Park Yeon-mi

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Human Rights activist and Author (1993)
Sun Feb 19 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Park Yeon-mi

Ex-husband : Ezekial

Park Yeon-mi, popularly known as Yeonmi Park, became a household name after delivering a stirring address at the One Young World 2014 Summit in Dublin, Ireland. In order words, the young woman described her sad path from becoming a North Korean defector to finding her way to freedom. 

In September 2015, the activist Yeon-mi published her memoir titled To Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom which hits a huge fan base. Similarly, she also operates a YouTube channel, "Voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park, a social media vlog covering the events of North Korea, including culture, politics, and news. 

What is Park Yeon-mi's Current Relationship Status?

The gorgeous North Korean activist Park has a huge fan following base. So, her well-wishers often wonder regarding her matter. However, she doesn't seem to be open about her relationship stuff and ignores it. It is confirmed that she is now living a single lifestyle and enjoying her life to the fullest.

Park Yeon-mi's mother
Image: Park Yeon-Mi enjoying wine with her mother. Source: [email protected]_park

Yeon-Mi hasn't been involved in any committed relationship after her recent love crash. Apart from her love life, she is a beautiful soul who loves to travel, reading and writing books during her free time. Recently, she even attended Jordan Peterson's podcast, where she shined the situation in North Korea under the Kim regime.

Divorced With Ex-Husband, Ezekiel

Previously, Yeonmi Park was married to her ex-husband, Ezekiel, an American man. Given a marriage anniversary message she made on Facebook in 2020, they are presumed to have married on January 4, 2017. According to another source, they married on January 1, 2017, just a few days before. 

Park Yeon-mi husband
Image: Park Yeon-mi with her husband, Ezekiel. 
Source: [email protected]_park

They divorced in 2020.  But still, Yeon has a slew of photos of them on her Instagram account. Ezekiel is still a regular on her Instagram feed and has remained tight-lipped about their split.

Yeon confirmed their divorce in one of her YouTube broadcasts. The human rights activist broadcasted a live stream on YouTube titled "Let's Talk About the Lies – North Korean Defector" on January 30, 2021, where she revealed she is not married anymore.

Park Yeon-mi Has One Son, James

Despite the split, the former pair, Ezekiel and Park, are still parents of one child, James. Yeonmi announced the birth of her son on Instagram on October 8, 2018. Although the caption has subsequently been removed, it was also shared on mi's official Twitter account. "Life is a miracle," she wrote. 

She never imagined she'd survive starving and give birth to this lovely angel. Let us not give up hope no matter what." James is thought to have been born on March 18, 2018. He will be three years old at this point.

What is Park Yeon-mi's Net Worth?

A versatile and talented personality, Yeon-mi's net worth is around $5 million. She has earned all of her fortunes through her incredible career as an author, YouTuber, and speaker. Park is active in all of her involvements for the past 7-8 years and is earning decent fame and name. 

However, Mi refugees chase fame and profit and believe in a good heart. As estimated, she makes around $60,000 per annum from YouTube alone. Currently, Author Yeon is living a quality lifestyle.

Kerry Kennedy and Michaela Cuomo are well-known Human Rights activists with huge names and fame.

The Truth Regarding Park Yeon-mi's Surgery

When Park was featured on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, her life was further emphasized. The activist stated in the podcast that she and her spouse had officially divorced, but viewers found Yeonmi's new look to be a more interesting topic for gossip. Many people assumed the deformity was the result of rhinoplasty. She may have had eyelid surgery, according to experts. 

Park Yeon-mi and Joe Rogan
Image: Park Yeon-mi with Joe Rogan. 
Source: [email protected]_park

So yet, the defector hasn't mentioned going under the knife. Moreover, Park revealed having procedures to disguise her scars from maltreatment while describing one of the horrible survival stories. She hasn't disclosed going through the beauty enhancing process.

Park Yeon-mi: Mother, Father, and Sister

Park was born on October 4, 1993, in North Korea. She was born to her father, Park Jin-Sik, a civil servant while, her mother, Byeon Keum Sook, was a nurse. 

Park Yeon sister
Image: Park Yeon-mi with her siblings enjoying lunch together. Source: [email protected]_park

Her father was sent to prison for smuggling, and her sister, Eunmi, escaped to China after the incident. As of now, she is back in her hometown is reunited with her family.

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