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Celebrity daughter (1962)
Thu Dec 29 2022
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Wanda Bowles is a star daughter and sibling who has been in the limelight lately due to his family's prominence. She is the daughter of the late pro wrestling champion Rocky Jhonson. Her father was a former Georgia Heavyweight Champion and WCW World Television Championship. 

On the other hand, Wanda is also an older sister of a world-famous actor, Dwayne Jhonson. This article will discuss every possible fact about the star family, like their relationship, net worth, and other exciting topics. So, makes sure to read till the end.

Wanda Bowles Belongs To Anoa'i Family 

The celebrity daughter, Wanda, was born early in December 1962 in Canada. Furthermore, she is a second descendant and only one daughter of Rocky. At the time of Wanda's birth, her father was just eighteen, whereas her mother was just thirteen. 

Wanda Bowles having fun at the park
A beautiful portrait of Wanda Bowles. (Source: Twitter )

Wanda belongs to the Anoa'i family, an American Samoa professional wrestler's family. Her ancestral family includes WWE Hall of Famer Roman ReignsRikishi, and his brother Dwayne Jhonson's The Rock.' As of now she is currently in her sixties.

Wanda Bowles Parent's Marital Life Ended Uncertainly: Know the Reason Behind It

Wanda parents, Rocky Jhonson and Una Sparks tied the knot in 1966. They first met at a dance while Bowle's father was pursuing to be a professional boxer. Her mother was from the Cherry Brook community and was devoted to Jehovah's Witnesses. 

The ex-couple had a great time together until they felt rifts in their relationship. From the marriage year, Sparks faced an obstacle regarding the her husband profession. Meantime, Jhonson was pursuing his career as a wrestler, which her wife didn't seem to like. In addition, her religion forbade bloodsport. 

The couple was convinced together for a long time but couldn't resolve it, and a Spark came with a tough decision. She gave a choice to Jhonson, either choose his wrestling profession or her. It was one of the hardest choice for him.

Following the dream of a career, Jhonson made a timid decision to stick with his work, which he had loved since childhood. Eventually, Jhonson and Sparks said bye-bye for the last time and divorced in 1978. 

How Many Siblings Does Wanda Bowles Have?

The only daughter of Rocky Jhonson, Wanda, has a giant family. She has seven siblings, one from her mother and another six from two of her stepmothers. Her biological brother is Curtis Bowles Johnson, who is into bodybuilding. He is a daddy boy and loves his father so much.

Wanda Bowles loves her family so much
Wanda Bowles with her father and two siblings
(Source: Instagram)

Wanda's step-brother, the third child of Rocky Johnson and Ata Johnson, is a prominent actor, Dwayne Johnson. He was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California, U.S. As of now, he is widely known by his ring name, The Rock

She Hasn't Contacted Her Other Five Siblings: But Why?

Wanda's other five siblings are not in contact with her, and the reason for being contactless with her five siblings was her father. Her father, Rocky, himself refused in-person to contact them. According to Sports Illustrated magazine, the public recognized Wanda's father, Rocky, and five other children through DNA testing. 

Paula Parsons, Lisa Purves, Trevor Edwards, Aaron Fowler, and Adrian Bowles are Wanda's five other half-siblings. Although they are far from their spotlighted father, our sources have found some details about them. 

Her fourth half-sibling Paula Parsons was born in 1964 to Thelma Parsons in Lucasville. Similarly, Trevor Edwards was born on March 23, 1967, to Doreen Edwards in Montreal, Canada. Wanda also has a step-sister Lisa Purves who was born on October 26, 1968, to Vera Pinter in Vancouver, British Colombia. 

Likewise, Wanda's seventh sibling Adrian Bowles, was taken to Carolyn Bowles on April 24, October 26, 1970, in Truro, Canada. Her youngest sibling is Aaron Fowler born between Rocky Jhonson & Jackie Fowler. He came into this world on June 17, 1970. 

How Rich Is Wanda Bowles?

Regarding star daughter richness, Wanda is a secretive woman and prefers to like her life private. Her net worth & profession are out of the chart right now. She might have some assets to live a quality life, but she has not revealed it on any media. 

Meanwhile, her father, Rocky Jhonson, did have a staggering sum of money at the time of his demise in 2020. He amassed a whooping net worth of $280 million at his funeral, which he accumulated from his successful wrestling career. 

On the other hand, Wanda's half-brother Dwayne Jhonson has a net worth of a quarter billion, $800 million similar to the net worth of Golf king Tiger Woods. Moreover, he is also one of the highest-paid actors of all time.

Unrevealed Truth: Speculation That Rocky Jhonson Cheated Over Una Sparks

Despite a mutually agreed divorce settlement between wrestler Rocky and his wife, Una, there is massive confusion. Sources stated that, at the time of the pair's ongoing conjugal life, Rocky was romantically involved with another woman. He was dating Ata Fitisemanu Maivia, a daughter of a professional wrestler, Peter Maivia.

Rocky Johnson and his family picture of long ago
Rocky Johnson with his second wife, Ata Fitisemanu, and his son, Dwayne Johnson
(Source: Twitter )

According to the Maivia statement, Ata and Rocky first met at the wrestling hall, where Peter and Rocky were a tag team. At that time, he became a father, but the newly born child's mother was not Una Sparks; that was Peter Maivia, daughter, Ata Fitisemanu Maivia. The inborn child was Dwayne Jhonson, born on May 2, 1972, six years before the Una and Jhonson divorce.

However, the new child's mother, Ata Maivia, disapproved of her relationship with Rocky. Nevertheless, the claim she made was recognized as wrong. The mayhem over it hardly makes us think of two conclusions. Either Jhonson cheated on Una or separated at Rocky's third child delivery. The truth remained a mystery. Till now, people have yet to learn the truth behind it. 


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