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Interior Designer (1966)
Mon May 22 2023
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Victoria Chlebowski has drawn people's attention by being the wife of Michael Imperioli. Her husband, Michael, is an American actor who earned his spotlight. Victoria became famous for her spouse's stardom. 

Imperioli is a prominent actor, working in the showbiz world since 1988. Victoria's husband, Michael, is well known for his acting role as Christopher Moltisanti in the TV series The Sopranos.  

Inside Victoria Chlebowski and Michael Imperioli's Relationship: A Timeline of Love and Connection

Victoria Chlebowski leads a blissful married life with her husband, Michael Imperioli. They have completed a milestone of over two and a half decades of being together.

Victoria Chlebowski with her husband  Michael  Imperioli.
Victoria Chlebowski took a picture with her husband, Michael  Imperioli. (Source: Pinterest)

The loving duo Chlebowski and Imperioli crossed the path for the first time in a bar in the 1990s. After that, the romance between Victoria and Michael might have sparked between them eventually dated. 

The romantic pair Chlebowski and Imperioli walked down the aisle together on September 19, 1996. It wasn't a flashy wedding but a simple private ceremony completed among family members. 

Are Victoria And Michael Still Together?

Victoria Chlebowski and Michael Imperioli are together and haven't divorced. Many celebrity couples separate after a certain period, but Victoria and Michael are still strong even after 26 years of marriage. 

While glancing through the public domain, there is no news of their extramarital affairs. They look forward to sailing their love boat without any hindrance or conflict. 

Michael often showcases love towards Victoria on his social media handle. He posts pictures with her on his Instagram, and fans admire plus appreciate Imperioli's love for his wife. 

Discover About The Children Of Michael And Victoria

Victoria Chlebowski and Michael Imperioli have welcomed two kids from their married life. While most of Victoria and Michael's children stay hidden from the spotlight, their names are still known globally. 

The picture of Victoria Chlebowski and Michael Imperioli Vadim Imperioli.
The picture of Victoria Chlebowski and Michael Imperioli Vadim Imperioli. (Source: Daily Mail)

Vadim Imperioli is the first kid of Michael and Victoria, born on December 7, 1997. Their second son David Imperioli was born four years after Vadim's birth in 2001. Like Vadim and David, Jeremy Ayala González came to fame as a Celeb Child.

Isabella Imperioli was born in Chlebowski's previous relationship. However, the details of her father are unknown and aren't available on online platforms. 

About The Professional Career Of Victoria's Kids

Vadim Imperioli worked as an actor among all of his siblings. The celebrity child Imperioli followed in the footsteps of his father. Vadim was pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, but Michael's son stayed inactive since 2013. 

Vadim's most notable acting role is Bobby Fitch in the television series Detroit 187. He also gained attention for portraying the role of Daniel in the movie Joy de V. 

On the contrary, there are no details available on the professional life of Isabella and David Imperioli. They might have kept a low-key profile, loving to stay behind the shadow of media sites. 

Was Victoria's Son Vadim Arrested? 

Vadim Imperioli was arrested, but it wasn't a drug addiction or a criminal case. He was arrested for spraying a swastika in a dorm at Purchase College in Harrison, New York.

Vadim  Imperioli was arrested for painting a swastika at the dorm
Vadim  Imperioli was arrested for painting a swastika at the dorm. (Source: Yahoo)

Vadim was arrested on November 20, 2016, and was only 19 years old. Moreover, he faced charges of criminal mischief in the fourth degree.

It is not confirmed whether Vadim was expelled or left Purchase College. He later graduated from Santa Barbara High School and completed a degree in cinema studies at Westchester.

How Much Net Worth Does Victoria Have?

Victoria Chlebowski commands an estimated net worth of $500 thousand. She has made this money through her professional career as a set and Interior designer. 

According to Comparably, the average monthly salary of an Interior designer is $40,019. Given her celebrity status, Victoria may bag more than the rest. Chlebowski's designs have been featured in music videos, films, and television.

The Interior Designing works were done by Victoria  Chlebowski.
Victoria Chlebowski did The Interior Designing. (Source: Instagram @victoria_imperioli)

On the other hand, Chlebowski's husband, Micheal Imperioli, has an approximate net worth of $20 million. He has earned this wealth through his successful acting career in the entertainment industry. 

Michael has earned through acting works in The White Lotus and This Fool. He has also made some income through his voice acting in the Podcast series Marvel Wastelanders: Black Widow.

VIctoria's Husband Real Estate 

Michael has purchased and sold several real estate properties. They bought the Victorian home in Santa Barbara for $1.635 million. Victoria and Michael sold the house for $1.86 million in October 2018. 

Victoria and Michael also purchased a home for $1.525 million in Santa Barbara in 2018. They later sold this home for $1.8 million in January 2021

Is Chlebowski Active On The Social Media Platforms? 

Chlebowski is available on social media platforms to connect with people. She only has an Instagram platform and isn't available on other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

People ought to love her Instagram handle, available under the username @victoria_imperioli. She has over a thousand followers on her Instagram, where she makes interior design posts.

You can also find her husband, Michael, active on Instagram. He is found with the username @realmichaelimperioli and has amassed a following of 287k on his Instagram. 

Victoria's Early Life 

The interior designer Victoria Chlebowski was born to her parents in 1966. Her mother is Raisa Chlebowski, but her biological father is unknown. Chlebowski was raised by her mother and stepfather, Ryszard Chlebowski.

Chlebowski belongs to mixed ethnicity, and her parents follow the Christianity religion. Also, she holds a Russian-American nationality as her parents moved from Russia to America. 

Victoria might haven't shared any siblings and was the only child of her parents. Much about her sibling remains hidden from the Internet platform.

Chlebowski Husband Career In The Showbiz Industry

Michael Imperioli has risen as one of the prominent American actors in showbiz. Moreover, Imperioli actively worked as an actor for decades playing in numerous movies and TV series. 

Imperioli made his debut performance in the movie Alexa in 1988. He played in numerous flicks and television series before getting his breakthrough from The Sopranos TV series in 1999.

Michael Imperioli with his wife Victoria Chlebowski.
Michael Imperioli and his wife, Victoria Chlebowski, took a picture together. (Source: Instagram @realmichaelimperioli)

Michael has provided hits like GoodFellas, Summer of Sam, and The Lovely Bones. He looks forward to entertaining fans through his acting works in TV series and movies in the future. 

In addition to acting career, Michael is also a producer and writer. He was the one who did the writing and producing of The Sopranos along with his acting works. 

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