight loss and fitness, just like Brett Hoebelwho's also helpful for fitness advisor.

Tyrus' longtime dating partner, Ingrid Rinck is running two companies related to fitness and weightloss. How much is Ingrid Rinck's net worth?
Picture: Tyrus' girlfriend, Ingrid Rinck is earning a fruitful wealth while running two companies 
Source: Instagram @tyrussmash

On the other hand, Tyrus' partner, Ingrid is the owner of FITCAMP and Sensible Portions Weight Loss Meals since May 2012. Both of her business is going with good profit, which collects revenue of more than $1 Million every year.

A Bunch of Earnings Garnered from Box Office Collection

As a prize-winning actor, Tyrus earned a decent income from his filming projects that became a successful hit in the box office. More to this, his debut film, No One Lives earned total earnings of $1,048,704 with an estimated production budget of $2.9 Million.

Check out the trailer of Supercon (2018)

Back in 2018, Tyrus portrayed a popular character of a security guard in the action-comedy movie, Supercon, which was made with $5.5 Million budget. Fortunately, the film garnered positive reviews with good ratings from the film critics.


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