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Fri Mar 26 2021
By   Selena

Jenny Hill is a world-famous TV reporter, she has worked with some of the biggest news companies in the world. The journalist became famous as the BBC’s Berlin correspondent. In addition to this, she is also a former radio journalist who worked extensively in news. 

Hill has also intrigued the interest of her fans because of her secretive nature about her personal life. In fact, the reporter has not revealed much about her married life in the media, however, you can read interesting facts about the star’s relationship below

Is Jenny Hill Married? 

Jenny Hill is not married as of March 2021, the reporter is completely focused on her career which has seen her become one of the top reporters for the BBC. Similarly, she joined journalism after she graduated from Cardiff University's School of Journalism. 

Jenny Hill is unmarried as of March 2021
Photo: Jenny Hill is unmarried
 Source: CelebrPortal

Hill has also not shared any plans to get married or engaged in the near future. Further, tabloids speculate that she has not had any serious relationships. The journalist has always preferred to keep the details of her personal life under wraps. 

Like journalists Vernon Odom, Alina Jenkins, and Carol Kirkwood, Hill has also maintained a professional persona, due to this, there is very little information about her relationships in the public domain. 

Jenny Hill’s Past Relationships 

As mentioned above, Jenny is incredibly secretive about her personal life, in addition to this, there is also very little media coverage of her relationships, due to this, information on any toxic exes or heartbreaks is not available in the public domain. 

She might have dated some guys in the past but because of her tight-lipped nature, details of her past relationships aren’t available in the media or public domain.

Hill Is Focused On Career As A Journalist 

One of the reasons that Jenny’s love life is so scarce may be that she is focused on her career, the reporter started her career at Central Television in Birmingham.

Hill became the Berlin reporter for the BBC in 2014
Caption: Jenny Hill became the Berlin correspondent for the BBC in 2014
 Source: TickPop 

Later, she became a top reporter at BBC, she was given the job when the BBC started its Channel Islands television service. 

She went all over the UK as part of her job, she even went to Yorkshire and North Midlands as part of the BBC Look North team. 

Jenny got her breakthrough after she covered the 2007 United Kingdom floods, she also reported on the trial and conviction of the killer of Lesley Molseed. In 2014, she was promoted to the position of Berlin correspondent for the BBC. 

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