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Sat May 20 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Wenwen Han Spouse

Wife : Wenwen Han
Wenwen Han Spouse married Wenwen Han in 2016.

Ken Chu Hsiao-tien is a prevalent name in China. He is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter. He is also popularly known for having married actress Wenwen Han.

He also used to be a part of the boy band F4. Apart from singing, man also has a talent for acting as well. The singer was born on January 15, 1979.

How Did The COVID Pandemic Affect The Couple?

With all the fear, lockdown, and restrictions, the pandemic was one of the worst times to be alive. Ken Chu and Wenwen Han were affected too.

Their relationship was affected due to the lockdown restrictions. The country where the covid pandemic started was also one of the worst-hit countries. Seeing the rising threat level, the government introduced lockdown and quarantine while traveling, affecting them as they were both in different locations at the time.

They both have taken their mask off as they are taking a selfie.
Ken Chu and Wenwen Han taking a selfie (Source: today)

He revealed that he struggled to kill time in the absence of his wife. In the process, the singer managed to pick up new things to learn, like archery and bakery. He said in an interview:

I didn’t know how to expend my energy, so I picked up archery to train my body. I also went to learn to make bread and wanted to get certified.  

Ken, at the time, was in Taiwan while his partner in crime was with her grandparents in China. When the traveling became slightly ease, she returned to her husband. The pair were separated for 185 days

The former F4 member let his fans know about it through Weibo. He posted a picture with a caption that said:

185 days, [or] 26 weeks and three days, we finally meet. This feels like a child is home for summer holidays.

Keh Has Fibromyalgia: Is He Ok? 

The Can't Lose You singer Ken has been battling fibromyalgia for a long time. It is a disease that is yet to be found as to what causes it, but it involves a lot of pain and deprives energy in the human body.

The disease has affected both his personal and professional life. His life habits changed, which affected not only his mental health but also his physical health as he gained a lot of weight. He seems to be doing better now, and also his fans have come in support of him.

Husband of Wenwen Han

Ken Chu is a married man. He is married to Chinese actress Wenwen Han. People may not know Han by her name, but everyone knows her as the girl from Jaden Smith's starter, The Karate Kid. She played the role of Meiying in the film.

Both are posing on a bridge with waterfall in the background.
Ken Chu with his wife, Wenwen Han (Source: Instagram @kenchu9)

Apart from being an actress at a young age, she is also interested in dancing and playing the violin. She grew up in Xian, China, and was born on August 24, 1995

Both exchanged their wedding vows on April 12, 2016, in the presence of close family and friends. 

He Won't Have A Baby But Might Adopt One

The Meteor Garden actor Ken revealed something a while back that surprised everyone. He said he doesn't plan to have a kid and might adopt one if he wants to experience fatherhood.

The reason for his decision was fibromyalgia. The singer has been battling for it for a long time and has experienced what's it like to live with it. He believes the disease might pass down to his children, and he cannot bear the thought of his child going through what he went through.

Wenwen Han's husband said this regarding it:

The world is no longer the same as I know it. I cannot guarantee what’s right and what’s wrong to my kids in this chaotic world. We just want to enjoy our time as a couple. As for having children, we are not looking forward to it, neither are we against it.

Chinese Singer Ken Has A Colossal Net Worth

Ken Chu is one of the biggest stars in China. The Taiwanese celebrity has seen massive success in his singing and acting career. No wonder his estimated net worth is the same as Valdir Bundchen's at $400 million.

The two-storey cake has Ken Chu with a guitar sitting on top of it.
Ken Chu celebrating his birthday (Source: Instagram @kenchu9)

His wife, Wenwen Han, is famous in China too. She may not have made a fortune like her husband, but she is still a pretty rich woman with an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Social Media Presence

Sadly for Ken fans outside China, it's hard to know more about him since all significant social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are banned in the country. China's strict Internet censorship policy has acted as a hurdle for an easy way to interact with international fans.

But he is on Weibo. It is a hugely popular social media site in China and is accessible in many countries. His Weibo account is @Kenchu9.

Ken may not be on Instagram, but he does have some popular fan pages. These fan pages provide his international fans who can't access Weibo with all the updates. 

How Was Ken's Life Before Fame?

Ask For More singer Ken is a household name in China today, but the success didn't come easy for him. He started in the entertainment sector from humble beginnings before becoming a star.

He used to do a regular job before entering the world of music. A lot of fans outside China may not know this, Ken used to serve as a waiter.

The poster shows all five standing with meteor garden written in both English and Chinese in background.
The Poster of Ken Chu's show Meteor Garden (Source: IMDb)

That wasn't all the struggle he had to do, though. Ken initially started as an assistant to various music artists before his talent for music was discovered by Cai Zhiping when he landed a role in a popular tv show Meteor Garden. He was then brought to be part of a boy group called F4, which kickstarted his insanely successful career. 

An Unpleasant Experience In One Of The Sets

Poor Prince actor Ken disclosed one of his bad experiences while filming on a set. It involved a wardrobe stylist. He revealed that his stylist was rude on one of his sets. 

When Ken confronted about it, he found out that these two had met in the past, and apparently, he was not pleasant. However, Ken couldn't recall the incident and felt terrible about it. He said:

I felt so terrible at that moment.

Ken Used To Be A Member Of A Boy Band

The success of the Meteor Garden led to the formation of a boy band called F4, a hugely popular band at the time. The band was formed in 2001, with Ken Chu being one of its members.

The band comprised four members. The other members are Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, and Vic Chou. In no time, the band experienced a lot of success. Fans have said they like the band because of how they were formed. 

The common trope among many boy bands is that people are brought through an audition and are provided with media training before introducing them to the world.

But in the case of F4, all members came from different backgrounds and didn't know much about each other. This sincerity in the band made many people fall in love with them. 

Unfortunately, what was their strength also ended up being their weakness. Since they didn't train together, there was a significant disparity among the members' talent, creating tension and jealousy. It was the reason why the band decided to part ways.


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