What Does Bianca Beets Do for a Living? Her Martial Status

Sun Nov 03 2019
By   Bibek

Bianca Beets comes from a famous family who sustains their livelihood from the gold mining business. The renowned gold miners also feature in a TV series, 'Gold Rush,' where viewers got a glimpse of Bianca.

Usually, Bianca is a very private person and the fact that she has stopped coming in front of the camera, which proves her secretive nature. After being considered as the "Supervisor on Paradise Hill," she seems to have gone under the radar. What is she doing now? And also know about her relationship status in the article below.

Her Career after Gold Rush

Bianca is entirely off the radar. She avoids any attention and living the life of a commoner. After leaving Gold Rush, any information about the former reality star is not known.

Her family is in the Gold Mining business, lead by her father Tony Beets and her mother, Minnie Beets. The Canadian star, grew up alongside sister Monica Beets and two brothers, Mike Beets and Kevin Beets. All of her siblings are in the family business and frequently features in the reality show Gold Rush.

Bianca Beets Family; Tony Beets, Minnie Beets, Kevin Beets, Mike Beets and Monica Beets
Image: Tony Beets (second from right) with his family Minnie Beets (third from right), Kevin Beets (left), Mike Beets (right), and Monica Beets (second from left). 
Source: Hollywood mask

Bianca also featured in the show when she was just twelve years old, and Beets was considered "Supervisor on Paradise Hill" by the viewers. The North American beauty, however, started to lose her interest on the family business and eventually moved on from that.

Who Is She Dating?

So far, Bianca is never seen with any guy publicly; hence, it leads to the speculation that she is single. Bianca is not an avid user of any of the social media platforms, which makes it very difficult to gather information about her.

Bianca Beets at her home showcasing her wine bottles
Picture: Bianca Beets at her house. 
Source: Modemus

The beautiful blonde is currently living a single life as per reports. Bianca might be waiting for someone special in her life, or she might've already found one just like her sister. Until and unless Beets comes out in the media and publicly confirms her relationship status, there is no way to know about her love life.

Any Controversies and Rumors?

In a tweet posted by Monica, she said that her sister is a private kind of person and doesn't want to be filmed. As she does not appear in front of the camera, the chances of her being at the center of any controversy are minimal.

Not just in her professional life, but also in her personal life, she is never surrounded by any rumors or controversies. Even though Bianca stays away from scandals, her family show Gold Rush attracts a lot of controversies sometimes.

Monica Beets and Tony Beets in the show Gold Rush
Frame: Monica Beets (left) and Tony Beets (right) discussing in the reality TV Show Gold Rush. 
Source: Movies and TV

According to Buzzfeednews.com, the hit Discovery reality show was accused by Ghanaians for exploiting Africa for personal gains. They blamed the show for destroying the country's nature and using its people. Similarly, citizens in South Park also sued Gold Rush for misusing mining land in the region.   

Many controversies are surrounding the reality show; however, Beets's family has managed to stay away from any legal action.

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