Where is Kelli Carpenter, Rosie O'Donnell's ex-wife Married in 2004

Mon Feb 07 2022
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Kelli Carpenter and Rosie O'Donnell took vows on 26 February 2004 in San Francisco, California. They are one of the most famous homosexual couples. Even though they were happy with being together, they were not far from offends and criticisms.

Kelli and Rosie were affronted even by then-President George W. Bush. President Bush even demanded to make necessary changes in the constitution to forbid such marriages. 

How Did Kelli & Rosie Meet?

The love couple came across when they were college students. They met in New York. Soon, they went for a blind date after Kelli met Rosie backstage at a talk show.

It was before 1998 that they were in a secret relationship and eventually their parents knew what was going on between them. After that, Kelli and Rosie went for a legal marriage.

Adopted Children of Kelli and Rosie

Kelli and Rosie adopted Chelsea and Blake. Chelsea Belle O'Donnell is their daughter and Blake Christopher O'Donnell is their son. Later, Carpenter adopted another son, Parker O'Donnell, on her own. Soon she had a daughter Vivienne Rose O'Donnell through artificial insemination.

Kelli Carpenter in a black and white striped sweater and blue pants with her wife in red check shirt and navy jeans and children in different dresses.
Photo of Kelli Carpenter with her wife and children (Source: Instagram@kcarpenter123)

The wedded couple love and care for their children even after their separation. Their kids are grown up now and are close to their parents. 

When Did The Couple Split Up?

Kelli and Rosie showed as if they were in deep love in the beginning months of their wedding. However, their opposite ideologies made the difficult to stay glued. Rumors say that Kelly was the one who began arguments. Finally, on 12 August 2004, they got separated.

Carpenter and O'Donnell were famous not only for their marriage but also for their divorce procedures which struck with the constitution of California. Until they finally split up, it was a high buzz in media if the constitution would allow them to do so.

Where is Kelli Carpenter Now?

After she divorced Rosie, Kelli married Anne Steele on 1st June 2013 and is living happily together. Nevertheless, Kelli and Anne have not adopted any child yet.

Kelli Carpenter in a grey shirt , grey hat, and blue jeans with her wife Anne Steele in a black coat and black pants.
Photo of Kelli Carpenter with her wife Anne Steele (Source: Instagram@kcarpenter123)

Carpenter is currently working for her enterprise. She has a company, R Family Vacations, that plans travel routines for homosexual families. She is also a TV producer and business professional. 

Is Rosie Single?

O'Donnell also got engaged soon after her split with Carpenter. She married Michelle Rounds in 2012. But, Rosie did not last long with Rounds too. They got divorced in 2015.

Rosie O'Donnell in a black jacket with her daughter in a colorful dress.
Rosie O'Donnell with her Daughter (Source: Instagram@rosie)

Rosie and Michelle had a child, Dakota O'Donnell, in 2013.

Who Are Kelli's Parents?

Carpenter was born on 24 May 1967 to her father Charles Carpenter and her mother Melanie Safer in the United States.

Charles and Melanie are now happy grandparents to four grandchildren. They have accepted Kelli's married life and are now her supporters.


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