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Relationship Timeline Of Vivian Ridge

Ex-husband : Bob Ross
Vivian Ridge married Bob Ross in 1965 and divorced in 1977.

Vivian Ridge was a celebrity wife who gained fame after she tied the knot with a famous American painter. Vivian is renowned for marrying Robert Norman Ross, aka Bob Ross, an art instructor, and television host.

After Vivian's name got attached to her ex-partner, Bob, she was perceived by many followers. Unfortunately, she is not alive as of today. So let's explore her biography through this article. 

A Brief About Vivian Ridge And Bob Ross's Relationship

Vivian Ridge and Bob Ross had a wonderful married life. But in the end, they ended their relationship with a divorce. They tied the know in 1965 after dating each other for a while. 

Vivian Ridge and her ex-husband, Bob Ross.
Vivian Ridge and her ex-husband, Bob Ross. (Image Source: Apzo Media)

After staying in a married relationship for twelve years, the ex-couple Vivian and Bob decided to go separate ways in their life. In 1977 their divorce was finalized. In that period, the lovely couple welcomed a baby boy, Robert Stephen "Steve" Ross.

Many fans of this former pair, Bob and Vivian, always wanted to know more about their married life and wedding details. However, they were too discreet about their love life and did not share much on this topic on any media. 

Vivian and Bob Met At A TV Studio!

The late Vivian Ridge and her late ex-husband, Bob Ross, first locked eyes during a TV shoot. Likewise, Vivian and Bob were working at WQED-TV in Pittsburgh. Moreover, Ross and his ex-wife met in 1961.

Vivian worked as head of production at the time. Similarly, Bob was an artist on the creative staff during their initial meeting. And after years of courtship, the duo, Ross and Ridge, took their relationship to the next step. 

Who Is Bob Ross & Vivian Ridge's Son? 

As mentioned above, Vivian and Bob Ross have a son, Robert Stephen "Steve" Ross. He was born on August 1, 1966, just after the first anniversary of his parents. As of now, Robert is in his late 50s.

After Vivian and Bob's separation, Robert lived with his mother. However, his mother died in January 1986 when he was twenty years old. After Vivian's death, Bob got custody of his son and was the single father to look after him.

Vivian Ridge and Bob Ross son Steve Ross followed in his father's footsteps
Steve Ross with his father, Bob Ross. (Image Source: The U.S. Sun)

After the demise of Robert's mother, he then started to live with his father. Because of that, he then started following in his father Bob's footsteps. He used to look after all the pieces of stuff about his father. 

Robert is now a professional painter just like his late father, Bob Ross. He is now famous among the public with the name Steve Ross. One of Robert's biggest achievements is that he has now become a Bob Ross-certified instructor.

Was Vivian Ridge a Millionaire? What About Her Beloved Ex-Husband?

Bob Ross's ex-wife Ridge's net worth is still under wraps but we do know that she was not a millionaire. She was a housewife and was busy raising her son, Robert Ross when she was alive. Before Vivian's demise, she used to get a decent amount of money from her ex-husband Bob Ross as child support and spousal support. 

Bob Ross accumulated the total net worth of $1 million.
Vivian Ridge's ex-husband, Bob Ross, made the colorful picture. (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Vivian's ex-husband, Bob Ross, was a millionaire just like Edward Jeffries. He had a net worth of $1 million in his bank accounts at the time of his demise. He amassed that sum through his career as a professional painter. 

Also, Bob's career as a military man and a painter was very fruitful, which led him to be a millionaire. He was very dedicated to his painting career, which led him to a bucket full of cash.

Vivian's Ex-Husband, Bob Ross, Had Three Wives 

Being a private person, Vivian never disclosed her love life after being separated from Bob Ross. She never got spotted in any other relationship. But, the same did not go for her ex-husband Bob Ross as he married two other women besides her. 

Vivian Ridge never disclosed her love life after being separated from Bob.
Bob Ross in his classy looks. (Image Source: NPR)

Throughout his life, Bob has married three different women: Vivian Ridge, Jane Ross, and Lynda Brown. Out of three marriages, only one married life of Bob ended with a divorce. 

Bob Ross And Jane Ross Relationship Timeline (1977-1992)

Jane Ross was Bob's second wife with whom he exchanged his vows in 1977. Interestingly, they used to work together when Bob was a military person. During Bob's military pension, Jane used to work as a Defense Department civilian.

Working together in the same field, Bob and Jane got a chance to know each other. They understood each other for a very short time and kept in touch after Bob retired from his military job. Luckily, Jane also left her job soon after Bob retired. 

After Bob and Jane left their government job together, they decided to get their hands on selling art supplies. Bob then contacted his friend Bill and started running their business selling art supplies.

Everything was going well for the couple, Jane and Bob. However, on  August 1, 1992, Jane died battling cancer. Because of cancer, Bob was left alone, and within fifteen years of a happy marriage, they never had a kid

Bob Ross's Romance With Lynda Brown 

After Jane's heartbreakable death, the painter Bob married for the third time. Three years after Jane's demise, Bob wedded Lynda Brown in 1995

Bob Ross's third wife, Lynda Brown became a single mother to raise Bob's kid independently.
Bob Ross's third wife, Lynda Brown. (Image Source: Canadian Innovation Exchange)

On July 4, Bob took his last breath in Orlando, Florida, United States leaving his wife Lynda Brown alone. He just died two months after his third marriage.

At the time of Bob's demise, Lynda was already pregnant with a child. She then raised her child as a single parent after her husband's death. Also, she has kept her child away from the media limelight. 

Bob Ross Died At The Age of 52: Reason Behind His Death

The Joy Of Painting host Bob Ross just like his ex-wife Jane Ross died because of cancer. He died battling cancer at the age of fifty-two in July 1995, in Orlando, Florida. Smoking cigarettes was the main reason behind the death of Bob just like Angela Raiola.

Bob Ross died at the age of 52 from cancer.
Bob Ross enjoyed his painting in the 1990s. (Image Source: The New Yorker)

In the same year, Bob was diagnosed with lymphoma and was given a few months to live his life. However, his health condition became worse due to cancer which eventually led to death. 

Details On Vivian Ridge's Husband, Bob Ross

The late painter Bob Ross was born on October 29, 1942. He was originally from Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S. Jack Ross and Ollie Ross were his parents. By profession, his father used to work as a carpenter whereas his mother was a waitress. 

Bob later became famous as a painter, but it was not like that from the very beginning. It was because he did not always think of becoming a painter. When he was nearly twenty, he worked as a medical records technician. It was then, he managed to make a break and went to harness his painting skills. 

When Bob was in his 20s, he got more attached to his painting skills than his Military career. After Ross attended an art class at the Anchorage U.S.O. club, he was more obsessed with color. Ross said: 

"They'd tell you what makes a tree, but they wouldn't tell you how to paint it."

Regarding siblings, Bob was blessed with a half-brother, Jim, whom he mentioned in passing on his show, The Joy Of Painting. One of the interesting about Bob is that he lost his index finger while helping his father. 


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