Where is Beth Thomas Husband Now? Married Life

Sat Jun 26 2021
By   Selena

The 'Child of Rage' biopic of Beth Thomas made her the talk of the town because of her unfiltered rage which was a result of the abuse from her parents, Her early years of struggle and pain did not prevent her from marrying the love of her life and she has settled down with her husband as of 2021.

The pair like to remain secretive about their relationship but recently some new information has come to light regarding their residence and married life, so read below. 

Beth Thomas In 2021: Married Life

Most people remember Beth as a mentally ill child who was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) at an early age. Since then she has grown and done well with her life. 

In fact, she got married to her supportive husband, on November 18, 2016, according to this source. She did not reveal the identity of her husband when approached by the media. She has chosen a quiet life in Flagstaff, Florida.

Beth Thomas With Her Adopted Mother On Her Wedding Day
Caption: Beth Thomas With Her Adopted Mother On Her Wedding Day
Source: FavBites

Beth and her husband tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Denver, Colorado, USA. Nevertheless, they met a few years before 2016 and she was rumoured to have been in a relationship for a while before she got married. They have never been confirmed or denied. 

It is unclear if she had any former relationships or marriages before her current (2021) one.  There is no information about her kids. Some of the viewers of her 1992 biopic 'Child of Rage' expressed on social media that they were glad how Beth found love even though she has several behavioural problems.  

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Beth Thomas: A Brief History

Beth Thomas was born back in 1985 and she is 33 years old as of 2021. She was born to an abusive father who violated her at the age of 19 months and she lost her mother at an early age. 

She and her brother Jonathon were taken by Child Protective Services when they were less than 2 years old. Later, she was adopted by her new parents, Tim and Julie lock.

Her early life trauma scarred her for life and developed into a mental disorder called Reactive Attachment Disorder. Due to her disorder, she was never able to form a healthy emotional bond with her foster parents or caretakers. 

Beth Thomas With Her Brother, Jonathon
Photo: Beth Thomas With Her Brother, Jonathon
Source: All That's Interesting

Later, she developed psychopathic behaviour as a result of her childhood abuse. When interviewed, she told a psychologist that she wanted to use big sharp knives to kill mommy and daddy.   

It seems she has recovered from the mental issues she faced as a child with the help of years of therapy. 

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