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Thu Jun 09 2022
By   Bishal

Ophir Award-winning Israeli TV and film actor Uri Gavriel has impressed a lot of people with his exciting career. Recently, the fans enjoyed the taste of his impressive acting in the Netflix series, The Spy.  

Uri was born and raised in Bnei Brak, Israel. Since 1982 he has given his talents to many movies and TV series. He has also played a vital role in developing the Israeli Film Industry.

Is Uri Gavriel married?

Uri is very much professional in keeping his personal life very much private. Till now, there is no information regarding his girlfriends, wife, and children. But looking at his age, he might've already tied the knot and keeping his relationship a secret.

Uri Gavriel during Movies premiere with his fans
Image: Uri Gavriel with his fans 
Source: Zarim-magazine

By scrolling down his day to day life, it seems like the versatile actor Gavriel is single as of now. As per sources, it is still not confirmed until and unless Uri opens up about his personal life. Furthermore, the inspiring personality is always busy with his career than focusing on love life. 

The net worth of Uri Gavriel

The talented actor has an estimated net worth of $500,000. It is no doubt he has accumulated all of his fortunes from his outstanding career. Additionally, he has starred in more than half-century movies and TV series combined. 

His 2018 starred movie Mary Magdalene gathered $11.7 Million worldwide. In 2012 he starred in the superhero film The Dark Knight Rises. It hit the mark of $1.084 Billion worldwide under a $230 Million budget.

Additionally, his movie One Week and a Day (Shavua ve Yom was one of the highest-rated movies which gather a total collection of $42000. The Attack also marks $1.2 Million of box office collection.

Furthermore, Gavriel's talent and hardworking nature have to lead him to gather a very substantial amount of paycheck into his account without a doubt. 

Uri Gavriel in The Spy series

Due to Gavriel's talent and experience, he gets a chance to starred in the Israeli espionage web television miniseries, The Spy. The 47 to 62 minutes long episode is produced by Sacha Baron Cohen and directed by Gideon Raff

Uri Gavriel on hit Netflix series The Spy
Image: Uri Gavriel on the character of The Spy 
Source: Bustle

His's role is likely Majeed Sheikh al-Ard, whom Cohen first met in 1962 who aboard a ship from Genoa bound for Beirut, according to the National Library of Israel. We can see on The Spy's trailer that Cohen says "The sheik is your only way in.

Furthermore, Moni Moshonov played the role of Jacob Shimoni in The Spy whereas Sacha Baron Cohen is playing the lead role as Eli Cohen.

Uri Gavriel in The Dark Knight Rises (Movie)

The Ophir Award winner has been starred in the Hollywood's one of the most excellent movie The Dark Knight Rises. Though he is not starred as the main character in the film, his amazing acting has won the heart of the millions of fans around the world. 

Check out the Uri Gavriel's acting on The Dark Knight Rises

In the movie, Gavriel played the role of Blind Prisoner, who speaks to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), aka Batman on the topic of the fear. He has been cast for rarely two mins on the film, but his role is considered as one of the best.


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