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Internet Personality, YouTuber (1999)
Tue Apr 18 2023
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Sebastian Bails is a popular blogger and Social media artist who is famous for his make-up, Lip-syncing, and funny videos. Bails is popularly renowned as Mr.Orange due to his signature makeover, which consists of a shaded foundation in Orange color all over his body just like another YouTuber Venus Angelic. He also blogs about LGBT concerns and takes an interest in Pride parades and other activities. 

Sebastian Bails was born in California on 27 August 1999. It was reported that he was in a relationship with his fellow TikTok member Danielle Cohn, but there were no confirmations. He previously posted that he was staying with Danielle in Los Angeles and considered her to be his sister.

Is Sebastian Bails Gay? 

Well, most of his fan and his regular audience seems to claim that, Sebastian is perhaps a gay. It's not anything new for him to be speculated as gay. However, Sebastian never really officially stated about it. 

Sebastian Bails May be a Homosexual, and he is hiding his actuall identy of being gay .
Image: Random Click Of Sebastian Bails
Source: Instagram @sebastianbails

Instead, he defines rumored regarding his homosexuality. His audience speculated on his sexuality because of the way he make-up speaks, his YouTube Content everything seems to be related to his sexuality. 

Nevertheless, as of now, he can't be regarded as gay because he seems to have a girlfriend name, Lauren Godwin. Just Scroll down to know more.

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Relationship Status 

Sebastian Bails, the young YouTuber, has not revealed his present relationship status towards the media. Bails has not disclosed whether he is having a romantic affair with someone privately or not.

Sebastian Bails lives a single life as of April 2021.
Photo: Sebastian Bails lives a single life as of April 2021.
Source: Instagram @sebastianbails

It seems like the social media personality Sebastian currently lives a single life without having any romantic relationship. Bails has also not shared a romantic picture on his social sites. So, it looks like he lives a single life. 

However, the 6-feet-tall Sebastian shares a close bond with an American musician and internet personality Danielle Cohn. The rumors regarding Danielle and Sebastian's dating also arose. 

Sebastian Bails with his best friend Danielle Cohn
Snap: Sebastian Bails with his best friend Danielle Cohn.
Source: Instagram @sebastianbails

However, Cohn and Bails are just good friends. They share pictures with one another on their social networking sites. They are best friends. Furthermore, the YouTuber Danielle is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend Mikey Tua.

Was In A Romantic Relationship With Lauren Godwin

Sebastian was in a romantic relationship with Lauren Godwin. Like Bails her ex-girlfriend Godwin is also a renowned social media personality better known for posting entertainment videos on her 1.03 million subscribed YouTube channel.

Sebastian Bails with his ex-girlfriend Lauren Godwin
Image: Sebastian Bails with his ex-girlfriend Lauren Godwin.
Source: Instagram @sebastianbails

Lauren and Sebastian first met one another back in 2015. After the first encounter, they shared a good bond and became friends. Later, after three years-long friendship, they began dating each other in 2018.

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The former couple used to share videos on their respective YouTube channel. Everything was going fine; however, after more than two years long romantic affair, Sebastian and Lauren ended their relationship.

Video: Sebastian Bails revealed his separation from his ex-girlfriend Lauren Godwin.

The previous love bird revealed the news of their separation via a YouTube video which was posted on December 9, 2020.

How Much He Worth?

Sebastian has a few big followers on social media. He is totally active on the platform like Instagram and YouTube, TikTok, etc. Regarding his popularity and followers, he must be earning decent wealth. As of 2021, his net worth is around $500,000.

Sebastian Bails And His Expemsive BMW
Image: Sebastian Bails And His Expensive BMW
Source: Instagram @sebastianbails

As of April 21, 2021, has more than 330 thousand followers on his Instagram account. Similarly, Bails has 1.5 thousand and 7,835 on his Facebook and Twitter accounts respectively. Also, Sebastian is popular all over the widely popular app TikTok. He has amassed 12.6 million followers on his official TikTok account.

According to payroll, a million followers receive income between $5,000 and $10,000 for sponsorship on TikTok. However, That number varies on the basis of content and people's engagement. Therefore, Sebastian must be earning thousands of dollars through TikTok. Ansley Spinks is also an internet personality by profession having a good net worth.

Earning From Youtube

Not only from TikTok and other social sites. Sebastian is also collecting a good sum of wealth from his YouTube channel. 

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As mentioned above, Bails has more than 900 thousand subscribers on his entertainment-based channel. As per social blade, the channel earns $138  to $2.2 thousand per month and around $1.7 thousand to $26.5 thousand per year. 

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