When Was Jonathan Berkery Born? Know about his family

Sun Oct 24 2021
By   Orish Thapa

Jonathan Berkery is a rising singer mostly known for being the estranged son of the famous Welsh singer and pop star Tom Jones. He is getting traction due to his father's songs of the early years.

Berkery was in the news after he appealed to Tom to recognize his role as a father as growing up without a father was difficult for him. His father, Tom, is one of the biggest music stars alive and has been knighted by the Queen for his services to the music industry.

After the news about Tom's second son came into the limelight, many people were willing to know about his younger son Jonathan. Below is the detailed information regarding Jonathan and his family.

Know About Jonathan Berkery Parents

Jonathan Berkery is the youngest son of Tom Jones, but Jones doesn't recognize him as a family member. He has often appealed to his father to recognize him publicly, going as far as saying that he does not want anything from his father but just recognization as his son.

Jonathan is the son of Tom Jonas and Katherine Berkery.
Jonathan Berkery with his mother Katherine Berkery.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

Berkery was the product of Tom Jone's three-day flirting with model Katherine Berkery. As per the report, when Tom was on tour in the USA, he was in a brief relationship with Katherine, which led to discovering her pregnancy and the birth of the son Jonathan. Jonathan was born in 1988.

There took a legal battle between Sir Tom and Katherine over the parentage of Jonathan in 1989. After DNA testing court approved that Tom is the father of Jonathan. After that, Jones agreed to pay  £1,700 monthly for Jonathan's maintenance until his 18th birthday.

Jonathan Berkery's Father: Tom Jones

Thomas John Woodward, aka Sir Tom Jones, is a Welsh singer and one of the original panel members of The Voice. He has led a vicious life, from hitting the big time in the sixties with a string of top ten hits to numerous Las Vegas concerts, meeting Elvis, and being knighted by the Queen in 2005.

Sir Tom Jones married his high school girlfriend Linda Trenchard.
Sir Tom Jonas with his wife late Linda Trenchard.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Sir Tom married his girlfriend, Linda Trenchard, in 1957. In addition, when both of them were expecting a child together, they were aged 17. Jones revealed how he fell for Linda when they were just 12 years old In his autobiography Over the Top and Back.

Sir Tom Jones late wife loved being married to him, and he loved being married to her. Despite Tom's dalliances with other women, the couple was devoted to each other, which he has mentioned in his book.

The couple had happily lived together in a £6.5million mansion in Los Angeles until Linda passed away in 2016 to a "short but fierce" battle with cancer. 

Jonathan Berkey Siblings

Jonathan Berkery has a half brother from his father's first wife. Tom welcomed his son Mark Jones with his late wife Linda shortly after their wedding in 1957. However, the two brothers are not in contact.

Tom Jonas has one son named Mark from his marriage with Linda.
Tom Jonas with his son Mark Jonas.
Photo Source: Home

Mark followed his father's footsteps in the music industry and became his father's manager in the 1980s. Meanwhile, Tom Jones is grandfather to his son Mark's two children, Alex, age 38, and Emma, 34. Alex once represented Wales in the Commonwealth Games as a full bore rifle shooter.

Tom Jones Rumored Relationship

A year after Tom's wife Linda Passed away, the rumor arose that he was linked to his close friend, Priscilla Presley, widow of music icon Elvis Presley.

Tom Jonas was rumored to be in relationship with is friend Priscilla.
Sir Tom Jones with Priscilla and Elvis.
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In 2017 rumors of romance emerged when Tom and Priscilla were spotted together at a Hollywood restaurant. They got to know each other in the late sixties through their friend Elvis, who she was married to from 1967 until their divorce in 1973.

However, Tom denied the rumors telling them that they were just friends and had known her for years.

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