Where is Ezekiel Now? Whereabouts on Yeonmi Park's Husband!

Thu Sep 23 2021
By   Bishal

Ezekiel is an American man who rose to prominence as the ex-husband of Park Yeon-mi. Park is a well-developed name in Korea she is Human rights activist, author, and speaker. She is also a North Korean defector who has a large fan following base.

Despite being Yeonmi Park's husband, Ezekiel rarely steps up in the limelight due to his nature of privacy. He often stays far from the limelight to avoid negative publicity. Now, let's know more about him, where is he now, and what is he doing.

Ezekiel Divorced With Ex-Wife Park Yeon-Mi in 2020

Ezekiel and Yeonmi Park started their dating life back in 2015. On 4th January 2017, they accepted one another as husband and wife in a private ceremony. Their wedding ceremony took place in front of their loved ones.

Ezekiel wife
Image: Ezekiel with his ex-wife, Park Yeon-mi, during their wedding. Source: Twitter@yeonmiparknk

However, after only three years of their marriage, the former pair called it quit to their relationship. In 2020 Park and her now ex-husband officially divorced and surprised the world with the news.

Both Ezekiel and Yoenmi Park Stay Secretive About Their Love Life!

Much about the former couple's love life stays hidden. Yoenmi Park never said how she met her husband. Similarly, Ezekiel always stayed behind the curtains.

Park now thrives in the spotlight. However, Yoenmi's ex-hubby never was one for the limelight. After their eventual split, the famed activist and her ex-husband kept their love life away from the public eye. As such, Ezekiel's and Yoenmi's recent affairs stay hidden from the world.

Park Yeon-Mi Revealed, She Has Not Married Anymore in Live Stream

On 30th January 2021, Yeonmi Park started a live stream on YouTube titled Let's Talk About the Lies - North Korean Defector. The human rights activist revealed that she is not married anymore and confirmed her divorce from Ezekiel. 

Park Yeon-mi husband
Image: Yeon-mi Park with her former spouse, Ezekiel. 
Source: Instagram@yeonmi_park

Despite the separation, she still has many photos of her and her former spouse on her official Instagram account. On the other hand, Ezekiel hasn't spoken about their split yet.

Ezekiel is the Father of Park Yeon-MI's Son, James

Although Ezekiel and Yeonmi Park are no more husband and wife, they are still parents of one child. On 8th October 2018, Yeon officially announced that she gave birth to James's child through her Instagram account. 

Park Yeon-mi
Image: Park Yeon-Mi with her ex-husband, Ezekiel. 
Source: Twitter@yeonmiparknk

However, Yeon-Mi has removed the caption that, she wrote, "Life is a miracle for whatever reason. As of now, James is currently three years old and is a healthy kid."

There is no information regarding him and Ezekiel due to their private nature. On the other hand, his ex-wife, Park, made leaps and bounds regarding her fame. Currently, the author holds over 1 million subscribers and over 500k followers on Instagram.

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