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Thu Feb 09 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Vicky Curiel

Husband : Vladimir Curiel
Vicky Curiel took the wedding vows with Vladimir Curiel.

Making a name in the business world is hard enough already. It's harder for a woman, as evidenced by how male-dominated the field is. These reasons make Vicky Curiel's success in the business world even better. 

Vicky is a successful entrepreneur. Her founded International Hub Records has tasted a lot of success in the music industry, where she has also taken the Chief Executive Officer role.

Is Vicky Married or Single?

Vicky Curiel's relationship has been going strong. She married the love of her life, Vladimir Curiel, on 22 August 1987. They have stuck with each other through thick and thin. Both once worked together in a restaurant business, and during the 2008 economic crisis, they worked together and saved their business. 

On their marriage anniversary, Vicky took to Instagram to show how much she loved her husband. She shared a picture from their wedding. In the post, she wrote.

Both are on their wedding dress on this heart-shaped edited picture.
Vicky Curiel and Vladimir Curiel on their wedding (Source: Instagram @iamvickycuriel)

We got married on a beautiful day like today and have committed to this journey for 34 yrs.. It’s been challenging, but you will always be my best friend. I love you so much & I wish that we keep growing stronger. Happy anniversary @papicuriel

Worked With Other Labels

Everyone knows Vicky for International Hub Records. However, the record label was not her first time working in the field of music. She has previously worked with Double Empire Records.

She was the CEO of Double Empire Records for over three years. She became the CEO on November 2013 and left the company in June 2017.

Daughter DaniLeigh's Controversy

Vicky's daughter DaniLeigh has been a part of the controversy in the past. She faced severe backlash for her song "Yellow Bone." She was called out by people when she released the song teaser for her fans. 

The lines of the song, "Yellow Bone is what he wants," were seen as offensive by many. People brought up the issue of anti-blackness in the music.

DaniLeigh is holding her baby to her face as they are taking a selfie.
DaniLeigh with her daughter Velour Leigh (Source: Instagram @velourbabyleigh)

The controversy was not limited to DaniLeigh, as fans even called out Vicky on her Instagram. They told Vicky to speak about the controversy surrounding her daughter. One of them commented, "tell your non black daughter to stop saying the n-word and bringing down black women, and maybe we’ll feel bad."

Educational Background

A formal education degree isn't a necessity to become a successful entrepreneur. But it does help to have one if you plan to enter the world of commerce and business. Vicky has a degree that probably helped her become successful in the business world.

Vicky did her high school studies at John F. Kennedy School. Upon completion, she joined Mercy College for her further education. She did her BBA degree specializing in Business Management and Marketing. The three-year degree lasted from 1990 to 1993.

Used To Own A Restaurant

Vicky first got her success as an entrepreneur, not in the field of music, but rather in the food industry. She used to be the owner of Tamboras Grill Cafe

Their journey with the restaurant wasn't all smooth sailing. Soon after they started the company, the infamous Great Recession occurred. Even though they had no problem finding customers, the inflation led to an increase in the prices of the food ingredients, and they had to struggle because of it.

Upon being asked about the state of her business, Vicky Curiel said:

We’re doing the best we can do in this bad economy. We’re not making a profit and we’re dying to break even, but we have to give it time — we do get repeat customers, which is good.

She owned the company alongside her husband, Vladimir Curiel. She was the owner of the company for almost a decade. She held the company from December 2007 till June 2017.

All Of Her Children Are Musicians

Vicky shares three children with her husband, Vladimir Curiel. All of her three children are making a career in music too. Her three children's names are Brandon Curiel (popularly known as Brandon Bill$), Brianna Curiel (popularly known as Brianna Leah), and Danielle Leigh Curiel (popularly known as DaniLeigh).

DaniLeigh is her most famous child. She became famous after working with the iconic Prince on the music video "Breakfast can't wait." She is also associated with the same music label as Mysonne, the famous Def Jam Records.

Brandon Bill$ might not be as popular as DaniLeigh, but he has created his fanbase in the music industry. He is someone to look out for, as even Billboards have started to notice him.

There are four pictures with different years showing the group evolution.
Brianna Leah's music group Belladose (Source: Instagram @iamvickycuriel)

Brianna Leah is also a musician. She is a part of a girl's music group Belladose. It is one of the fastest-growing music groups, and it won't be long before she makes a big name for herself in the music industry. 

Born To Dominican Parents

Dominican Families are known for being caring toward their children. Growing up in that kind of family, Vicky experienced all her parent's love.

She was not born with a silver spoon, as her parents had to work hard for the family. Vicky revealed that their parents had a grocery store named Vicky’s Superettes, and she spent a significant portion of her childhood there.

Vicky Is On Instagram

Vicky may have way fewer followers on her Instagram compared to her children. But she loves the platform and is regularly posting and updating her followers.

She posts all kinds of stuff on her Instagram. But, most of her posts are related to promoting her record label works and about her grandchild. You can find her on her Instagram handle @iamvickycuriel

Her Grandkid Is An Instagram Star

Vicky has a grandchild from her daughter DaniLeigh. Celebrities tend to keep their babies away from the limelight, but it is not the case with DaniLeigh's daughter Velour Leigh as she has her own Instagram account.

Velour has only started to walk, so it's obvious she doesn't know how to use the internet. It is unclear if DaniLeigh has appointed someone to handle her Instagram or if Dani herself does it.

She is putting the cap of the baby bottle on her mouth as she is looking at her own legs.
Vicky Curiel's grandchild Velour Leigh (Source: Instagram @iamvickycuriel)

You can find Vicky's grandchild on her Instagram handle @velourbabyleigh. Velour has more followers than her grandma. You can tell how much Vicky loves her grandkid by seeing how often she uploads on her Instagram.

Body Measurements: Height & Weight

Celebrities are expected to look a certain way by the people but not entrepreneurs, as they are usually working behind the scenes. But this doesn't mean Vicky doesn't take care of her body.

Her weight is the same as Shamicka Gibbs i.e. 59 kg, which is impressive for her age. You can tell she takes health seriously. As per Hollywood standards, she is a short woman with a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

How Rich Is Vicky Curiel?

Vicky Curiel is a successful entrepreneur and a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her business skills have come in handy to help her become a millionaire. 

The earrings spell the word Latina.
Vicky Curiel showing her fancy earrings (Source: Instagram @iamvickycuriel)

Her International Hub Records have been a huge success. She also generated money through her previous works, like her own restaurant, and even as the CEO of another music label company Double Empire Records.

She Is A Religious Woman

Vicky believes in God. She is a believer in Jesus. It's common in Hollywood for people to leave conservative beliefs, but fame has not changed Vicky's love for her God.

She once, on her Instagram, posted about Jesus, saying how thankful she is for the protection of her family. She thanked Jesus for saving her family through the arduous journey they had been through.


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