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Celebrity Daughter (2014)
Tue May 17 2022
By   Selena

Have you ever seen the morning show of the NBC News, Today? If so, you might be acquainted with the main co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie, who never failed to wins audiences' hearts.Okay, today's article is about the oldest daughter named Vale Guthrie Feldman.

Born inAugust 2014 in the United States, Vale Guthrie is best known as the celebrity kid and is of mixed ethnicity. The 5 years old Vale is now cherishing her childhood along with her parents and a little brother.

Vale's Personal Life

Vale Guthrie Feldman is just 5 years old, but she already becomes a favorite of paparazzi and audiences not only of her celebrity parents but also for her cuteness. However, her parents tried their best to keep their daughter away from the limelight.

Image: Vale Guthrie Feldman's smiling face
Source: Savannah's Instagram(@savannahguthrie)

As of now, the celebrity child is enjoying her childhood and studies. More to that, she often captured playing with her younger brother. 

Vale Guthrie Feldman's Parents Love Story

Guthrie's parents Savannah and Feldman first met in 2008 at Michael's 40th birthday party. It was just before Guthrie announced her divorce from her first 4-year husband, Mark Orchard (2005 to 2009). Soon, after Savannah's division with Mark, they started dating.

After years of dating, the couple engaged on May 13, 2013, and after a year, they committed as husband and wife in March 2014. The beautiful wedding was held privately in Tucson, Arizona, among 80 to 90 peoples. 

Image: Mother, Savannah Guthrie, and father, Michael Feldman in their wedding day
Source: Michael's Instagram(@feldmike)

The bride was glowing in her lacy Monique Lhuillier gown wedding dress while the groom stunned a toxic black dress. Not only this, the wife and husband were looking forward to their first child as Guthrie was four months pregnant.

Nonetheless, they kept the pregnancy news hidden until their wedding days. Happily, Savannah said that "I well, we are pregnant for four months," in the wedding attendants at dinner, and her guests were pleased with the newlyweds.

Picture: Vale Guthrie Feldman with her whole family
Source: Daily Mail

Now, the couple is together for 10 years and lives happily along with two children, Vale, 5, and Charles, 2. Moreover, the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, and it's incredibly bright that their love is as strong as ever.

Younger Sibling- Charles Max Feldman

The cute and beautiful girl is blessed with one sibling named Charles Max Feldman, who is 3 years younger than Vale Guthrie. Well, a little brother Charles was born in December of 2016.

Image: Vale Guthrie Feldman cuddling her younger brother,  Charles Max Feldman
Source: Michael's Instagram(@feldmike)

Guthrie Feldman now enjoys her childhood and spends most of her time with 2-year-old Charles in the United States. Further, the two siblings are really closed to one another. 

Parents' (Michael and Savannah) Net Worth

Vale Guthrie's mother, Savannah, holds an impressive fortune of $20 million as of 2019. Of course, she accumulated her wealth through her long career as a journalist. Likewise, she has worked for many famous stations like NBC News, MSNBC, The Today Show, and among others.

Image: NBC reporter, Savannah Guthrie 
Source: Savannah's Instagram(@savannahguthrie)

Now, Guthrie is working for NBC News morning show Today since July 2012 as a main co-anchor. Her annual salary at NBC is around $8 million. Another NBC Journalist, Anne Thompson, and Candace Sweat also making a good fortune from the same network.

On the other hand, Michael Feldman is a former Democratic political adviser and American public relations and communications consultant. His net worth is around $2 Million as of 2019 and all thanks to his career.

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