Who Is Cassandra Freeman Married To? Know About Her Husband & Relationship

Sun Dec 11 2022
By   Binaya_22

favourite is a woman of many talents. The actress who has blessed us with brilliant performances in Luke Cage, Bel-Air, and Atlanta is not a woman who shies away from talking about love. 

The Florida-born woman is always giving a positive vibe with her infectious smile. However, the bold woman doesn't hesitate to discuss sensitive topics if needed. But that's a topic for another day. Here, we will focus on her love life with Tom Paul, among others. 

Married To Tom Paul

In case you were wondering, Cassandra Freeman, is a married woman. She found love in a man named Tom Paul. Not only is Tom private on Insta, but his wife hardly ever uploads about her love. But she once did upload a small clip of her husband performing. In the post, she wrote:

Tom Paul beautiful basso on the mike at #Buddy'sRoom #TomPaulDad yes his dad!! Woot!

Tom Paul is performing as he is reading the pages he is holding.
Tom Paul performing at Buddy's Room (Source: Instagram @cassiedamsel)

Tom hasn't given away much about his life, and so has Cassandra, who seems to respect his decision to stay away from the Internet. Also, Cassandra hasn't provided many details about their marriage. 

So sadly, we don't know how their relationship happened, where they met, how these two lovebirds fell for each other, and when they exchanged their wedding vows. 

So Who Is Tom Paul?

It looks like Cassandra loves music, as her marriage would suggest. She married Tom Paul, a re-recording mixer and a sound designer. Watching his two Emmy Awards, you can tell he is good at music. 

According to his IMDb page, he received one for his Best Outstanding Mixing category in Under African Skies and the other for the Best Sound Editing category in Cartel Land

He has graced us with his music through movies like The Fog of War, The Big Sick, City Of Ghosts, Particle Fever, and The Wolf Pack. New York isn't just Pizzas, as the city gave us a Musician like him.

Does Cassandra Have A Baby From Her Marriage?

The answer is yes. The romantic couple Cassandra and Tom are now more than husband and wife. These two have each other's responsibility, and they now share the parent's responsibility because of their son Hudson.

Much like his father, Hudson also is away from the media. Cassandra hardly ever posts about her son. The reason behind her deciding to do has not been disclosed. 

Cassandra Freeman is holding Hudson above her in the picture.
Cassandra Freeman with her son Hudson on Mother's Day (Source: Instagram @cassiedamsel)

But there is a high chance she could be doing it to protect her child from Media vultures. The ones that try to create scandalous news out of literally anything. She probably wants her son to have a normal childhood like other kids. 

Guess we have to wait until Hudson grows up. Maybe she will be slightly less protective once he gets to the age when he can decide. We might see more pics of her son on her Insta then, or who knows, maybe Hudson will become an Internet celebrity himself, as we have seen that happen with many celebrity kids.

The Healthy Bond Between The Two

Ask any couple with a happy and successful marriage about the reason behind their love going strong even after such a long time of their marriage, and you will hear one common thing. That is the ability to joke about each other without getting offended.

And it looks like Cassandra Freeman's marriage is headed in the right direction. She may not have revealed much about her husband, but she does find a way to joke about him. 

The Enemy Within actress Cassandra is known for her wittiness and fantastic sense of humour. And this post of her from her Insta about her husband shows precisely just that. We know her husband is a private man, so while posting the pic of her man, she altered her husband with the picture of Bill Gates. This is what she wrote in the post:

We just want our privacy. But he loves me and Hudson and that's enough for now.... Thank you for all the love! GatesFreeman is a new app we will launch in the fall..thanks Honey!!xx

Pic Shows Tom Paul faced changed with Bill Gates and Cassandra Freeman smiling along with him..
Cassandra Freeman having fun with her husband, Tom Paul (Source: Instagram @cassiedamsel)

Cassandra Is All About Love

Cassandra Freeman is an actress with a massive filmography to her name. She is versatile with an incredible acting range. But, as a performer, there are certain things you prefer to do over others. We don't know her favourite, but love scenes are up there for her.

The Blue Bloods actress Cassandra talked about doing love scenes in her Interview with HelloBeautiful in 2014. She was speaking about her character Morgan from Single Ladies; when the Interviewer asked her least favorite part about playing the character, she said:

That she doesn’t get any love scenes! [Laughs] She didn’t get one. I think I got a scene kissing a cop, that’s about it. I don’t get any steamy love scenes. I don’t get any “Oh, I’m just in my bra and panties” scenes. It’s not like I want to be in my bra and panties, but you know.

She Has A Thing For Idris Alba

The Hammerhead actress Cassandra Freeman has a thing for The Suicide Squad actor. Not only Idris but also Cory Booker, Boris Kodjoe, and Michael Ealy look. It sounds like she thought about it. We wonder what Sabrina thinks about it.

While speaking to HelloBeautiful in 2014, the Interviewer asked her if there were a man she would like to get naughty with. To which she gave a long answer. She said:

So here’s the thing, I think it would be a combination of men. It would be someone with the ambition of a Cory Booker with a mixture of Idris Elba. It doesn’t have to be Idris Elba, it can also be like a Boris Kodjoe, Michael Ealy look. You know I’m open minded with the packages. I want that package but with a Cory Booker heart. Cory Booker is going to read this and be like “What the hell?! What’s wrong with me?!” Nothing Cory! Cory you’re sexy too Cory!


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