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Relationship Timeline Of Wolfychu

Boyfriend : Jordan Sweeto
Wolfychu is in a relationship with Jordan Sweeto.

Wolfychu is an English animator best known for her incredibly high pitched voice. She is famous for her YouTube Channel named Wolfychu. She is currently in a relationship and recently she revealed her face after a long time.

Wolfychu was born on March 20, 1995, in Surrey, England. She belongs to an Irish family. Wolfychu is her YouTube Channel and is yet to disclose her real name to the world. She has two older brothers. Her family moved to Spain when she was six. Let's know more about her personal life.

Who is Wolfychu Dating?

The Internet has become as important as food in this modern world. We could survive without food for some days, but without the Internet, It's nearly impossible. Following social media, we can find that Wolfychu is dating YouTuber, Jordan Sweeto

Wolfychu with her boyfriend
Image: Wolfychu shares a photo along with her boyfriend, Jordan
Source: Instagram @jordansweeto

The love birds met each other Online back in 2016. As Wolfychu was much into drawing and posting those in social media. Jordan met her in the same process. Soon, they were attached to each other. However, Jordan lived in Australia.

After talking to each other for some time, both fell in love with each other. But none of them could confess about it. Wolfychu is proficient in Spanish but Jordan did not understand anything. She thought of trying in Spanish but did not succeed. 

Living with Jordan in Australia

Finally, Wolfychu decides to travel to Australia to meet him in person. After reaching Australia, The two anime lovers came to know each other in person. Soon, Jordan proposed her, and the two started living an informal relationship. 

Image: Two famous YouTuber, Wolfychu and Jordan
Source: Pretty Ugly Little Liar

The couple is yet to announce their engagement or wedding any time in the near future. The partners are currently focused on their careers. 

How Rich is Wolfychu?

Wolfychu has an estimated net worth of $200,000 which is similar to well-known and professional American eSports gamer, Ghost Aydan. She credits most of her income to her successful YouTube Career. She came to limelight after her Channel Wolfychu got recognition.

Wolfychu's boyfriend, Jordan Sweeto, has a net worth of $1 Million. He has accumulated all his income through social media, especially YouTube Channel. The love birds are living a lavish and peaceful life in Victoria, Australia. 

Puppy of Wolfychu
Image: The photo of Puppy, Mochi owned by Wolfychu
Source: Twitter @wolfychu

Wolfychu owns a puppy named Mochi. She has made collaborations with many other animators, such as TheOdd1sOut, Katzun, and Stariaa. Wolfychu earns between $824 to $1,373 per post she makes in her Instagram Account.  

Journey in the YouTube Chanel

The real face of Wolfychu was a mystery to the people until September 2019. She revealed her face for the first time and now is spotted often in her boyfriend's social media profile.

Señorita Animation | Wolfychu and SweetoTOONS sing

Wolfychu started her career in 2016. Since then, she has gained more than 2.3 Million Subscribers on YouTube Channel. More to that, her channel has a total of 285,080,267 views till February 24, 2020. 

Apart from her YouTube Channel, Wolfychu has a massive fan following in her other social media sites. As of February 2020, Wolfychu has 274,231 Followers in her Instagram account, 63,794 Followers on Twitter Page. Another YouTuber, Erik Conover has a total of 1.22 Million Subscribers. 


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